Friday, May 15, 2015

My Loots from Daiso Japan

Lately, I have been so strict to myself on not going on shopping. That was simply because of my 52 Weeks Money Challenge that I imposed. Basically, I found my own version of it really doable, I don't even notice that a specific amount is being deducted against my pay every time. That resulted to me having Salary - Savings = Expense. It was really cool, I'm telling you! Mejo mababaw since I have only saved money starting 2015. If you have been reading my blog then you know shopaholic I am.

Anyway, I have decided to visit Daiso Japan in Robinson's Las Pinas last Saturday to check what they have in store for me.

Here's what I bought.

Shoe rack for P188
Dishwasher rack P88
Picture Frame for P88/each
 Those picture frames are love at first sight. I so love the quirky elephant print on them. It's so kikay :p I am planning to do something on those frames. There's also a bigger one pero hindi ko muna binili thinking that I might go over budget. I was planning to spend less than P700 and since I am not really good in Mathematics, I put that cute big frame down na ngayon ay pinagsisihan ko. Hahaha. :p I also got one of those dishwasher rack to make the kitchen clean and good looking. The shoe rack is something I really want to buy since last month since I badly need it. I saw the same exact shoe rack online for P200 - 250.

Shoes everywhere!!
Can you believe that I only spend P452 for these 4 items? I was thinking that it would be a lot more. I can't wait to be back in Daiso as I found a lot of cute stuff that I can use in the house. I want to visit Japan Home Center too. I saw one of their branch in Blue Bay Walk Pasay and I am looking forward to compare which store is better. =)


  1. I like going to Daiso actually.. There's all kind of 'anik-'anik' that oftentimes you end up liking and purchasing it. :-)

    Sometimes I thought it is cheap but when the number of items add up, it is still a good amount of money. :-)

  2. Good job, Jen. Saving money is the first step to financial freedom. I think, ha. Oh, I like the picture frames, ang cuuuute! :)

  3. Ang nice nung shoe rack, I wish may mapaglagyan ako sa bahay nyan


  4. I also love Daiso! And yes, I have to agree with you that it should always be pay-savings=expenses (^-^)

    1. Thanks Mommy Charm! I haven't visited Daiso for awhile na. =( I hope I can pay a visit soon for another cheap finds. =)


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