Thursday, June 25, 2015

Friends Over at our House

Last Saturday, I had friends over at our house. They were my officemates on the same batch when I started working in the company. It was a "biglaang lakad" where we started planning the afternoon of Friday. They have just sent text messages to other friends on where the location is. Originally, they would go to Taytay, Rizal where one of my friend in the office lives. They want me to go pero I won't since it's too far from home. Besides, it was a weekend and you know my weekends are devoted to Jami and Daryl only. So, Sorry friends. Hehehe.

Well, they all love me so they decided to have a change of plan and go to our house instead so I don't have any reason to decline na. Hahaha! Mauutak din talaga. It was really fine with me until I got home on Friday night and realized that my house wasn't that clean at sobrang makalat.

Oh no! Last minute talaga.

Morning came and I was suppose to go to wet market since my friends want me to cook my "Ginataang Hipon at Kalabasa". They said masarap daw and yun talaga ang sinuggest ko because that's the only dish na "pro" na ako kung baga. Minaster ko din talaga yan because I have a puppy love with kalabasa (squash) since childhood days. That's the only veggie that's close to my heart.

Unfortunately, I woke up late so I wasn't able to buy "gata" in wet market. I have decided to bring Jami and Daryl to SM Southmall were we had our grocery using the P1,000 Sodexo GC that I won thru Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mother's Day giveaway. =)

You know, I just have one thing to say about groceries. Their seafood and veggies is a lot more expensive than wet market. I bought around 1/4 of Shrimp na hindi kalakihan, umabot ng P100 samantalang mas marami pa sa palengke ang 1/4 is only P60!!! Also veggies, sometimes it's not that fresh na like the malunggay leaves and sitaw, parang matamlay na sila. Don't get me wrong, I love SM so much I almost live there when I was dalaga pa specially pag may sale. I just realized now that I am a Mom that it's more budget - friendly to visit wet market na lang, fresh na ang veggies, magaan pa sa bulsa. =) #justsaying

Anyway, when we got home, I have decided to prepare the veggies however, wala na akong mabilhan ng "gata". I prefer the freshly squeezed gata ng nyog (coconut milk) rather than the ones that you can see in the grocery na "in can" or yung idi-dissolve sa water. Since were going to have another grocery trip when my friends arrived, I have decided to hold off the cooking until they came. Mga gutom na sila but I didn't care. hahahaha! Bad me. Natiis naman nila until we were able to cook after our grocery shopping. We mainly shopped for our food that afternoon naman.

Benj, Sokey, Ate Annie, Euclid and Me (Babe taking the photo)

I cooked the "Ginataang Hipon at Kalabasa" then my friend cooked "Pork and Chicken Adobo". We also had a Fried Chicken, Pancit Canton from Aling Lucy, Tanduay Ice and Carlo Rossi Red wine.

Gosssh! First time kong makainom ng red wine. I didn't realize ganun pala ang lasa. I was thinking na mejo matamis at hindi mapait pero yung Carlo Rossi Sangria (Refreshingly blah) was mapakla, mapait and all. Hahaha! I didn't like it. =(

We just had a short tawanan and kwentuhan and before 9pm, nagsiuwian na sila since all of them are from North of Manila (Sta. Mesa, Quezon City, Bulacan and Taytay). Ako lang talaga ang selfish at sila ang nag adjust for me. Hehehe! Anyway, wala silang nagawa because it's Ate Annie and my birthday month where they gave cake din that Jami enjoyed so much. =)

Thank you Batch 4 for being the most annoying and hilarious officemates and friends I could have. You know what I meant. =)

Cheers for more birthdays to come! =)

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