Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day Babe

Belated Happy Father's Day!!

I created this post last Friday. I was surprised to see na hindi pala sya nag post!! Arrrghhhh...

Anyway, I just want to greet Tatay. Wherever you are, I want you to know that I missed all the chocolates and the coins you put on my kili-kili.

Happy Father's Day Pa!! =)

I may have a very limited memories since you left in my early years but you will always be remembered. Thank you for all the years that we had together, Pa. I just hoped you had longer years on Earth so you had the chance to see Jami and the rest of our new family members. Anyway, una - unahan lang naman talaga yan. We'll sure see you there, in time. =)

To my brothers.. Happy Father's Day too.

You guys may not be the perfect father and husbands to your family but I know you have a good and big heart for your loved ones. I wish you all to be more patient and loving..

Lastly but not the least, Happy Father's Day to my Daryl..

I don't know how I would start this but with a Thank you..

for being the man that I loved since Day 1.
for the same person that I fall in love with everyday.
for the man that I get mad at for the smallest thing in the world.
for my boyfriend,
my partner,
my son's father,
my playmate,
my speaking buddy,
my best friend,
my travel companion,
my food trip buddy,
my enemy,
my sweetest downfall,
my partner in crime,

I have a lot in mind that I can't put into words, ang hirap kasi mag isip ng english kapag binabantayan mo yung oras kasi may gagawin pa akong iba.

But babe, One thing that I can speak of is that I love you, I'll always do..

Jami will surely look up to you. You're a good man babe, you are.. I just want you to realize that.  Sa bahay na lang tayo mag usap.. sakit sa nose mag english babe eh.. :P

Again, Happy Father's Day Babe, and to all the amazing father's out there.

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