Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mommy Jen Finds: My First Ever Garage Sale Loot

Couple of weeks ago, one of the apartment has been vacated. There has been major renovation on that unit including adding tiles. I was thinking if the owner of the house would like to have tiles on other units as well once vacated but then found out that it was the new people who rent the unit that wants the house to have tiles. They have paid for the renovation and have it deducted on their monthly dues.

I then figured out that new family has two little kids, both boys so Jami has a new playmate.

Later on, I saw them having a garage sale near our compound's gate. I didn't really like to check on their clothes thinking that it wasn't that pretty tapos the Mommy pa was smaller than me, although we have the same figure - Mommy sexy. :p Back in my dalaga days, takbuhan ko talaga ang malls sa mga clothes. I want brand new beautiful clothes. My mom would get me clothes from ukay-ukay from time to time pero I don't wear them too often depende na lang kung in talaga ang style.

Oo na, ako na ang maarte! Hahaha. But that was back in the day. =)

Anyway, last weekend, they still have their garage sale on a hot sunny day so before we went to the mall, I have decided to check their stuff. Moving on, I finally got hook with garage sale.. Nakakaadik sobra, I was checking our gate kung may garage sale pa. Hahah! =)

Here's what I got.

burberry (original daw) P20
Top for P20
Tube top P10
Sando P10
 I like these tops!! The fabric is still nice and are in good condition. I can't resist paying the price for these, I guess I saved some few bucks with these. :p The Burberry is perfect for dress down days here in the office. The fabric looks a little used na pero ok pa naman. The sheer top was a good find, sakto lang sakin and I like these kind of tops in some days, perfect for summer. The tube top and the sando have purpose too. I like to wear those kinds of tops during lazy days. =)

I also got some stuff for Jami..

Tops for P20
All socks for P15, pillow cover P5
Shoes P50 ; Caps P10 buy one take one
Book for P10
I spent only P190 for all these good finds and I can't believe it! Sobrang addicting lang knowing na these stuff as as good as brand new pa. :p

I loved the shirts that I got for Jami. They are in a very good condition na parang once or twice lang nagamit. The Mom said na once mahanap nya yung shorts ng sporty top, bibigay nya sakin :p The shoes is a lot bigger for Jami pero I bought it kasi it looks brand new pa. I know sooner or later his feet will be that big na so better prepared than not. =) The book was a good find too, nakapila na yan sa mga babasahin ko. I got those socks din so I won't have to buy him new socks and briefs for so many months. I have been wanting to buy him one pero laging nakakalimutan kong isama sa budget so it's a good thing that I saw those socks so he has something to use for the meantime.

I told the Mom pala na if she has old nice shorts or pants from his two kids, let me know so I can have a look din. Gosh! I am telling you, it's so addicting. She has some nice wedge and shoes din pero the size doesn't fit me. She's size 6 and I am 8. =(

So that's what I have for my first garage sale experience. =)


  1. I love ukay ukay too eversince Im single pa. Basta labhan lang ng maayos at wala namang damage keri na. Minsan kasi madame ding unique styles na makikita ka.



    1. My mom is a pro in ukay-ukay parang hindi ko lang namana.. Hahah! =) So far, yung mga nabili ko naman is absolutely in a good condition.. =)

  2. I love buying in garage sales too! I'd be able to find branded clothes for a price na very cheap na and good quality pa! san ka pa!

    1. Favorite ko na din ang garage sale! Hahah. =)


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