Monday, May 4, 2015

A Realization in Living Together

It was a petiks Monday here in the office since it's UK's bank holiday. Mejo magaan ang work today.. well, wala talagang trabaho so I was able to blog hop the whole day. Hehehe.

So how's the start of your May? Ours is fine and I am liking what is going on with our everyday life. You know, it's about being thankful of your blessings everyday. =)

By the way, last weekend was a tiring one. We don't often go to malls lately unlike before where almost every weekend, I want to be in the mall. Given that we are on a very tight budget, I wanted to use the weekend for some experiments in cooking along with some bonding moment with the Daddy and the tots.

Saturday was spent at home with Jami. Daddy wasn't able to come home.. Well, he did around 2am pero I was asleep and didn't hear his call and even his knocks na nasa pinto na pala sya. I closed our bedroom door kasi and we had the AC turned on kaya hindi ko din narinig yung mga katok nya. He just have to go back to FMIL's house to spend the rest of the night. Hahaha. Poor Daddy.

Sunday was spent at home in the morning. Daddy was home by then and we decided to sleep until before it's lunch time. You know, weekends are the best time to sleep. Heheh. =)

We went to Nanay's house to watch Mayweather and Pacquiao's fight for only until round 2 because by then, I could say na ang boring ng fight at the same time, talo na daw si Pacquiao. =( It was a sad part pero grabe sobrang boring ng "fight of the century". I was expecting it to be like Marquez and Pacquiao fight na tipong bugbugan at basagan ng mukha. With that kind of fight kasi, mas malalaman mo kung sino ba ang matibay unlike sa mga patakbo-takbo lang diba? =)

At around 3pm, we decided to go back to our house so we could prepare before we leave for Jami's scheduled vaccine. When I was asking Jami to go with me in the bathroom, I heard something na nalaglag. When I looked back, nalaglag pala yung mineral water namin! I was like "Waaa! Daddy!"

I was so pissed dahil bumaha almost every part of the sala and kusina. I was very lucky living in the part of the city na hindi talaga binabaha sa kahit anong bagyo tapos maglilimas ako ng tubig baha dahil sa nalaglag na mineral water! Goshh... Breathe in, Breathe out talaga ang peg ko because I don't want to make a big deal about it. I know hindi din naman sinadya and it was an accident. Good thing, hindi nabagsakan si Jami because he was standing 3 foot away from where the lalagyan fell.

While cleaning the floor. We have to remove the linoleum to dry and remove the water underneath.
We were finished cleaning the entire floor around 5pm na. While cleaning, I had to make Jami play sa planggana so he would not trip on the floor.

Lately, Daryl and I were having couple of misunderstanding since I can get too hot tempered about small things. I wrote to him one time before I went to bed that I am sorry for being such an uncontrollable person na hindi ko kayang i contain ang asar ko over things. I just can't, specially sa mga bagay na alam ko namang madali lang gawin. There were some chores over the house that I know I can do all by myself but since I lack time specially before I go to work, I tend to ask help from him to do things. Unfortunately, some things aren't done the way I wanted them to. I am teasing him sometimes na "substandard" ang mga gawa nya. Yung tipong hindi kasi maayos sa paningin ko. Yun bang aayusin na lang, hindi pa gandahan. Then I would break out and would say "why is it like this.. blah blah blah".

And you know.. boys thought na you're nagging them when in fact, gusto mo lang naman ayusin nila ang trabaho nila. Hayyy.. Those are the usual conversations we have at home na minsan, nakakapagod going over it everyday.

Like what happened here na nalaglag yung mineral water from where it stands kasi for me, hindi nya chineck mabuti if it was placed properly ba. Instead of us doing other chores, nadadagdagan pa ang trabaho.

It can get super annoying diba??

Grrr... Men!

However, I know that what I am doing lately (starting a drama and ending up with a harsh convo) is not right, I have to do something about it.

As I said, I breathe in, breathe out. Did what I have to do (sweeping and drying up the floor) which I am glad he helped.

Surprisingly, I found myself no longer mad a little later after what happened.

I have this attitude kasi that when something happened, I can get really mad.. mad.. super mad.. overly mad.. then starting to calm down.. calm.. calmer.. no longer mad.. then regret what I have said. That can happen in a matter of 5 minutes, believe me. It's just as if after I have released that emotion, I am fine, no longer pissed and back to happy me.

Later on, we were laughing while drying up the floor together. It felt good than fighting for some accidents that no one wanted in the first place. Although I still let him know with what I felt at that moment it happened pero in a very calmer and happy way na.

I just thought to myself,  I can change the situation and choose to be calm and happy than being the brat and would end up fighting. Well, I am happy with the first thought, and maybe he too..

One thing I have realized from the last 4 months that we were living in one roof, mahirap pala mag maintain ng relationship because you have found out what he was like every single time. Although it's still a matter of choice kung paano mo gagawing maayos at masaya ang relationship. I know I still have a lot to learn throughout the way. For now, I would want to practice what I have just discovered within myself. =)

Any tips on how you handle small fight over things with your husbands or partners?


  1. ang hirap pag magkaaway ang bigat sa puso hehe!
    ayoko sa lahat un e.. bat minsan kailangan mag away pra un mistake maging learnings :))

    1. I agree!! kaya nga ngayon, ayoko na lang magpa ka stress sa mga ganyan.. Breathe in, breathe out na lang talaga.. haha

  2. Fun weekend! Kawawa ang daddy ni baby James, hindi nakapasok sa haus, haha. Kami naman last weekend ngarag sa kabusyhan pero masaya pa din naman.

    I like how you said it...that it's about thank God for the blessings everyday. How we think affects how we act. So dapat talaga thankful lagi para good vibes at mas pumapasok ang grasya. :)

    1. Oo nga eh. Hahaha! I thought kasi maririnig ko pa din yung noise kapag sarado yung bedroom door. =)


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