Monday, May 25, 2015

The Impromptu visit at the #ExpoMom2015

The Saturday that passed was a very busy one. It was really funny that some of the errand were not planned. As in it was a last minute decision. Anyway, it was fun naman so no biggie. =)

My sister and I talked about going to ExpoMom that was held in Glorietta Activity Center on May 22-24, 2015. It's honestly my first time to go there as I have not been much interested before. I am glad I went though I have not bought anything at all. We were supposed to be there when the mall opens at 10am however, I arrived at their house at 11am na since Jami and Daddy woke up late and I ate breakfast slowly that day as per Daddy! hahah. :p It also rained so it pushed back our time of going to Makati. Along the way, there has been a traffic along Edsa which made it a little worst leaving us a little time to roam around.

The entrance is free which was a plus making all Moms go in and chance upon some good finds. My sister said that her sister-in-law will be there too since they will be checking out some nursing tops. With that, I chance upon good dresses and tops that are very much trendy and useful for breastfeeding Moms. =)

We also chance upon Rica Peralejo. We were startruck since my sister and I are following her in instagram while my sister has been reading her blog. I was about to ask her for a photo pero na choke ako ng hiya eh hahaha!:p

Anyway, I saw so many beautiful things for infants below one year old that when I am given a chance to go back time, I'll get Jami some. I also found some new stores to stalk for Jami. I specifically like Tots N Toddlers. It wasn't my first time to see their website since my sister introduced me to them last year when I was looking for cute costumes for Jami.

My sister and her youngest, Sab! with a free sample for an exchange of registration. =)
 Anyway, I wasn't really able to check every booth since we have another errand to do. We were attending a wedding at 3pm so we only had a chance to be there for only 1 hour. Hayy.. I actually wanted to go back pa the next day, Sunday but Daryl was not around because FMIL asked him to drive for her somewhere.

I am sure a lot of Moms were very happy with the #ExpoMom2015 and their finds. Share your finds mothers! =)

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