Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Coloring Books for Jami

As I have mentioned on my previous post, I wanted Jami to have an arts and crafts side din. I wasn't that artsy kaya inggit na inggit ako sa magagaling mag DIY. Hahaha! =)

Anyway, one of the things that I want to try is coloring books. It was just lately that I am singing the Alphabet song so Jami would get familiar to it. We don't have a cable or antenna for our TV at home so Jami seldom watches TV. He would only watch Pororo DVD twice a week or when he goes to his Lola and Nanay's house. As much as possible, I don't want Jami to get so engage with gadgets and TV. I want him to become more of a book and play child. Nagawa ko ngang maging masaya when I was a kid without the gadgets eh, si Jami pa kaya. Besides, iba pa din ang batang lumaki in playing than watching TV and gadgets diba? =)

So for our first project, I want Jami to get familiar with colors and how to basically color something.

I repeatedly say, "Color the tree/apple/ball" then he would just doodle the color. I appreciate it very much since I know somehow, he learns something from what we are doing. Jami is really smart and I want to further enhance it.

Uh-oh, Jami's getting bored. :p
Hindi ko naman pinipilit si Jami to do this stuff if he don't feel like it. For the past two days since we bought the coloring book, he doesn't look so much interested on it. I was thinking that he wasn't introduced in some coloring before so I want to slowly make him familiar with it.

Yesterday morning, I gave Jami his coloring book again and asked him to color a new page when his Daddy wanted to share the book with him.

Daddy was feeling bata! Can't resist the coloring book! Haha :p
 One of the things that I like with Jami is that, he likes books. He would pick up kahit anong book that he sees then make-pretend that he's reading it. When we bought the new book, which has a wiggly eye (don't know what it's called), he loved it at ayaw ng bitawan sa loob ng bookstore. That's what I want him to be, a person that loves a book. =)

As a working mom, I want to do stuff with Jami on weekends so it was really so hard for me to say "yes" on any lakad with friends. I want all my weekends to be with Daryl and Jami where Jami and I can do some bonding moment with arts and crafts or just any crazy things while he's at the age where he's very game to anything while Daryl and I would have some time of ourselves to talk things over and discuss our plans.

I am looking forward for more arts and crafts on the coming weekends. =)

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