Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Road Accident in Coastal Road

Yesterday, we were on our way going to office running really, really late for work! We were about to make it na sana until we were stuck in traffic for more likely around 20 minutes!!

I was so mad!!


Maiyak - iyak ako kasi I was late the other day kaya I don't want to incur another late on 2 consecutive days!!!

Anyway, I thought it was because of the traffic in Coastal Mall. There has been an ongoing construction of Naia Expressway there and most often than not, it causes traffic everywhere in that area including coastal road. I was about to cry na talaga when we passed this..


I can't believe my eyes! It looked terrible and I wonder what happened to those na nakasakay sa jeep! Sobrang durog talaga ang sasakyan and the bubong was removed din!!

There pasahero were no longer in the area probably this happened ahead of us. We were there aroung 12:45noon and I think this happened around 12 noon or earlier. I was really scared talaga thinking that I ride the same jeep and bus going the same route everyday and yet I am here, alive and kicking!

I can't help but be thankful to God for keeping me safe and away from road accidents. I am so blessed to still wake up healthy and with my family. I hope everyone who got involve in the accident were all doing good. I haven't heard the news yet but I was told that it was broadcasted nationwide.

Let's all be thankful for our everyday blessings that we often forget - that's waking up and having a wonderful day ahead..


  1. Syaks, scary!!! Andami cguro injured na pasahero. Kada weekend pag umuuwi kami Bacoor, dyan din daan namin...Sana naman walang namatay. Stay safe, Jen! :)

    1. Oo sobrang scary talaga Edel.. Sabi ng officemate ko, tumakbo na daw yung driver. How sad.. =(

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