Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sbarro at SM Mall of Asia: A Mom's Day Treat

As I said, I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. We had a dinner at Sbarro in Mall of Asia just before we head back to Las Pinas. We originally planned to eat in Yellow Cab but on our way to the store, we came across Sbarro where you can see how they make their pizza. My FMIL said that we'll eat there na lang.

It was not the first time that Daryl and I decided to eat there. I remembered the last time, we were already lining up but backed out since we found the pizzas a little expensive. We thought to ourselves that we would give it a try next time. I guess that next time was THAT time - on Mother's Day!

I noticed that there's always a bunch of people eating in Sbarro and I want to know what's the fuss all about.

Different selections of pasta.

More salads!
Here's what we ordered.

One whole size of Hawaiian Pizza for P750
I had Spaghetti with Meat sauce for P103/half serving for Jami (no photo..)

We were so busy running around with Jami. He wants to keep walking around the tables and chairs, getting the Sbarro's balloons and just simply enjoying a bigger space to run around.

Catch me if you can, Daddy! =)
 By the way, Jami ate a little but not as much as he would eat a Jollibee spaghetti. Maybe it's with the sauce as it wasn't sweet like with Jollibee.We also had Lemonade and Raspberry Juice, I think? for P44.

Their Hawaiian Pizza was ok, nothing special. It tasted dull without the hot sauce but when I put some, mejo sumarap naman. :p The spaghetti, well.. I am not sure if it's italian like pero I am not really used kasi sa Italian spaghetti. Mas nakalakihan ko ang Filipino Style, yung sweet style spaghetti pero their spaghetti is ok din for me.

The location is ok too kasi sa mall naman pero yung mismong branch is kind of humid. It's as if there's no AC. Probably because it's crowded kaya mainit. Mejo hindi tuloy naging comfortable si Jami. We also had trouble with our pizza. When I was placing my order kasi, I asked kung gaano katagal ise serve yung pizza namin. The lady crew pointed out on the pizza and said na yun na daw ang pizza and it's ready. When we went to our table, it took them around 30 minutes before the pizza is served. Kung hindi pa nagpunta yung FMIL ko at mejo sinupladahan sila eh baka hindi na nakarating ang pizza. We asked the other crew who's assisting the diners pero ang sabi nya hindi pa daw available without even checking in their kitchenette kung meron na ba or wala pa. He just said, "wala pa po".

Daryl and I talked about our dinner there and he said that he wanted sana a different pizza, yung tipong specialty talaga ng Sbarro. I failed to ask their best seller pizza but Daryl and I agreed that we would give Sbarro another try sometime in the future. =)

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  1. You should have tried the white cheese pizza sis. Yun ung fave ko jan sa Sbarro. Yung italian spag kasi hindi talaga magugustuhan ng kids especially kapag Filipino Style yung nakasanayan. Yung brotther ko nga inuwian ko ng Lasagna nila and he didn't like it at all.



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