Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Happy Mother's Day 2015

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers out there!!

So what did you do last Sunday? I hope all Mama's had a very good day celebrating our importance in everyone's life.

Anyhow, my Mother's Day celebration was kind of weight-gaining day.

FMIL picked us up in the morning for our weekend stay in their house. We opted not to sleepover since Jami is spending his weekdays in their house naman.

We had our breakfast at Jollibee muna. Look at how Jami loves Jollibee spaghetti. =)

Oppsss!! Caught on cam!
Oh dear!! They saw my big mouth Mommy!
After our breakfast, we went straight to FMIL's sister's house so we can get another round of meal. Hehe.. Since I am too full, I ate the chicken na lang. :p

In the afternoon, FMIL, Daryl's cousin and me had a salon treat courtesy of FMIL. I had a pedicure and opted to leave my  hands free from nail polish. Alam ko naman na matatanggal din agad eh and I prefer my fingernails clean looking. =)

Before we go back to Las Pinas, Daryl wanted to go to Mall of Asia for dinner. We tried Sbarro which was our first time to dine there which I'll be blogging too in a separate post.

While seated, Daryl and I along with Jami went to a nearby cupcake stand to buy a surprise treat for FMIL, Nanay and Mine since it's Mother's Day. When we got back, we greted FMIL, "Happy Mother's Day, Mother!" and I guess she's happy with the cupcakes! I just hope she likes them. =)

As soon as we got home, we went naman to Nanay's house to hand her his Mother's day cupcake..

Silly Nanay! :p
We got home really tired but happy, not to mention that we were very full with all the lamon that we did that day! Oh, I so love Mother's day!! =)

Of course, I had my own set of cupcakes..

Oh! I love red velvet cupcakes.. A LOT!! =)


  1. Ang cute ni Jami at ng mom mo! O sige na, cute na kayong tatlo. Hehe. :)

  2. We had a simple brunch lang din on Mother's Day. Nothing fancy. But now that I'm a mum, I love this day na talaga. You know what? My 14 month old baby loves jollibee spaghetti too. Its her favorite. When we ate at Pancake house and saw the spaghetti, she said "Na! Ba be bi!". hahahaha! Akala nya Jollibee ang tawag sa spag. Kaloka!

    1. hahaha! I can relate.. Jami loves Jollibee na tuwing dumadaan kami somewhere na may mukha ni Jollibee sasabihin nyan babi!!

  3. I also received a cupcake from work! Happy Mother's Day to us!




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