Thursday, June 25, 2015

BonChon Chicken : A Father's Day Treat

To celebrate Father's Day, I asked Daryl if we could eat somewhere new. Just like Mother's Day when we tried Sbarro for the first time.

I have been wanting to try Chicken Bonchon and it was what I have in mind when we went to SM Mall of Asia. I was really curious about their chicken although I was hoping that it wasn't like the usual chicken available in some fast food restaurant. My officemate said that their checken tastes good and that you have variety to try on. So when we were given a chance to eat somewhere new, given the celebrations, we both agreed to try it out (although I can say Daryl was a bit hesitant since we were running low on our budget. He thinks that we would spend fortune eating there. Well for me, it's Father's Day for crying out loud!).

When we got in, there were quite people in line although it's past dinner time. Good thing, we spotted a good seat for us with a toddler in tow. Jami was really restless and kept on running around the place. His Dad has to keep him entertain while I order our food.

Playing with coins with Daddy's supervision
Meanwhile, I was given their menu and I have decided to sit in first to ask Daryl what he wants. It's kinda new to him too so he wasn't as sure as to what to order. For me, I can order anything as long as it's chicken. Hehehe. #pickyeaterme101

I fell in line while computing in my head how much I'll save if I'll get which. I was contemplating between their boxed meals for P155 with drinks or with the customizable chicken where I have to order rice and drinks separately. It ended up that I'll spend roughly P300-P400. I decided to stick on the customizable chicken, add 2 plain rice and 1 extra korean fried rice for Babe, then drinks. However, I was told that their Korean Fried Rice is for P45 where I saw on their advertisement that it's only P20.

Yun pala, when you upgrade your plain rice to Korean Fried Rice, additional P20.

Hahahaha! Di lang marunong magbasa, sorry! =)

Now here's what I ordered:

Regular size Iced tea and Mountain Dew
Boxed Meal A: 4pcs Chicken wings with Plain rice and drink (Chicken came as Crunchy Garlic and Spicy)
Boxed Meal B: 2pcs Chopps (Rice Box) (Chicken came as Spicy and Honey Citrus
Extra Plain Rice for Babe
Jami doesn't want to eat (he doesn't eat well, anyway except kapag gustong - gusto nya yung ulam like Nilaga). We kept Jami entertained so Daryl and I was able to eat peacefully.

I was given a rewards card where I got 2 stickers. Depending on your orders and as required by the card, you are to get a Ko-yo for 7 stickers and a boxed meal for 10 stickers.


1.) I loved the chickens. It was a good break from what I usually eat in other fast food restos. It's crunchy and rich in flavors. It's quite small but since there were 4 in Box Meal A and 2pcs in Box Meal B, it was just equal, at least for me. 
2.) Their Ice tea was nice too. Parang yung sa Wendy's. Daryl and I likes our ice tea that way.
3.) The Korean Fried Rice was nice too. Very malasa although I only had one spoon of it. Nahiya naman kasi ako kay Babe eh, mauubos na nya agad.
4.) Food came to our table less than 20 minutes as what I was instructed.  The service was fast and efficient. I asked for a little help with getting me water and a take out bag since we weren't able to consume all, they attended to my request fast.
5.) The place are well lighted and inviting although I have seen during their peak hours na sobrang crowded at parang magulo yung place. I would say we had the perfect timing since it's after dinner time (around 9pm).

Needs Improvement:

1.) Plates. I think their plate is small for the boxed meal. There were times na parang natatapon yung rice ko sa gilid ng plate because it was too small for the meal.
2.) They should be more proactive with their promos. During Father's Day, they had a promo where you could get one meal (boxed meal, If I can recall correctly) for a single receipt purchase of P400. My total bill was P350 so they could have asked if I want to add some of their products to get their promotion.
3.) Chicken wasn't that hot na. I mean parang hindi bagong luto pero crispy naman talaga.

Yun lang.. =)

It was funny since there was a mixed up with my order. The staff didn't tell me which is which (flavors) so when I ate one, yung spicy pala yun. I wasn't able to enjoy the other flavor na kasi puro anghang na lang yung nalalasahan ko hahaha! Somehow nalasahan ko naman yung ibang flavor pero hindi ko na nga lang na enjoy ng bongga!

BonChon is available naman na in Robinson's Las Pinas which is just one tumbling away from home. That means, I have plenty of time to try it again. Talking about it makes me hungry!! hayyy.. This is one of my favorite place na. =)

It was Daryl and I's first time and well definitely be back for more. I want to try their crepes and Daryl wants the Chapchae. =)

BonChon Chicken 
Ground Floor, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Philippines

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  1. Parang gusto ko rin try yung korean fried rice, mukang masarap! Kaya lang parang ang konti, kulang sakin yan hehehe

    1. Masarap din, mejo parang maliit lang ang serving ng slight.. hehe! But you'll love it there! =)

  2. I love their garlic and spicy chicken!


    1. Me too.. i love the garlic one.. Yung spicy, slight lang.. Di ako masyadong fan ng spicy eh =)

  3. Bon Chon is one of many resto nowadays who offer a new taste of fried chicken. Nakakaumay narin kasi yung iba e. And their servings are sulit, hindi ka mabibitin. 😊

    1. Tama! Hindi din naman ako nabitin. Di namin naubos yung chicken. =)


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