Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Celebrating Father's Day

Father's Day has just ended. That means, 2 more weeks to go and the month of June will be another memory.

Hayyy... Bakit pag birth month mo, ang bilis ng araw??! Asan ang hustisya!! Hahaha.

Anyway, I was contemplating if I'll buy the daddy of our house a cake or cupcakes so he would have something to put a candle and blow on or we'll just eat somewhere new.

I didn't have much time to decide on because we had visitors on a Saturday. I can barely do household chores after. Grabe ang hirap talaga ng may mga bisita sa bahay, paano pa kapag mga birthday celebrations no?! I can't imagine.. I think that deserves a separate post so watch out for that.

Sunday was quite well for my family. We headed to Pasay so we could have our usual pasyal to FMIL's house. Daryl said we would go to the Mall before going back home to Las Pinas.

Daryl: Pupunta naman tayong Mall of Asia eh.

Me: Eh ayaw ko na ngang pumunta ng Mall.

Daryl: Bakit? 

Me: Eh kasi pag dinadala mo ako dun, laging pasara na yung mall eh hindi na ako makapasyal!!

Daryl laughed at me.

Seriously, nagpupunta kaming mall yung tipong mga last hour na, yung di ka man lang makaikot sa loob ng department stores para malaman kung may sale? Di ka man lang makakita ng mga prospect mong bilhin na mga damit at lalong - lalo naman na wala kayong makainan na matino kasi yung iba eh pasara na! So annoying, sinasadya nya ata talaga yun kasi ayaw nya ng malling.. Hmmp!


Ay, Father's day pala nun kaya behave lang ako. I gave him "that" day para mag bida-bida. Hehehe!

Jami and I slept in the afternoon and pretty much lounge around the house lang. At 7, we went to Mall of Asia mainly to buy Jami his new set of bottle nipple.

Seriously again!! This has been the nth time that I am buying him bottle nipples because the hole were being torn. Madaling mapunit so we really have to be careful of the cross cut or else, bubuka talaga sya. Aside from that, Jami kept on biting it, pinanggigigilan so kahit yung gilid, may butas din. Kung hindi man, isusuot nya yung daliri nya sa butas ng chupon. Ang mahal pa naman ng bottle nipple ng Pigeon. Nakakapang hinayang lang kasi the old nipples were still in their good condition, mukang bago pa except sa lumaki ang butas ng hole. Ayaw naman ni Jami gamitin kasi nalulunod sya pag umiinom ng milk. Good thing, his Lola gave us money for the bottle nipple. Yey! =)

When we got in to Department Store, Jami kept on shouting..

Jami: Woowww!!!

Then would go to pile of clothes.. touch the clothes then

Jami: Woowww! Ada!! (Ganda).

Repeat 20x

Hahaha! Sobrang nakakatawa I just hope I took a video. His Daddy kept on running after him, making sure na hindi nya maikalat yung mga clothes. Hehe =)

While browsing thru some baby stuff in SM Department store Kids section, I found out that they have a sale. I love pa naman Just Tees brand because the tela is comfy and the design and colors are funky. I have also been wanting to buy him new jeans which some are on sale for only P200 na lang. I just went away kasi baka mapabili pa ako eh, wala na kaming budget hahaha!

Di bale, I asked naman a salesman as to what date until the sale ends. Sabi nya, some are permanent sale while the others are up to such date na hindi ko na narinig because there were angels singing in my head when I heard the "permanent sale" hahahaha! =)

We just paid for our purchase then decided to eat in Chicken Bonchon. It's our first time and I'll share our experience on the next post. =) I told Daryl that our eat out are for Father's Day already and he just laughed.

We passed by Pet Express before going to parking area. Jami has love-hate relationship with cats and dogs. We got him on top of the dog statue outside of the store. 

 I just thought na kapag nagka pamilya ka na pala, mas madami na pala ang celebrations noh?! Mas magastos na ata.. hehehe.

Our father's day wasn't celebrated in a bongga way (just like how I wanted each celebrations to be - simple and intimate) but that doesn't mean that we neglected the essence of it. I am thankful for having the gift of family.

 Again, Happy Father's Day Babe.. We love you to the moon and back. =)


  1. Happy Father's Day to ur partner. Kame sa bahay lang kasi wala pang sahod hehehe.



  2. Ang cute ni Jami sa dog statue :)


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