Monday, June 1, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge Monthly Report : May

I can't believe it's been half of the year and I am alive and kicking in terms of my 52 Weeks Money Challenge!! I am doing the happy dance right now! =)

You may read my journey from January, February, March, and April.

Although, I have to admit that I had struggles along the way. Savings wasn't that hard for me because I make sure that I pay myself first before I withdraw my money every payday. I usually allot one thousand pesos (which was suppose to be P530 only) to be left on my savings account and budget the money that's left thereafter.

It became harder this month because I have been so much of magastos lately and I am paying the price of it now. We actually had 3 paycheck for the month of May which only comes twice a year - May and October. Instead of me saving some amount so it won't be too much of a hassle on the last paychecks when most of our utilities are being paid off, we ate out too much in the previous days so the last paycheck was then allotted to paying the bills.

Gosshh! I have to rearrange things and make sure to spend money wisely on the coming days.

Honestly, I just felt that every time my birthday month comes, ang poor poor ko talaga! I am not sure kung nagkakataon lang but it has been 2 years since I realized it at eto na naman sya.. Gossh!

It was really funny I kept thinking about it na sa tuwing darating ang birthday ko, ang bigat ng mga araw! Hahaha. I was joking around last weekend..

Me: Alam ko na kung bakit wala akong budget this month. Malapit na kasi ang birthday ko eh.

Me: Bakit kaya? Hmmm.. (Deep thoughts..)

Me: Ahhh! Alam ko na! That was because summer just ended so ayan nagtataasan ang mga utilities like electricity and water bills then back to school din so everyone is so busy and empty pocketed!

Hahahahaha... Maglagay talaga ng malisya diba? May masabi lang..

I should not feel that way kasi birthday ko diba? I just feel.. Anyway, I have to make sure on the coming years na ready ako before my birthday comes. Hahaha! =) I'm so impressed with ants kasi they are everywhere nowadays. They're getting ready for rainy season. Nice! =)

These are the months din when malls get 50%-70% sale because of their back to school and end of summer sale. I was thinking na gumastos pero iniisip ko na lang na I have 7 more months to go! Nagawa ko na ang first 5 so why not hindi tapusin diba?!

So far, here's where I stand in my savings..

My version of 52 Weeks Money Challenge
 I am on May 31 to June 6 bracket already (since I am getting paid every 2 weeks, I am paying 2 slots every pay day), that means, I have P4,870 on my savings which I am glad to tell that, Yes! I made it.. Although there were times na mejo nakakaluwag and I am putting some amount more than my usual savings, mejo nadadagdagan ang amount. Hindi naman kalakihan pero better than wala diba?

Anyway, I am really glad about the result of this newly found habit. Sobrang layo from where I was years ago. I know very small pa lang ang savings pero at least I have something at the back of my mind. The money will be continuously saved even after the year ends as it will be added sa emergency fund namin. =)

I am hoping that everyone's challenge is a success too. =)


  1. Buti ka pa! Ako I really need to discipline myself. I really need to remind myself na I have to pay myself first not with the eatouts but with the savings. I am still struggling even if I have the budget. I really really need to stick to it. Pero nagkasakit ung isang kambal ko so fail na naman ako xempre kelangan unahin ang pambili ng gamot more than abything else! So nagstart na naman ako this month. :(


    1. I hope ok na si Kambal mo sis! I get your point. Ganyan na ganyan din ako nung una eh.. Grabe ang hirap lang pero I have too.. With this small savings kasi sis, I get to have a small piece of mind na in case kailangan ko ng money in terms of emergency, may mahuhugot naman kahit paano. Pilitin mo sis, it's for your family's protection! (Wow makapag advice ako ha?!) hahahaha =)

  2. Malapit ka na mangalahati, Jen. Wag mawalan ng pag-asa. Kaya yan! :)


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