Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toddler Milestone: On a Training Cup

I have noticed recently that Jami has grown so much in a couple of months. He turned 1 year and 6 months on April 23 and so far, I am glad with his developments.

One of the things that he learned recently was to drink on his training cup. It was a trial and error and as much as possible, I wanted him to learn to drink as early as possible. I tried making him drink on a cup when he turned one although it wasn't as often as now.

Bottom's up!!
Initially, whenever I give him water on his training cup, on an amount only suitable for him, he would drink pero laging nasasamid. I don't know why pero para syang laging nalulunod in drinking water. I even thought maybe he wasn't ready and he has to have a straw pa. He learned using a straw when he was 1 year and 4 months naman. Unfortunately, I always forget to include his sip cup on a budget every time so we ended up trying the training cups.

Later on, I figured out that whenever I have him to drink on a training cup with cold (or medium cold) water, hindi sya nasasamid and can drink like a pro. I started to notice it when he drinks juice or soft drinks using his training cups.

I have realized na baka hindi nya ma measure the amount of water if it's not cold so he ends up spilling a lot and as if nalulunod sya so he would be masasamid. If it's cold, he can feel the amount of water on his upper lips so pakonti - konti lang yung maiinom nya. So far naman, it's effective.

Measuring the amount of water to drink.
You see the difference with both photos? If it's luke warm, he would do bottoms up kaya ayan, spill over him then mabubulunan. If it's cold, tantya - tantya ng water.. hehe. =)

Considering the fact that it's really hot, I allowed him to drink cold water in sometime each day just so he would feel refreshed however, I make sure it's on minimal.

Good job, Baby boy!!!

Where'd the time go?! He's growing too fast!!!!

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