Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Mandaue Foam Bed Frames Wishlist

Last weekend, I found our house really really messy.

Can you see all of those clutter? It's everywhere! I only showed you one part of our bedroom. The other part was a lot worse. I was planning to do some renovations however, we don't have a bed frame (only the mattress) so I can't clean our bedroom really well. We originally had one whoever, we opted to remove the frame since we can't all fit in the bed (Jami, I and Daryl). We had a semi - double bed so it can only accommodate 2 persons at a time and Jami needs a lot of space so he can do this..

 Seriously! He sleeps like that! And I can relate to that photo.

I want to re-arrange the bedroom and cabinets and change it's position sa kung saan mas mukang makakaluwag. Yun nga lang, our bedroom is really small -  I mean the house itself is really small kaya mejo mahirap talaga ayusin. Lately, nasisikipan na ako sa bahay namin.  So far, we have two bed mattresses that we put in together. I can't arrange the cabinets the way I want it kasi hindi magkakasya yung dalawang mattress.

I am planning to save money for a nice bed (but not expensive bed) soon. I went to Mandaue Foam website to check their bed frames, and here are what's on my wishlist.

I think I liked the last one better kasi mejo petite looking eh. Hehe. :p

Napansin nyo ba? may range lang ng price talaga yung mga pinili ko. Hehehe. I think kasi, mas madali silang pag ipunan with that amount although meron pa talagang mas magagandang bed pero mas mahal, as you know. There were also metal framed bed na available on their website which comes in a cheaper price pero mas prefer ko talaga ang wood. Mukang mas matibay kasi eh. Our old bed frames came in metal too so for a change lang.. Although it is quite handy given na pwede mong i assemble tapos kalasin anytime and it's an advantage sa mga nagre - rent pa lang ng house. I also wanted a queen size bed kasi mas kakasya na kami dun.

Take note that the prices are only for the frame itself, wala pa dyan ang mattress. Gosh! So expensive! :p


  1. I am also wishing a bed for us but its impossible. Sa ngaun sa isang malaking foam kame lahat from Uratex.


  2. the material was tried for use by hospital patients. Because some of these patients stayed in bed for very long periods of time, even extending to months or years, they experienced great stresses on their bodies.HQ

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