Monday, June 15, 2015

My Birthday Weekend

Hi guys!

I am back from my weekend pahinga!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday (June 14) and I was really happy! I can't contain it. Ewan ko ba, I have never been very excited during my birthdays kasi I know that it will just be a semi-regular day with konting handa.

Maybe because I have my own family to celebrate it with no?!

Yun nga, I worked on Independece Day kaya I have no choice but to make everything siksik on weekends. I tried to apply for a holiday off pero our counterparts in the UK needs us so we have to be at work. =(

Friday night, Daryl and I agreed on going to Pasay the next morning so we could all go to his Aunt's house along with his eldest sister from Pangasinan. Parang pasyal na lang din nya. He sent a text message to FMIL to pick us up the next morning at 10am then later on decided na mag commute na lang so we could go there a little late, like after lunch na lang. To our surprised, FMIL arrived at 9am in the morning. We have no choice but to wake up and ready ourselves na. Hindi pala nakapagtext ulit si Daryl na wag na kaming sunduin. Hayy.. Goodbye laid back Saturday morning tuloy kami! Haha.

Since FMIL got hungry, we had our stop over in Robinson's Las Pinas. It was 20 minutes before they open so we stayed outside and took pictures.

 Good Morning everyone =)

Most store has just opened. I liked Robinson's Las Pinas because it wasn't crowded like other Malls in the south. It opened in the public less than 6 months ago and some stores have not fully opened yet. I haven't been able to roam around in their department store, maybe next time. =)

We ate in Greenwich na lang. I don't have pictures because my phone's battery died last night and we weren't able to charge it pa.. Nyek!

Later that day, we headed to Makati to pick up Daryl's sister who took an exam so she could work abroad. After which, we headed to FMIL's house so we could all take a little rest before going to Taguig.

After Jami's afternoon nap (pati ako nag nap :p) we went to Taguig where Daryl's Aunt is. We saw their newly renovated house na sobrang daming room. Ganda!

It's almost 8pm when we got back to FMIL's house and after some time, we decided naman to go to Mall of Asia since Daryl's sister wants to buy something daw. After our impromptu visit to the mall, we ate at Yellow Cab for my birthday treat to them. =)

We went back to Las Pinas tired and full. Jami felt asleep in the car while on our way home. Kawawa naman, he was asking for his "Didiman" (milk) but we ran out of water kaya nagmamadali kaming umuwi. Haha! =) Good thing, he felt asleep na and didn't throw tantrums. When we got home, I gave him milk pero ayaw naman nya. Probably he's super tired and ayaw ng mag dede.

The next day, my birthday. Our plan was to eat in Vikings SM BF since they offer free buffet for birthday celebrant with one full paying adult companion on the day itself but 4 adult companion for the full month of your birthday. However, I spent 7 effin' hours in Salon for a treatment and I got home around 7:30pm na so our plan was cancelled. =( Para akong nag celebrate ng birthday sa salon, nakakainis!! hayyy...

On a positive note, I love naman the outcome of my new hair and I'll show them to you next time. Hihih! =)
Happy 25th birthday to me. Sabi ko pa nga kay Babe,

Me: Gosssh! Babe, 25 years old na ako. 25 more years na lang para magpayaman!!!

Hahahah.. Omg I found the next 25 years really short para yumaman ng bongga. Hayy..

Enjoy the rest of your week guys! =)


  1. Pareho tayo sis may pasok din kame nung independence day! Ganun talaga sis kapag nagpatreatment ka dapat super aga ka especially if you have long hair. Happy bday ulet!


    1. Oo nga sis eh. Pinaiksian ko na nga ng bongga yung hair ko eh inabot pa din ng syam-syam.. Haha!

  2. Belated Happy 25th birthday,Jen!

  3. Belated happy birthday Jen!

    Bakit "Dididman"? Si Chloe, iba-iba ang code na ginagamit pag humihingi ng milk. She's hiding it from her friends. Nahihiya kasi siya malaman ng ibang tao na nag-dedede pa siya sa bottle eh 5 years old na siya. Haha.

    Excited to see the result of your 7-hour hair treatment. I'm sure you look prettier!


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