Thursday, June 18, 2015

Index Salon Rebonding Experience

I was so lucky to have my birthday on a weekend. I felt I don't need to file a leave plus I can get away with my officemates sa mga pang aasar nila hahaha! I am sure you know what I mean. =)

As I have mentioned multiple times, I am the person who's not use in celebrating my birthday in the bongga way diba? It's either eat out or a simple salu-salo at home lang. I was just really excited this time kasi Daryl made me choose kung anong gift daw ang gusto ko on my birthday. =)

Well, originally, I wanted an iphone or a new camera (DSLR) hahahaha! Mejo ambitious frog lang eh wala naman trabaho yung jowa ko. Days before my birthday, he made me choose again ng hindi naman sobrang expensive. I asked him for shopping money since I am meaning to buy new jeans for office wear. Whenever I go to work, I am on dress. Mas madami kasi akong dress over jeans or tops. I want to buy at least 2 jeans and tops. There have been sale mall wide in SM Southmall and Robinson's Place Las Pinas but the shopping money he gave was allocated in paying for the bills na lang.. hayyy... =(

Anyhoo, he made me choose either of the two - shopping money for 2 jeans or a salon treatment.

Pinag - isipan ko ng ilang araw. I have been putting off the jeans for quite a while now same as the salon trip. My hair have grown really long (waist long) that I have not been able to have a haircut since last year! Imagine that??? What I want kasi is to have my hair treated na when I get a haircut para isang puntahan na lang. Besides, ookrayin na naman sa salon ang buhok ko because it's so makapal. As in bonggang kapal. It's like one strand is equivalent to 3 of a normal hair, mga ganyang levelz. At the same time, it's wavy at buhaghag kaya okray talaga inaabot ko sa salon. Endless comment na "Ang kapal ng buhok mo Ma'am" "Magpa rebond ka na" etc etc.. Parang gusto kong sumagot na, "Yah, I know.. since birth yan kaya wag ng paulit-ulit, okay?!" In fairness naman, some people love my hair kasi nga makapal. Ganun talaga no?! People are not contented. Kapag payat ka, gusto mo tumaba. Pag tabain ka naman, gusto mo pumayat.. and the likes.

Well, at the end of the day, I have chosen the salon treatment na lang. I thought to myself that SM will have their sale soon enough. Madami naman malls jan na nagse -sale. Besides, I can buy a pair of jeans on a normal payday naman, hindi nga lang mga Lee Pipes or Jag jeans levelz. Hehehe! Naisip ko din na I have been so kuripot to myself since the start of the year and I have been so chaka all along after I gave birth to Jami. Bonggang hair fall ang inaabot ko everyday. When you see my hair, ang daming small hairs because nalalagas nga and they are trying their best to grow back. =(

Daryl can't believe that I am choosing salon over jeans since alam na alam nyang gustong - gusto kong nasa mall, window shopping kapag walang moolah (money).

I woke up a little late that day. I was planning pa naman to cook lunch since I know I'll spend hours in the salon for my treatment. When I took a bath, Daryl said na sya na daw bahala so I said "Hokay! Gotta go!"

I went back to my favorite salon in terms of Rebonding Services. The only treatment that I have undergone in my entire life is Rebond lang. I don't have the courage to do curls kasi nga ang kapal ng hair ko sa cancel sakin yung idea na yun dahil baka magmuka akong buhok na tinubuan ng tao. Hahaha! This is the same salon where I had my first ever Rebond service (I had 3 in total now). Index Salon was just along Pilar road at the back of Jollibee Pilar in Almanza, Las Pinas. We lived in that part of the city for almost 4-5 years so I was quite familiar. I don't have an appointment with them so I went there around lunch time to make sure na hindi pa sobrang dami ng tao. Mejo maliit lang kasi ang salon so it can get a little crowded in the afternoon to evening.

True enough, I arrived as if I am their first customer. I think they just opened not too long ago. I was really happy to be the first kasi I don't have to wait for my turn to be assisted. =)

I inquired about their package for rebonding although I already know and have set a budget for it. I was told of three packages they offer (1) Rebond with Keratin (2) Rebond with permanent cellophane and (3) Regular rebond. Every package includes free haircut already.

I asked about the Keratin since it's new to me. I was told by the stylist that whenever our hair undergo treatment, it looses its keratin or the natural keme.. blah blah.. Hindi ko na narinig yung ibang sinabi kasi na distract ako sa eyebrow nya hahaha!

Anyway, I chose Package number 2 since I want my hair to be colored din and the cellophane would do that. =) This was the same package I had for the last 2 treatment that I had with them so I'm pretty sure it will go well.

My hair was washed first even though I just took a bath before going to the salon. Pero keri lang naman so they can shampoo my hair before the treatment.

Short kwento: I had my suki in treatment on this salon. They call her "Ate Kuya" because she's tomboy. She did my hair for two consecutive time and I really love the result. I usually have my hair treated every December (during 13th month pay :p) and I always look for her. I like her kasi hindi nya ako tinitipid. I always feel na my hair receives the enough amount of gamot to achieve a better result.She was also matyaga in the process, she doesn't complain din. Alam kong nakakapagod ayusin ang hair ko dahil sobrang kapal than the usual at mejo matagal talaga gawin pero sobrang sipag nya talaga. I commend her for that. I have always been a very satisfied customer of her. =)

When they were washing my hair pa, I asked if Ate Kuya was still there in the same salon and she said yes. Hayyy salamat!! They called her and I asked if she can be my stylist for the day. Payag naman sya. I overheard some of the staff teasing her.

Staff: Feeling bless ka ha. Di ka na mag oot.

I then realized na may quota siguro sila daily and mejo inalat sya the day before kaya kailangan nya pang mag overtime.

After they washed my hair, Ate Kuya dried up my hair with blower and cut my hair to the length that I want and then put on the treatment "number 1" as they call it. Ito ata yung gamot talaga to make your hair straight. I have waited for 30 minutes or so before they washed my hair.

Side Kwento:

While waiting, I received a text message from Daryl na hindi pa daw sila kumakain! Gossshh! Sabi ko na nga ba eh.. nagsabi kasi sya na sya na daw bahala tapos magte text na hindi pa daw sila kumakain ng lunch! I was praying na sana makita nya yung money sa wallet ko so he can buy lunch.

Mga lalaki nga naman oh! Hindi makadiskarte sa bahay pag walang Nanay. Haha!

Ate kuya gave instruction to the lady whose washing my hair to wash it ng maigi because it's "Number 1" nga daw. Maybe it was matapang kasi na gamot so they really have to wash it off.

My hair is soaking wet, hindi nya ako tinitipid sa treatment =)
When I got back on my seat, Ate Kuya blowered my hair to dry it up then she prepared two hair iron and ironed my hair. Ito talaga ang pinka matrabaho at matagal sa buong proseso. She has to section my hair into four parts then get a few amount of hair, iron it twice with two different (I think) hair iron. Sobrang tagal talaga nito, the boring part. I noticed that the salon is getting crowded na. Ang lakas din pala ng mga salon no?! Daming nag papagupit at nagpapa treatment. Wala pa jan yung mga nag papa mani and pedi. I also realized na sobrang daming suki ni ate kuya. A lot of people are asking for her kaya lang, she can't commit to them because of me. Hehehe! Sorry guys! =)

When she fully ironed my hair na, she put another treatment and waited again for another 30 minutes. She made me choose which color I prefer for the permanent cellophane. She suggested not to color it light or matingkad because mag da dry daw ang hair ko. I don't have plans naman na mag blonde hehe. I was looking for the same color of hair that I had on my first treatment pero I don't know the name eh so I chose the Red Copper na lang.

When I washed and blowered my hair for the third time, they put naman the cellophane to color my hair. I waited again for another 15 minutes until the color sipped thru my hair. I was contemplating kung magpapa pedicure na ba ako kasi pagod na akong mag hintay ng matagal. Hehehe! Buti na lang, the wait is shorter than the first two treatment.

What I appreciate with Ate kuya is that, nire -retouch nya yung hair ko when she feels na hindi enough yung amount ng treatment na nailagay nya at first. =)

When my hair was washed again and blowered, I asked if I can wash my hair pero wag daw. It's after 3 days pa. OMG... Papasok pa naman ako sa office.

I settled my bill na and gave her a tip. =)


1. I am really glad that Ate kuya is still there. I hope she'll be there forever. Hehehe!
2. Their salon is really small, it was just a studio type with a second floor. First floor is where the haircuts and treatment is being done while the second floor is for mani, pedi and foot spa. I just wish that they'll invest on a bigger place so the salon would be more accommodating. Pag naging crowded na kasi, parang hindi na inviting to people, at least to my standard.
3. In case that they can't invest on a bigger work place, I just hope that at least they'll renovate it. Mejo luma na kasi ang ibang part ng salon along with other furniture. I panicked a little pa kasi I heard them saying na nawalan daw ng water so hindi ma wash yung hair nung isang kuya na nag pa haircut. Hahaha! I felt panicked nga kasi my hair is being treated tapos walang water. There has been a construction outside that touched their tubo underground that caused the water to go in and out.

A little later, I realized kung bakit hindi babasain ang hair for 3 days daw. Maybe because, my hair undergone a major renovation (parang bahay) hahaha! It was ironed, blowered, treated multiple times so I guess it needs a rest. =)

Overall, I am glad that I achieved the result that I am eyeing for. Ate Kuya never failed me. In case you want to try her, her real name is Juliet. =)
Index Salon
Pilar Road, Almanza Las Pinas


  1. My very 1st rebond was with Index Salon! Where's the after photo? :)


  2. I won't forget my first hair bonding,it took long but worth it naman.Post pic,please!

  3. Jen, nabitin naman ako... was waiting for the after photo... natapos na ako mag-basa, waley pala dito... hehe...

    Btw, mas amdami rin ako dress kesa tops & bottoms. Gusto ko na rin mag-invest sa slacks and maong pants. I relaized, wala ako kahit isang maong pants. Puro leggings lang.

    There was a time, sobrang nag-lagas din yung hair ko, typhus or cancer level... nakakatakot. Haha. Buti mejo slight na lang ngayon.

    Natawa ako dun sa *na distract ako sa eyebrow nya*. Madalas din yan mangyari sakin. Yung tipong may kausap ako, tapos napansin ko yung kilay niya - "Ang ganda ng arch ng kilay niya. Buti pa siya. Paano kaya niya napantay yun.. yada yada...." Haha...

  4. Nagpeperm po ba ang index?


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