Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Aling Lucy's Panciteria

It's been a long time that I have been able to eat in Aling Lucy's Panciteria. I want to blog about them too back then but I always forget to take pictures of the place and the food because I am so excited to eat. Whenever I crave for pansit, Aling Lucy's became my takbuhan.

They have a wide variety of food. From different kinds of pansit, they also offer ulam, pastries and desserts. What I love most is their pansit bihon or canton (because that's the only kind of pansit that I eat anyway). I have not tried most of their pastry and desserts but their ulam, I did most of the time. When we were so tamad to cook ulam, takbuhan talaga si Aling Lucy. Although you could save a lot when you cook your own ulam, there were days na tinatalo ka talaga ng katamaran mo. hahaha! :p There were those time din na you're so umay with fast food and your budget naman can't afford a high end resto, lutong bahay ang sagot sana pero you don't know how to cook. Hehe :p #problempamore

Anyway, last Sunday, we had the chance to dine in at Aling Lucy. We were so tired after our swimming that day so as soon as we arrived home, we slept and woke up around 9pm where we don't have a choice but to eat out. There was a tapsihan that just opened near Admiral Road in Las Pinas that we decided to try but I have to withdraw muna from a BPI ATM near Aling Lucy so I asked Daryl if he wants to eat there na lang. He said he wants veggies daw, so I suggested there kasi they have different types of lutong ulam nga including vegetable viands.

When we got there, I reserved a seat immediately and as soon as Daryl and Jami got seated, I ordered our food na. Jami kept running around the place since it's a little bit maaliwalas and malawak compared to their old store. They transferred kasi to a new location which is just around the area lang naman.

This is where you order and pay your meals. They also have budget meals and Halo-halo which I wanted to try in some other time.

Dine area
This is their dine area just across the first picture. On the far side on your right (not pictured) is where their pastries are placed.

While waiting for our order, here's the mag-Ama :p
And here's what we ordered.

Beef Mechado P40 ;  Langka ? ; and Lechon Paksiw P60
3 cups of Rice. 2 for Daryl and 1 for me. :p
I forgot the price of Langka (half order) and the rice. We didn't order drinks na kasi they only offer softdrinks and as much as possible, ayaw ko because Jami wants to drink them all. I didn't take picture na of each of the ulam kasi we were so hungry na, we want to eat them agad - agad. :p

Jami was running around the whole time looking at each of the diners and walking along the entrance which we run after him kasi baka makalabas, eh highway na agad.

Well, the ulam is a little pricey for me since I know it could be a lot cheaper kapag ako mismo ang nagluto pero you can never go wrong with the taste. Masarap ang mga ulam nila and very filling. High levels na karinderya sila. Their place is also airconditioned and a lot of wall fans surrounds the place so very mahangin ang location. You can also have a single order of their pansit for P75-80 so you can have a taste of them and tell me if you like it like I do. I prefer theirs than Amber kasi but surely, I'll go with Amber if we're talking about spaghetti. :p

There you go.When you get to Alabang-Zapote Road beside Puregold Las Pinas then Aling Lucy is a good find. =) You can also have a bilao ordered for your special occasions, have it delivered for free or pick up when it's ready. You may call this number (02)802-2551 although this is for their Las Pinas in Moonwalk branch. Maybe you can just ask them for a branch near you. =)

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Aling Lucy's Panciteria
(beside Puregold Las Pinas)
Alabang-Zapote Rd., Las Pinas City


  1. Yum! Mahilig ako sa anything na may gata kaya natakam ako sa langka na ulam nyo. Hindi ako fan ng pancit pero if kakain ako, I prefer the canton kind. Uy, fave namin sa opis ang spaghetti ng Ambers, the best yun!!! :)

    1. Talaga? ako kasi sobrang pihikan.. Si daryl lang yung kumain ng ginataang langka hehehe =)


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