Friday, May 8, 2015

Till Debt Do Us Part by Chinkee Tan

Last month, I have been drawn in reading books - Financial and practical books to be exact.

Tungkol sa kaperahan, in short.

Well, I can't seem to remember why I have decided to invest in books because I am the type of person na boring na boring sa books. Yes, I love to write but not read. I remember when I was younger, I am so lazy to open up a book. There were times na I feel obliged to read, I am pretending na binabasa ko where in fact, hindi ko naman naiintindihan. Hahah. :p

Well, I was thinking that one of the factors of not loving books is because of not being exposed to it early in life. That's why, I wanted to see if James would love books by having an early intervention, like giving him books more than toys and having a bedtime stories.

Anyhow, I saw this book from National Bookstore in Metropoint Pasay while waiting for Daryl.

I was so intrigued with the title of the book and I want to get it right there and then however, it wasn't on the budget so I've waited for about 2 weeks or more before I got the book. =)

It took me a while to finish the book since I can only read it on during some free time in the office and in the house. I wasn't really that impressed with the book since I think I wanted to learn more techniques and other stuff about money. Although the book used a very mababaw na English to better understand, there were some part that I think was a little bitin. There were parts of the book that I enjoyed since for me, it's malaman and some parts were a bit boring.

One of the things that I really loved in the book was the 6 Fundamentals of Financial Freedom:

1. Get Debt - Free
2. Build 1 to 2 month Emergency Fund
3. Build a 3-6 months long term savings
4. Make major purchases ( house and car)
5. Make long term investments (Educational, Pension, Retirement Fund)
6. Investment in Stocks and High Risk Investments. 

Well, those steps given really make sense diba? How could you be financially free without having the first or second done first?

There were more things and explanation on the book that pointed out as to why those steps where really important. Also, from the title of the book, there were chapters that explains "What is Debt" and why people get into debt. Of course there were sections too that teaches you how to get out of debt slowly but surely. It also discuss about budgeting. That was actually the part that I felt a little bitin because it discussed the budgeting ng slight lang. I think that part deserves a little more exposure since most Filipino (including myself) doesn't stick to the budget or doesn't know how to make one.

Anyhow, I am still going to buy one of Chinkee Tan's book that I am eyeing for the longest time. Once I have a budget on that then I'll be posting another book review.

I bought another book din pala which I'll be blogging about kapag natapos ko. =)

Any money tips you can give?


  1. Hmmm interesting... How much is it?


    1. Hi Neri, it's 300 pesos sa National bookstore. =)


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