Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wedding on a Saturday

Saturday supposed to be a very relax day for us after we visited the #ExpoMom, however, Daryl said he was asked to drive FMIL to a wedding since she'll be a Ninang. I was a bit worried to go because I know some weddings were meant to be intimate for family, relatives and friends. I just don't like the idea of going to a wedding na hindi ko naman kilala ang ikakasal. I don't want to feel that people are asking who am I to be there? Do i belong to any category - Family, Friends or Relatives? Hahaha. :p

Anyway, I decided to go since Daryl insisted din naman. It's weekend so the three of us should be together, wherever. We headed to FMIL's house after our impromptu visit at #ExpoMom2015 to pick her up and change our outfits. 

We arrived 30 minutes early so I still had some time to put make ups on. Seriously, I have to invest on make ups. Wala ako ni isang powder, foundation, or anything. I don't even know how to put eyeshadow on. Gosshhh!!! I don't want to go to the parlor naman kasi guest lang naman ako eh. I mean, there were times that my FMIL is invited to a wedding tapos sabit lang kami ni Daryl. Ayaw ko naman na mas maganda pa ako sa bride or sa mga abay! hahahah :p Charot! 

Mary Immaculate Church inside Betterliving Subd. Paranaque
 The weather that day was so humid. I can't stay outside dahil sa sobrang alinsangan ng panahon. I stayed inside the church because it's well ventilated naman. I just make sure to stay on the side at the back so I can be reach by the fan . 

I wasn't able to participate in the wedding ceremony since I am so busy chasing Jami. Salitan kami ni Daryl. Grabe it's so tiring I have to run around wearing a maxi dress in heels. Hahaha! :p

Jami getting bored inside the church
We tried our best to make him stay inside the church para mejo mahanginan at hindi pagpawisan ng sobra pero wala, nangungulit lang talaga and would like to run around. We let him stay outside endlessly running pero Daryl and I have to switch places from time to time. hayyy... 

Here's Jami's outfit of the day..

Tops and Jeans are hand me downs ; shoes from Tough Kids

Maxi dress borrowed from my sister :p
Aside from make ups, I guess I have to invest with these kind of dresses din. In cases like this kasi, yung biglaang formal gathering, wala akong maisuot. I don't want naman to wear my usual dresses in the office kasi it won't be memorable na diba? Anyway, I was so glad that my sister decided to lend me this dress. I found it really pretty!

Jami was so restless the whole time.. Pawis na pawis because of the weather and dahil na din sa kakatakbo. When he asked for his "Didiya", we placed him to my sister's stroller that we borrowed too :p

Moment of silence for Me and Daryl.. :p
As soon as the mass finished, we took the opportunity to take pictures of ourselves while waiting for the bride and the groom to go out. The reception is just beside the church so no biggie.

Jami doesn't want to get off the stroller naman..
Since the mass ended, I asked Jami na to get off the stroller so we could carry him inside the reception. However,

Me: Jami baba na. Down..
Jami: Akay.. Akay.. Akay..

Meaning, sasakay daw sya sa stroller. He loves to ride in anything na gumagalaw, I guess.. Hay baby.. you're so kulit! =)

Family photo op
We headed on to the reception after our photoshoot pero the place got crowded. Mejo maliit lang din kasi and the place was not airconditioned so Daryl and I have to go out during the buffet so Jami could run around while I eat, then vice versa. He can't get to sit for a second and he doesn't want to eat din.

Japanese inspired theme for their reception.
I love their table centerpiece.
The food was really great! I loved their fish fillet and the beef was good too. I forgot the name of the caterer, sorry :(

Anyway, that's what we had last weekend. I hope all of you will have a great week. =)


  1. We went to our friends' wedding one time with Japanese/Asian theme.Although they're Americans but seeing tons of origami and cherry blossom tree was so amazing.And I love going to a wedding,just to see the groom and bride.

    1. Me too.. I want to see the bride and grooms faces. They all look happy! =)

  2. Ang japorms naman ni James! Big boy na talaga sya mommy jen. :)

    1. Haha! Thanks Rackell, pati ako surpised din kasi big boy na sya =)

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