Friday, June 19, 2015

Mary Grace Cafe Black Velvet Mini Cake

As I have mentioned to you, I was really happy about the result of my Index Salon Rebonding Experience.

There's was just one thing..

I felt so engot having my hair treated on my birthday.

Imagine?? Nag celebrate ako ng birthday sa salon?!

Goshh.. Dapat talaga it's the day before eh.

I spent seven hours of my birthday, sitting down sa salon!


Anyway, lesson learned na lang yan.

I just felt tiny tiny sadness because I went home around 7:30pm na and in a matter of hours, tapos na ang maliligayang araw ko! Hahaha.

Well, good thing, the mall is still open so Daryl and I went to Amber in front of SM Southmall (which by the way closes at 9pm on Mondays to Sundays except Holidays (7pm) and opens as early as 8am) to buy Spaghetti and pichi-pichi in cheese. Grabe yung dalawang yun lang, solve na ang birthday ko!

While waiting for our order, I excused myself so I can go to SM Southmall. I want to buy a cake since it's my day anyway. As I entered SM Southmall, I felt na parang stranger na ako! Before, parang bahay ko na yun eh. I make tambay there on days na walang magawa. It's like one of my happy place lalo na kapag sale. I first went to Watson to buy blusher to add on to my make-up kit. Eh katabi lang ng Watson yung Forever 21, tinawag ako so pumasok ako. I checked the clothes there. Mejo nagmadali lang ako kasi the mall is about to close na and Daryl was waiting for me. Baka mag Super Saiyan sya pag matagalan ako. hehehe! I just told myself na babalik ako next time. =)

I checked Red Ribbon for their cakes pero they only have limited cakes na so I went to Goldilocks pero same lang. puro Chocolate Mousse and Triple Chocolate Cakes na lang ang meron. Ayoko naman ng mga flavor na yun, besides umay na talaga ako sa Red Ribbon and Goldilocks cake since last year, halos monthly kami nag ke cake dito sa office.

I decided to go in Foodstreet at the back of the mall to see what Tous Les Jours can offer pero I can't find their store. I saw Cafe Mary Grace. They have mini cakes which I liked but super small naman for 8-10 persons. I went to Starbucks thinking they have a cake pero waley. I went back to Cafe Mary Grace and bought their Black Velvet Mini Cake so I could compare it with Conti's Black Velvet during Daryl's birthday.

When we got home, wala ng picture-picture, lamon agad kami. The spaghetti was gone in seconds along with pichi-pichi. I took the mini cake out so I could have a birthday picture with the cake but my phone is out of battery. Hayyy... =( Good thing, Kuya had his phone so ininterrupt ko muna sya on his COC battles hehehe! =)

Jami poking the sides of the cake
Mandatory picture with the cake

Blowing the cake na!! =)

**sorry about the poor quality of the photo. That's my next agenda.. =)

It was really funny because Jami tries to immitate everything that he hears.

He heard everyone saying "Happy Birthday".

Jami: Bodey... Bodey

So cutie!! =)

Still surprise that he can talk na. Parang kahapon lang eh puro iyak at dede lang ang alam heheh. =)

Anyway, the cake didn't disappoint naman. The cake is moist and is not too sweet and the cheesecake and filling was tamang tamis lang din. There chocolate on top, hindi ko masyadong bet. Hehe! Parang buttercream kasi eh hindi ako fan ng butter creams.

Difference with Black Velvet Cheesecake of Conti's to Cafe Mary Grace Mini Black Velvet Cheesecake:

I noticed that the cake is kinda small (Mini nga eh). Their Mini Cake is good for 1-2 persons lang while the Cont's was 3-4, I guess. There's no question sa taste. It was really great not too sweet. I was surprised to see it covered in white while it's called Black Velvet Cheesecake. The one in Conti's was white with smll chocolate sprinkles on the side naman. The Conti's was a lot taller and thicker for a difference of P200+. I guess Cafe Mary Grace should make their cakes a little bigger since people are happy to pay a little extra for a better cake. =)

I want to try Cafe Mary Grace's Diner naman if given a chance. Maybe next time.. =)

Cafe Mary Grace
The Food Street, SM Southmall
Almanza, Las Pinas City


  1. Same here. Spaghetti at Pichi-pichi lang ng Amber, super happy na ako! :P

    Mary Grace's desserts and food are all good. (All talaga). Go, give it a try! Happy Birthday! :)

    1. Me too!! Ang sarap lang grabe, comfort food! =)

  2. I never tried Mary Grace pero sabi ng kaofismate ko masarap daw. Though nadissapoint sya dun sa binili nyang almost 1k na cake nung mother's day.


    1. Anong cake ba yun para ma avoid ko next time? Hehee

  3. We love Mary Grace. Grew up eating their cakes and pastries. :)

    1. What do you recommend sa mga cakes nila? =)

  4. I am making a mental note to try this cake but I agree with you with regards to food from Amber, really delicious.

  5. hahaha ok lang yan para pretty sa photos, happy bday! :)

  6. Happy birthday. Bodey, bodey, haha, that's so cute.

    1. Hihi! Oo, patanong pa yan.. Bodey? Bodey?? hehe

  7. Would be as sad, if I am stuck 7 hours of my birthday in a salon with strangers. Well atleast your hair look fab. Belated happy birthday sis!

  8. Would you believe di ko pa na try yang Amber's na yan hehe


    1. Noooo.... You should try it now na! hehe =)

  9. I haven't tried Mary Grace's cake but I love their bread :)
    But Amber is loooove!

  10. Haven't tried Cafe Mary Grace yet (oops!) :) Belated!

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to you! I love Cafe Mary Grace's cakes too!

  12. Belated happy birthday! Same tayo, June babies. I spent a birthday din before at the salon but it was fine kasi college pa ako nun. The cake looks yummy albeit small, and I don't like butter cream too!

  13. Super namiss ko na ang Spaghetti and Pichi Pichi ng Ambers! Super sarap ba nung cake sa mary grace? Di pa kasi ako nakakatikim ng cake nila eh, pero love ko yung cheesecake/bread nila. Sarap! Btw, Belated Happy Happy Birthday! Pero di ko keri mag birthday sa salon ha.. Ikaw na talaga!

  14. a true blue Mary Grace suki here and yes I love all of their cakes specially!


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