Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Unlimited Play at Fun Ranch Alabang

Last Saturday, I have decided to finally bring Jami to Fun Ranch in Alabang. I was able to score a good deal at Deal Grocer couple of months back for an unlimited play for only P190 instead of P390. The first time that I was in Fun Ranch was back in 2013 when Jami was still weeks old in my tummy. I wasn't able to get inside the Playdium but Daryl did using the free All day pass that was included on birthday package of my nephew, Gelo. Nainggit kasi ako, di pa ako nakapasok inside a big playdium ever since eh hahahah! So I told myself that as soon as Jami goes out of my tummy, pupunta kami. =) I brought him only at Austin Land in SM Southmall a long time ago.

I have been wanting to bring Jami to different playdium like this. I want him to be exposed with real play, not gadgets and TV. I am not totally against them but as much as possible, I want him to develop skills through real play like what I used to do back in the day. I mean, my parents can't afford gadgets or even cellphones when I was younger so I wasn't really familiar with it and it wasn't a problem at all. Although gadgets have advantages too, I want to reserve those when he's older enough and have a fair judgement of what is right and wrong.

Anyway, I have been putting it aside since the day I bought the voucher. I even received an email reminding me of the expiration date. I still have couple of months honestly but I guess last Saturday was the best day before the weather change to rainy season.

Daryl borrowed the car so we don't have to commute and walk our way going to Fun Ranch which was inside Westgate Alabang. Anyhow, we arrived at around 4pm that was supposedly after lunch so we could have plenty of time sana. Mejo nagkatamaran nga lang. Hehe! 

We had a slightest trouble of parking since there's not much available when there's a birthday celebration going on inside Fun Ranch. Jami fell asleep in the car so I went inside alone while Daryl was then looking for a parking space. Good thing, there was a slot that was vacated shortly after. =)

As I got in, I went straight to the cashier and told them that I have a voucher, I handed the paper to them and my company ID. The transaction was a breeze and I loved it. I was asked to go inside right after. I brought Jami in and woke him up from his afternoon nap. Buti na lang, hindi nag tantrums.. Hehehe! I brought with me my own socks since I don't want to spend P50 for it. I had Jami wearing a shoes so he had socks already. I also brought another socks for Daryl since I want him to go inside the playdium with us. So kaming 3 ang maglalaro sa loob.Pero ayaw daw nya. Grabe ang KJ talaga! Hmmpp..

Jami loves the ball so much!
There was a party going on so there's quite number of people inside. I went inside with their playdium with Jami while he's getting himself familiar with the place. Nakakatakot because I feel na baka hindi ako keri nung playdium but when I was in the upper level, safe naman pala. =) 

Mommy trying to shoot the ball!

Jami and I played inside. I helped him on some obstacles that he can't get through yet. Grabe, nakakapagod pala!! I was sweating kahit airconditioned naman. Lakas siguro makapayat nung playdium! I saw all the kids, parang walang pagod going up and down. Sayang lang we were not allowed to use the giant slide yet because Jami was too young pa. I was told to sign a waiver pero sabi ko wag na, effort pa yun. Ayaw ko ng mga ganyang waiver, baka may mangyaring di maganda eh makunsyensya pa ako. Hehe!

After awhile, I called Daryl so he could substitute me. Di ko keri mga ateng! I were hungry na din so I ordered food. It took about 30 minutes for the food to be delivered to our table. 

Daryl got tired din so they went out. We waited for another 5-10 minutes before the food arrived. 

Their placemat is dual purpose! Entertaining the kids while waiting. =)

Here's what we've ordered.

Chicken Teriyaki with Rice P195
 Daddy ate this. He was supposed to order the other one (I forgot the name) which was for me, is over priced. The serving is too small for the price although the teriyaki tastes okay, nothing spectacular. There's no drinks included so I ordered a bottomless ice tea for P75.

Combo Meal P185

 I ordered the combo meal since I am eyeing for their spaghetti. I want to reminisce the time when I first tasted it na feeling ko ang sarap sarap (I was pregnant back then). I also wanted it because of Jami - he's a fan of pasta. When I tasted it, the spaghetti wasn't what I remember it was, too watery I think? Malabnaw yung sauce pero okay din ang lasa. Jami ate a lot of pasta that time. He might have gotten hungry because of playing. The chicken tasted homemade which I didn't quite like (BonChon was my recent favorite) though the fries was yummy. =) I don't think the food was worth the price pero I am not giving up since I think masarap naman yung food nila when my nephew celebrated his birthday back in 2013. I just don't know what happened. 

After eating, I decided to bring Jami back inside the playdium so he could play some more. After about 30 minutes of going here and there, I told him that we'll go home na and made him wear his shoes. He didn't resist naman. Ok lang sa kanya that we're going home pero ayaw nyang bitawan yung ball na hawak nya. When I brought him to Daryl, I took the ball and put it back inside playdium. 

Is the little boy happy?

Mommy, can we play again tomorrow? - Jami
 Ask him. =)

Anyway, I wasn't able to include the photo of the rates pero it's P390 for unlimited play on weekends. =)

I may not enjoy the food but my little boy surely loved the place.

Monday, June 29, 2015

101 Hawker Food House

Hi Guys!!!!!!!

Grabe, my weekend was so busy I wasn't able to rest. Inaantok nga ako ngayon eh. I just hope I could sleep while making this entry no?! Hehehe!

Busy ako last weekend kasi (1.) Fun Ranch Playdate ni Jami and  (2) Naglipat na ulit kami ng house. Yesss.. Tama po, naglipat ng house. Kaya windangers ang beauty.

Anyway, saka ko na kwento sa inyo yan, eto muna ang sasabihin ko for today.

Last Friday, during office lunch break, I and 2 of my friends went to 101 Hawker Food House. This is along Legaspi in Makati which is just a stone away from our office building.

My other girl friend bragged about them eating there so I asked our other two friends to eat there din. Inggiterang frog lang ako. Hahahah!

I am really not sure what's in store for me since I failed to check their menu and bestsellers online. I just heard my friend that they offer a very affordable and filling meal so I was sold. =) Besides, it was Friday payday.. =)

 I wasn't able to take a picture of the front porch of the store because there were people dining in there, kakahiya naman na mapicture-an ko sila. Hehehe! That was their al fresco area, may one or two table lang there then the entrance na to the store.

Their counter. This is what I see when I look on my right

This is the other side of their counter. This is the view on my left naman.
So basically, their store was like a studio type lang.

Menu 1

Menu 2

Let's talk about food na...

Our order was called set meal which was for 1 person serving. It comes with a free orange juice, walang ibang choice.

We were served this sawsawan daw. We just have to mix them together. First time ko! hehe

Lechon Kawali
This is what I ordered. I like that their rice wasn't dry. There's a pechay din in case na maumay ka with the meat. I expected lang na the lechon kawali was really cripsy kahit yung mismong laman ng baboy so I was surprised na yung balat lang ang crispy. Anyhow, malambot naman yung meat so keri na. I would say that this was "okay". What I didn't like about their Lechon Kawali is that, sobrang madami yung taba ng baboy kesa sa laman. Hindi kasi crispy kaya siguro I didn't like it pero the taste was fine. Masarap din.

Salt and Pepper Pork
Benj's order. Salt and Pepper Pork. It's spicy and really good. I am not sure kung breaded ba yung pork pero it was really soft. There's a unique taste too na hindi ko alam kung natikman ko before. Sorry, I suck in food reviews kasi yung taste buds ko may kinikilingang lasa. Heheh.! Pero I loved this one. Since it's spicy, mas nakakagana kumain. I just think na mejo konti yung pork dito.

Nasi Goreng
Euclid's order. Nasi Goreng. This was what our other friend ate ata before us. She mentioned kasi that there's 3 chicken daw. I would say that this is the most sulit among all 3. They were generous in giving 3 chicken parts, plenty of rice and an egg. I wasn't able to taste the rice but I liked the chicken which I would say na magugustuhan din ng kids.



1.) They serve plenty of rice. As in madami so my friend's (na mga barako) didn't need an extra serving. The viand naman, tumatapat sa dami ng rice so keri na.
2.) Nasi Goreng and the Salt and Pepper is a must try.
3.) The service was efficient naman except lang when we asked kung gaano katagal ise serve ang food since we only have an hour lunch break. We were told saglit lang po yun. It seemed like 10 to 15 minutes before the food arrive.
4.) The price of the food is really affordable. Each set meal costs P130 pesos only given the amount of food. I would say na mas mura pa ito sa ibang fast food restaurant.
5.) They offer beer so you could have some after a sumptuous meal while catching up with friends.

Needs Improvement:

 1.) Maingay. Since there were people with friends there, mejo maingay lang for me. There was a point that me and my friends having a conversation then I noticed na parang nakikipag palakasan kami ng boses sa mga katabi naming table. Hahaha! I even said, ang ingay.. Sorry ha! Pero people should know proper etiquette din siguro while eating out. It was late afternoon pa lang pero kung mag usap, parang nasa bar na nagsisigawan. Hindi naman malakas ang music. Actually, I didn't even noticed kung may music background ba while we were there.
2.) I just hope they improve their interiors, mejo awkward lang on the restroom part. That's the only part of the store na mejo hindi inviting.
3.) I hope they could have other options with their drinks that's included on their set meal. =)

Well, that's the only thing I have in mind that needs to improve, some are not even food related because overall, our dine experience went well naman and I would still consider to dine here in the future. =)

101 Hawker Food House 
Legaspi Village, Makati City

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Friday, June 26, 2015

My Friend's Talent in Photography

It's weekend guys!!!

Wooooo!! I can't believe days go by really fast!

Anyway, do you have plans on weekends? It will be a very busy weekend for my family kaya mejo MIA muna ako ha?! Balik na lang ako ng Monday. Hehehe!

Ayun nga, I wanted to post sana Jami's progress na kaya lang wala akong pictures to go well with the post eh so baka next week na lang yun. =) I should do this on a monthly basis na no? Like his height. I bought kasi a "what's my height poster in National Bookstore. My nurse friend saw it when they went to our house last weekend. He saw I have written down on the chart itself yung height ni Jami. He grew taller ng konti and he said na I should get his height on the same day every month. So ayun, I hope I can make it. Hehehe!

I don't want to go on a weekend without leaving you another post so I have decided to show you some photos that my friend/officemate took when we came with them in Antel Grand Village.

Awkward yung bilbil ko no?! Hahaha! Please disregard.

Ang ganda diba? I liked how the photo turned out. She said that we could take photos of Jami daw there pero since busy kami sa kakaligo and wala ako sa mood because I have a period during that time, hindi na namin nagawa. I was just really glad that Jami have some photos na pwedeng ilagay sa malaking frame. Mostly kasi ng photos nya were taken sa phone of sa digi cam. Balak ko kasi yan ipa print ng malaki talaga eh.. Hehehe. I wasn't able to have a photograpy session sa studio when Jami turned 1 last year so I hope we could do that this year na lang. Wala kasi akong moolah last year. Hehehe!

My officemate knows how to edit photos too. When you check her facebook photos, ang gaganda din. His husband is great in photography too. Naisip ko nga sila na lang kunin ko photographer eh. Since not that pro naman, baka mas mura pero maganda diba?! Hehehe #frugalmama

So which photo do you like? So I could ask my friend officemate to get me a high resolution copy. =)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Friends Over at our House

Last Saturday, I had friends over at our house. They were my officemates on the same batch when I started working in the company. It was a "biglaang lakad" where we started planning the afternoon of Friday. They have just sent text messages to other friends on where the location is. Originally, they would go to Taytay, Rizal where one of my friend in the office lives. They want me to go pero I won't since it's too far from home. Besides, it was a weekend and you know my weekends are devoted to Jami and Daryl only. So, Sorry friends. Hehehe.

Well, they all love me so they decided to have a change of plan and go to our house instead so I don't have any reason to decline na. Hahaha! Mauutak din talaga. It was really fine with me until I got home on Friday night and realized that my house wasn't that clean at sobrang makalat.

Oh no! Last minute talaga.

Morning came and I was suppose to go to wet market since my friends want me to cook my "Ginataang Hipon at Kalabasa". They said masarap daw and yun talaga ang sinuggest ko because that's the only dish na "pro" na ako kung baga. Minaster ko din talaga yan because I have a puppy love with kalabasa (squash) since childhood days. That's the only veggie that's close to my heart.

Unfortunately, I woke up late so I wasn't able to buy "gata" in wet market. I have decided to bring Jami and Daryl to SM Southmall were we had our grocery using the P1,000 Sodexo GC that I won thru Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mother's Day giveaway. =)

You know, I just have one thing to say about groceries. Their seafood and veggies is a lot more expensive than wet market. I bought around 1/4 of Shrimp na hindi kalakihan, umabot ng P100 samantalang mas marami pa sa palengke ang 1/4 is only P60!!! Also veggies, sometimes it's not that fresh na like the malunggay leaves and sitaw, parang matamlay na sila. Don't get me wrong, I love SM so much I almost live there when I was dalaga pa specially pag may sale. I just realized now that I am a Mom that it's more budget - friendly to visit wet market na lang, fresh na ang veggies, magaan pa sa bulsa. =) #justsaying

Anyway, when we got home, I have decided to prepare the veggies however, wala na akong mabilhan ng "gata". I prefer the freshly squeezed gata ng nyog (coconut milk) rather than the ones that you can see in the grocery na "in can" or yung idi-dissolve sa water. Since were going to have another grocery trip when my friends arrived, I have decided to hold off the cooking until they came. Mga gutom na sila but I didn't care. hahahaha! Bad me. Natiis naman nila until we were able to cook after our grocery shopping. We mainly shopped for our food that afternoon naman.

Benj, Sokey, Ate Annie, Euclid and Me (Babe taking the photo)

I cooked the "Ginataang Hipon at Kalabasa" then my friend cooked "Pork and Chicken Adobo". We also had a Fried Chicken, Pancit Canton from Aling Lucy, Tanduay Ice and Carlo Rossi Red wine.

Gosssh! First time kong makainom ng red wine. I didn't realize ganun pala ang lasa. I was thinking na mejo matamis at hindi mapait pero yung Carlo Rossi Sangria (Refreshingly blah) was mapakla, mapait and all. Hahaha! I didn't like it. =(

We just had a short tawanan and kwentuhan and before 9pm, nagsiuwian na sila since all of them are from North of Manila (Sta. Mesa, Quezon City, Bulacan and Taytay). Ako lang talaga ang selfish at sila ang nag adjust for me. Hehehe! Anyway, wala silang nagawa because it's Ate Annie and my birthday month where they gave cake din that Jami enjoyed so much. =)

Thank you Batch 4 for being the most annoying and hilarious officemates and friends I could have. You know what I meant. =)

Cheers for more birthdays to come! =)

BonChon Chicken : A Father's Day Treat

To celebrate Father's Day, I asked Daryl if we could eat somewhere new. Just like Mother's Day when we tried Sbarro for the first time.

I have been wanting to try Chicken Bonchon and it was what I have in mind when we went to SM Mall of Asia. I was really curious about their chicken although I was hoping that it wasn't like the usual chicken available in some fast food restaurant. My officemate said that their checken tastes good and that you have variety to try on. So when we were given a chance to eat somewhere new, given the celebrations, we both agreed to try it out (although I can say Daryl was a bit hesitant since we were running low on our budget. He thinks that we would spend fortune eating there. Well for me, it's Father's Day for crying out loud!).

When we got in, there were quite people in line although it's past dinner time. Good thing, we spotted a good seat for us with a toddler in tow. Jami was really restless and kept on running around the place. His Dad has to keep him entertain while I order our food.

Playing with coins with Daddy's supervision
Meanwhile, I was given their menu and I have decided to sit in first to ask Daryl what he wants. It's kinda new to him too so he wasn't as sure as to what to order. For me, I can order anything as long as it's chicken. Hehehe. #pickyeaterme101

I fell in line while computing in my head how much I'll save if I'll get which. I was contemplating between their boxed meals for P155 with drinks or with the customizable chicken where I have to order rice and drinks separately. It ended up that I'll spend roughly P300-P400. I decided to stick on the customizable chicken, add 2 plain rice and 1 extra korean fried rice for Babe, then drinks. However, I was told that their Korean Fried Rice is for P45 where I saw on their advertisement that it's only P20.

Yun pala, when you upgrade your plain rice to Korean Fried Rice, additional P20.

Hahahaha! Di lang marunong magbasa, sorry! =)

Now here's what I ordered:

Regular size Iced tea and Mountain Dew
Boxed Meal A: 4pcs Chicken wings with Plain rice and drink (Chicken came as Crunchy Garlic and Spicy)
Boxed Meal B: 2pcs Chopps (Rice Box) (Chicken came as Spicy and Honey Citrus
Extra Plain Rice for Babe
Jami doesn't want to eat (he doesn't eat well, anyway except kapag gustong - gusto nya yung ulam like Nilaga). We kept Jami entertained so Daryl and I was able to eat peacefully.

I was given a rewards card where I got 2 stickers. Depending on your orders and as required by the card, you are to get a Ko-yo for 7 stickers and a boxed meal for 10 stickers.


1.) I loved the chickens. It was a good break from what I usually eat in other fast food restos. It's crunchy and rich in flavors. It's quite small but since there were 4 in Box Meal A and 2pcs in Box Meal B, it was just equal, at least for me. 
2.) Their Ice tea was nice too. Parang yung sa Wendy's. Daryl and I likes our ice tea that way.
3.) The Korean Fried Rice was nice too. Very malasa although I only had one spoon of it. Nahiya naman kasi ako kay Babe eh, mauubos na nya agad.
4.) Food came to our table less than 20 minutes as what I was instructed.  The service was fast and efficient. I asked for a little help with getting me water and a take out bag since we weren't able to consume all, they attended to my request fast.
5.) The place are well lighted and inviting although I have seen during their peak hours na sobrang crowded at parang magulo yung place. I would say we had the perfect timing since it's after dinner time (around 9pm).

Needs Improvement:

1.) Plates. I think their plate is small for the boxed meal. There were times na parang natatapon yung rice ko sa gilid ng plate because it was too small for the meal.
2.) They should be more proactive with their promos. During Father's Day, they had a promo where you could get one meal (boxed meal, If I can recall correctly) for a single receipt purchase of P400. My total bill was P350 so they could have asked if I want to add some of their products to get their promotion.
3.) Chicken wasn't that hot na. I mean parang hindi bagong luto pero crispy naman talaga.

Yun lang.. =)

It was funny since there was a mixed up with my order. The staff didn't tell me which is which (flavors) so when I ate one, yung spicy pala yun. I wasn't able to enjoy the other flavor na kasi puro anghang na lang yung nalalasahan ko hahaha! Somehow nalasahan ko naman yung ibang flavor pero hindi ko na nga lang na enjoy ng bongga!

BonChon is available naman na in Robinson's Las Pinas which is just one tumbling away from home. That means, I have plenty of time to try it again. Talking about it makes me hungry!! hayyy.. This is one of my favorite place na. =)

It was Daryl and I's first time and well definitely be back for more. I want to try their crepes and Daryl wants the Chapchae. =)

BonChon Chicken 
Ground Floor, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Philippines

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jami has Cough and Colds

Jami started having cough and colds on a Sunday night. I was not worried yet kasi it was cough na mejo maluwag pa yung phlegm. He also started showing signs of colds. I wasn't surprised since I had cough and colds for 2 days last week and he might have been nahawa from me. 

I have been wanting to bring him to his pedia since Monday but can't since I have work in the afternoon. His pedia's schedule is also in the afternoon. I asked our boss if I could go halfday next day so I can bring him and just check if the dosage is still the same since the last time he got cough and colds was in January pa (which I am glad since there's an improvement. For 6 months he didin't catch a cough and colds). Yun lang, when Daryl said that he'll bring Jami to his pedia so I don't have to go halfday, binawi ko na yung request from office. Tapos biglang last night, nilagnat na si Jami.

At the same time, Daryl was not feeling well. 


I don't want to go absent kasi nga everyday is important to me. We are one income household so we can't afford to loose a day. I as just really lucky with my job because it's way way easier than the previous ones that I had. 

That's what I had last night. 

Although Jami had 37.8C, he's still masigla except sa teary eye sya because of his colds. I made him drink anti-histamine so he could sleep comfortably at night. I also placed a cool fever on his forehead pero nung nagising ako, nawawala na yung Kool Fever, tinanggal na nya. 

Mejo mahirap lang din talaga painumin ng gamot si Jami. Minsan mauuto mo, pero minsan, hindi talaga so kailangan talagang pwersahan minsan (in a nice way). Hahaha! =)

Daryl just called after their pedia visit and said that it was viral daw. Niresetahan na ng medicine and I'll see it later after work. 

I just hope that my baby boys will get soon na.

Bio-Oil and Mommy Bloggers PhilippinesWinner

For Mother's Day treat, Mommy Bloggers Philippines ran a lot of giveaways. 

I actually joined with all of them since the mechanics were very easy.

One of the giveaways that I joined was with Bio-Oil Philippines.

You see, I am never lucky in terms of raffle. I can bet all my money in my wallet right now that I will never win in any raffle that's why hindi ako tumataya sa lotto. Hahaha! 

Promise talaga.

Kahit kelan, hindi ako nanalo jan sa mga raffle na yan. 

I just joined for the sake of joining. 

Oh sige na nga.. 

Umasa din ako ng slight!!


When the list of the winners came, I am about to cry na talaga kasi sa dami ng giveaway, hindi ko pa nakikita ang name ko. =(

Buti na lang,... 

Hahahah! Sorry, I can't contain but yes!!! I won....

I bet it wasn't a raffle based on how they chose the winner daw! 

Well, sabi ko naman kasi sa inyo diba?

I re-read the entry din to check kung ano bang nag papanalo sakin eh.

Baka yung pictures? haha.. Nevertheless, I am very thankful to Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Bio-Oil Philippines for giving me the opportunity to try the product with matching P1,000 sodexo gift certificate na pinag grocery ko. =)

I am so happy and this was a great Mother's Day treat to all Moms who also won. I can't wait to try Bio-Oil. =)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Celebrating Father's Day

Father's Day has just ended. That means, 2 more weeks to go and the month of June will be another memory.

Hayyy... Bakit pag birth month mo, ang bilis ng araw??! Asan ang hustisya!! Hahaha.

Anyway, I was contemplating if I'll buy the daddy of our house a cake or cupcakes so he would have something to put a candle and blow on or we'll just eat somewhere new.

I didn't have much time to decide on because we had visitors on a Saturday. I can barely do household chores after. Grabe ang hirap talaga ng may mga bisita sa bahay, paano pa kapag mga birthday celebrations no?! I can't imagine.. I think that deserves a separate post so watch out for that.

Sunday was quite well for my family. We headed to Pasay so we could have our usual pasyal to FMIL's house. Daryl said we would go to the Mall before going back home to Las Pinas.

Daryl: Pupunta naman tayong Mall of Asia eh.

Me: Eh ayaw ko na ngang pumunta ng Mall.

Daryl: Bakit? 

Me: Eh kasi pag dinadala mo ako dun, laging pasara na yung mall eh hindi na ako makapasyal!!

Daryl laughed at me.

Seriously, nagpupunta kaming mall yung tipong mga last hour na, yung di ka man lang makaikot sa loob ng department stores para malaman kung may sale? Di ka man lang makakita ng mga prospect mong bilhin na mga damit at lalong - lalo naman na wala kayong makainan na matino kasi yung iba eh pasara na! So annoying, sinasadya nya ata talaga yun kasi ayaw nya ng malling.. Hmmp!


Ay, Father's day pala nun kaya behave lang ako. I gave him "that" day para mag bida-bida. Hehehe!

Jami and I slept in the afternoon and pretty much lounge around the house lang. At 7, we went to Mall of Asia mainly to buy Jami his new set of bottle nipple.

Seriously again!! This has been the nth time that I am buying him bottle nipples because the hole were being torn. Madaling mapunit so we really have to be careful of the cross cut or else, bubuka talaga sya. Aside from that, Jami kept on biting it, pinanggigigilan so kahit yung gilid, may butas din. Kung hindi man, isusuot nya yung daliri nya sa butas ng chupon. Ang mahal pa naman ng bottle nipple ng Pigeon. Nakakapang hinayang lang kasi the old nipples were still in their good condition, mukang bago pa except sa lumaki ang butas ng hole. Ayaw naman ni Jami gamitin kasi nalulunod sya pag umiinom ng milk. Good thing, his Lola gave us money for the bottle nipple. Yey! =)

When we got in to Department Store, Jami kept on shouting..

Jami: Woowww!!!

Then would go to pile of clothes.. touch the clothes then

Jami: Woowww! Ada!! (Ganda).

Repeat 20x

Hahaha! Sobrang nakakatawa I just hope I took a video. His Daddy kept on running after him, making sure na hindi nya maikalat yung mga clothes. Hehe =)

While browsing thru some baby stuff in SM Department store Kids section, I found out that they have a sale. I love pa naman Just Tees brand because the tela is comfy and the design and colors are funky. I have also been wanting to buy him new jeans which some are on sale for only P200 na lang. I just went away kasi baka mapabili pa ako eh, wala na kaming budget hahaha!

Di bale, I asked naman a salesman as to what date until the sale ends. Sabi nya, some are permanent sale while the others are up to such date na hindi ko na narinig because there were angels singing in my head when I heard the "permanent sale" hahahaha! =)

We just paid for our purchase then decided to eat in Chicken Bonchon. It's our first time and I'll share our experience on the next post. =) I told Daryl that our eat out are for Father's Day already and he just laughed.

We passed by Pet Express before going to parking area. Jami has love-hate relationship with cats and dogs. We got him on top of the dog statue outside of the store. 

 I just thought na kapag nagka pamilya ka na pala, mas madami na pala ang celebrations noh?! Mas magastos na ata.. hehehe.

Our father's day wasn't celebrated in a bongga way (just like how I wanted each celebrations to be - simple and intimate) but that doesn't mean that we neglected the essence of it. I am thankful for having the gift of family.

 Again, Happy Father's Day Babe.. We love you to the moon and back. =)