Friday, May 29, 2015

My Toddler's Vocabulary

There were days that Daryl and I can't believe that Jami is already a year and 7 months (19months). He can do a lot of things and everyday we get very surprised.

One of the things that I would like to commend and give emphasize is Jami's speech and vocabulary. He could say a lot of words and even uses one to two words to make it a sentence. He imitates sound, words - basically anything. 

Lately, I could hear him say "yilaw" refers to "Ilaw". Aside from his "Didiya" that refers to his milk, he could also clearly say..

1. Babuy (Baboy or Pig)
2. Miming (Swimming). You would often hear him say "Wooowwww... Miming!" whenever he sees water in the pail or when we pass by a river along Macapagal or in Coastal Road. 
3. Pay (Tinapay or Bread). 
4. Akay (slang ng Sakay or to ride). 
5. Buk (Book) 
6. Pisuwe (Piso or Coin) When you ask him to sing, he would sing "Pisuwe" with a tune. Hahaha! I don't know where he learned this.
7. Totot or Tot (Utot or Fart) Even dighay or burp, he would say totot.
8.  Yayon (Lion)
9. Yelow (color yellow)
10. Bibi (Baby)
11. Kiki Mamaws (refers to Mickey Mouse)

He could say people's name na madalas nyang nakakasama. From time to time, you could hear him say "bib, bib". That means babe. He could hear us (Daryl and I) call each other as "babe". He would call me "Bib" too.. So adorable! =)

Timely, Momcenter sent me my "Toddler Milestone" since I am subscribed with their news letters. They said that at 31 weeks, my child is at the age of accelerated period of expressive language development and soon expand his sentences to include three, four or even five words.  For some tips on how you can encourage your child to communicate, Click here and just select the appropriate age of your child and/or subscribed to their newsletter to automatically receive their articles. *not a sponsored post

Jami had some kababata over FMIL's community but most of them can't do or say things that Jami can. I am not trying to say that my child is advance and they are late. I know every child have their own personal time to develop on certain things and I am sure that other kids can do so much too than my child can't as of the moment. You can't blame naman siguro a first time parents being so proud of what their child have accomplished. I am.. I am so proud and happy and surprised and amazed. I thank God that he gave me my child, a wonderful, adorable and smart child. We were joking around to make Jami audition for television. Hahaha! :p

I can't contain the feeling of being proud because I thank God that He lets me witness his miracle of life and become a Mom to mold my own child. =)

Dear Jami,

It's been a long time that Mommy was not able to write for you here in the blog. I am so proud of you! Napakadaldal and bibo as your Lola said. I am so surprised that you can do and say things given your age, your Daddy found you really intelligent at sabi ko mana ka sakin. :p I will do all my best so you could be someone that is smart, down to earth and God-fearing. You're so beautiful, Anak and I thank the high heaven for making me your Mom. I love you so much baby and I pray that you would always be a good baby until you grow up. Mommy and Daddy loves you very much. =)


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Much Love,
Mommy Jen