Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toddler Milestone: I Love Pororo

Lately, I just found our house to be a little small.. Charot!! Hahah! #feelingera.

Actually, mejo unorganized din kasi talaga given that there were some things that was added na hindi naman talaga sa akin. They are hand-me downs na mga gamit which is fine pero I thought last weekend na I have to make ipon na din ng mga gamit sa bahay. =)

Anyway, it was just a thought lang naman. Hehehe.

What I was really trying to make kwento of is this little boy.

There were mornings when I let him watch his favorite Pororo and there were mornings naman that I'll just let him play with those toys underneath the TV stand. He was actually watching a CD played on DVD kasi we don't have a cable pa.

Side kwento : I wanted to have a cable for our TV na sana kaya lang, Nanay said that my brother will be transferring to our eldest sis' "other" house so their current one will be vacated. They don't want na bitawan yung apartment because the owner was really nice and that it is a lot bigger compared to my apartment. For a difference of P500 then I'll be happy to move over to their apartment na lang. Some of Nanay's things will be left there din. There's already a cable in that house so I can save myself the advance payment in applying for a new one at the same time, my other sis has a wifi so we could use it too and just give a share monthly. Talk about convenience.. =)

One thing that I don't like about that place was, (1.) During summer, it gets really hot dahil sa bungad yung house so ramdam na ramdam mo yung init from the outside. (2.) There are a lot of tambay sa labas. Given that the once who were used to live there are pugad ng mga tambay talaga, when we got the house, we made sure that the gate is closed and that no one could enter aside from us and the other family in the middle apartment.

So yun nga, Going back to my kwento.. Can you see how Jami gets really focused in watching Pororo? Paulit - ulit lang ang mga episodes pero he still watches them. Anyway, after about 2 episodes, he would start to play with his toys and panaka - naka na lang na mag wa watch ng TV.

One thing that I really love is whenever I play the CD, he looks so happy and would even wave Hi to Pororo. I was thinking tuloy to make it a theme on his 2nd birthday. Although I am still torn between Jollibee Birthday or a house party with Pororo theme na lang.

Well, it's a long way to think about pa naman. =)

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  1. You feel it when it's time to move and make sure to weigh the pros and cons.Hope you come up with the best decision not only for you but for your cutie baby!
    P.S- We used to hang clothes inside the house when the summertime hits! It cools down the house a little bit.


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