Monday, May 25, 2015

The Secret? Bio-Oil

When I was pregnant with James, I wasn't worried about stretch marks. I was very careful not to scratch my tummy and even put a lotion when I was 3 to 4 months pregnant. I was so proud having a very makinis na tummy while my pregnancy is at peak.

I hit my 5th month and still proud. Whenever I go to sleep, I'll tuck my shirt into my shorts so in case that I'll unconsciously scratch my tummy, I would still have a cloth barrier to avoid the scratch. It seemed very effective..
no scratches/stretch marks until 5th month
 ...until my sister noticed that I am having an unnoticeable stretch marks in the puson part. I immediately checked it in the mirror and saw lines that are not visible. I was really sad knowing that I won't be able to wear bikinis anymore (I never got to wear one anyway, I always wear shorts :p).

While my tummy is getting bigger everyday, the stretch marks were getting darker, it even went red. Look at the photo below..

Hindi nyo nakita? I asked Daryl kasi to cover it with his hand eh hehehe. :p That part as to where his hand is placed is where the stretch marks are. I had the chance to put lotion on only until 4 months. I stopped it because I felt my tummy is so malagkit given that summer is at peak too during those days.

I have read online that stretch marks are also genetics so if your Mom had stretch marks, you are most likely to have too. Sadly, my mom had some pero hindi naman worse. There were certain parts lang. I too had the battle scar as I gave birth thru c-section so that completes the puson part to have stretchmarks and a scar. On the first few months of my post-partum body, I was really sad and I can't accept the fact that my beautiful and makinis na tummy is gone. I missed it so much, I want it back.

As time goes by, I learned to accept the fact that the battle scar and the stretch marks are all part of being a parent, being a mom to a very beautiful son. It's all worth it.. As of the moment., 19 months after I gave birth, the skin looked a little bit crumpled but stretchmarks turned white but visible. Although I am not able to wear two piece in the beach anymore, I am still glad that it wasn't the full tummy that was affected. I still have some part of it to flaunt :p

While searching for the best solution to lessen the visibility of my stretch marks, I went to some stores in the mall to check what's in store for me. There were a lot of them however, they're all expensive. I can't afford a lotion/cream for P700-900, way over my budget.

One time in the office, I was checking online and found a review about Bio-Oil. What caught my attention is the price, it was below P500 which I think I can spare for myself. My eldest sister bought one and used it. I asked her if it was effective and she said yes. 

How? She just gave birth less than 6 months ago to her fourth baby. Her tummy is a lot bigger compared to the three previous pregnancy she had. She said that she didn't acquire anymore stretch marks on her fourth pregnancy. She even let her eldest daughter to use it as she had some stretch marks on her butt area. 

Had I known this before, I should have given it a try which could have lessen the chance of my fully grown stretch marks. Anyway, I know it wasn't really late to use one since it can still can help improve the appearance of my existing stretch marks. 

I am so glad to give it a try and I think it would be a staple on my beauty regimen. =)


  1. I used a cream before for stretchmarks but my OB advised me to stop using it. Kasi sobrang inet din that time so it was not advisable to use lotions or oil. So now I just accepted the fact that I had these stretchmarks to remind me how I carried my twins. Dedma na lang. He He He


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    2. I agree, they are definitely our souvenir =)


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