Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jami has Cough and Colds

Jami started having cough and colds on a Sunday night. I was not worried yet kasi it was cough na mejo maluwag pa yung phlegm. He also started showing signs of colds. I wasn't surprised since I had cough and colds for 2 days last week and he might have been nahawa from me. 

I have been wanting to bring him to his pedia since Monday but can't since I have work in the afternoon. His pedia's schedule is also in the afternoon. I asked our boss if I could go halfday next day so I can bring him and just check if the dosage is still the same since the last time he got cough and colds was in January pa (which I am glad since there's an improvement. For 6 months he didin't catch a cough and colds). Yun lang, when Daryl said that he'll bring Jami to his pedia so I don't have to go halfday, binawi ko na yung request from office. Tapos biglang last night, nilagnat na si Jami.

At the same time, Daryl was not feeling well. 


I don't want to go absent kasi nga everyday is important to me. We are one income household so we can't afford to loose a day. I as just really lucky with my job because it's way way easier than the previous ones that I had. 

That's what I had last night. 

Although Jami had 37.8C, he's still masigla except sa teary eye sya because of his colds. I made him drink anti-histamine so he could sleep comfortably at night. I also placed a cool fever on his forehead pero nung nagising ako, nawawala na yung Kool Fever, tinanggal na nya. 

Mejo mahirap lang din talaga painumin ng gamot si Jami. Minsan mauuto mo, pero minsan, hindi talaga so kailangan talagang pwersahan minsan (in a nice way). Hahaha! =)

Daryl just called after their pedia visit and said that it was viral daw. Niresetahan na ng medicine and I'll see it later after work. 

I just hope that my baby boys will get soon na.


  1. get well jami :)
    hirap talga pag may sakit na mga babies?
    na flu vaccine mu na sya mommy jen ?

    1. Napa vaccine naman sya girl pero yung iba kulang pa eh. =(

  2. Hirap noh? Gusto ko din umabsent para alagaan sila kambal kapag maysakit sila pero hinayang din ako sa ilang araw. Ganun talaga. Kelangan magsakripisyo, anjan naman si partner eh.


    1. Sobrang hirap girl. Ang sarap mag stay sa bahay para mabantayan na lang sila pero we have to work.


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