Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Day I felt helpless and Tired

My weekends are devoted to my son and Daryl. I always make sure that we have bonding time so I can make bawi on 5 days that I am working. There were days that we will just stay at home although there were those times that we can go out if our budget allows. Both days matters to me the most as long as we are all together.

Last weekend, Saturday to be specific, I was up really early which gave me time to cook for our lunch. I was about to make the Lumpiang Shanghai pero he wants to be seated on my lap. I had to make him take a bath and have his daily playtime with water just so I could finish what I was doing. Afterwards, we had our lunch together pero he doesn't want to eat. He wanted to drink more softdrinks pa which I didn't allow. I had to take away the cup and make tiis with his crying and kawawang face just so he won't consume too much.

Anyway, after that, he started crying non-stop. He was so frustrated with I don't know where and why. I was trying to understand what he wants but he was making inarte. Naglulupasay sa sahig at walang tigil ang iyak. I was getting frustrated and tired too because of the weather na din na sobrang init. I had to bring him inside our bedroom and turned the AC on kasi naisip ko na baka naiinitan lang. He just finished taking a bath pero pawis na pawis na agad. I know he might be sleepy na kasi he woke up earlier than usual so baka isa din sa reason na nagiging irritable sya. I am making him sleep at that moment pero naglalaro pa din, I didn't notice na inaantok na din pala ako and fell asleep. Daryl brought him outside our bedroom kasi umiiyak pa din and he thought na it might help na lumabas sila ng bahay para malibang. When they came back, he was still crying non-stop when I woke up. Daryl was trying to bring him to the bathroom so he could wash his pwet. Nag poo kasi pero Jami was making lupasay on the floor and doens't want to be carried. That's when I really got pissed dahil nagising ako sa nap ko.

When I get up, I saw Daryl really helpless na parang walang magawa sa pag iinarte ng anak nya. I got mad asking him with that angry look in my face,

Me: Ano bang ginagawa mo!
Daryl: Inaalagaan yung anak mo.

I carried Jami in the bathroom myself to clean him up. I was shouting while taking off his pants and washed him. He was still crying and doesn't want to be washed. After our battle in the bathroom, I carried him in our bedroom so I can put a diaper on him. I checked his butt to see kung namumula or may rashes ba, baka kaya sya naiyak is because of pain sa kung ano man sa pwet nya. I didn't see anything except a slight redness on her pwet. I tried putting on a cream to remove the redness pero eto ngayon ang Jami, ayaw magpalagay and he was keeping himself na nakadapa so it would be very hard for me to do whatever I have to do to him. Still he was crying non-stop. I tried to turn him over pero he would go back sa pagkakadapa nya. We did that for 4 times ata then I got really pissed napalo ko sya sa pwet. I saw may finger marked red on his pwet and felt guilty. He then said, "Buh-bye!!" while waiving his hands. Na touch naman ako and that made me ask myself, "ang lakas ba ng palo ko?" He was still crying and I was a bit hesitant na with everything. My guiltiness was talking to me na "He was just a kid so I would have to be triple patient with him." That made me feel bad and questioned myself why I was so mad that day. I was so tired, sleepy, helpless etc.

I have decided not to put a diaper on him na lang then laid him to the bed. I gave him his milk then made him sleep. At that point I was successful. I checked his pwet again and saw the same red mark of my fingers. I then put his diaper on when he was sleeping na. I felt bad din that I have to shout to Daryl.

I cleaned up a little while Daryl went out para siguro magpahangin ng slight. When he got back, we were looking at each others eye habang palapit sya sakin and we both had the urge to smile and that's it.. we were fine. Thanks to him who understands my mood swings. That made me less guilty not until I saw Jami again, sleeping peacefully.

From time to time, he would cry pero he would go back to sleep again. I went out just so I could have a breather. I went to my sister's house and had a good laugh while staying there for about an hour. When I got back I have to wake my mag - ama at 6pm and Jami was still the same grumpy kid I dealt with earlier although he's it's a little better probably because nakapag pahinga sya.

Later that night went fine naman like usual. We were happy and Jami was playing with his toy cars.

There's always come a day that a Mom would feel helpless and realized that she wasn't the superwoman she thought she was. A mom needs a rest from working in the corporate world for 8 hours, 5 times a day, dealing with traffics that takes away 3 more hours of her precious time, endlessly thinking about her husband and kids. Whenever you feel like you can no longer deal with the situation, ask your husband, your relatives or anyone to look after your kids while you have a breather. It is really important. However, it is also not everyday that you would have a bad day right? Most of the time you have those days that you feel happy and blessed and all your worry and tiredness will just go away with a kiss from your kids. Well, that's a Mom's life isn't it? The toughest job of all.

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