Friday, June 26, 2015

My Friend's Talent in Photography

It's weekend guys!!!

Wooooo!! I can't believe days go by really fast!

Anyway, do you have plans on weekends? It will be a very busy weekend for my family kaya mejo MIA muna ako ha?! Balik na lang ako ng Monday. Hehehe!

Ayun nga, I wanted to post sana Jami's progress na kaya lang wala akong pictures to go well with the post eh so baka next week na lang yun. =) I should do this on a monthly basis na no? Like his height. I bought kasi a "what's my height poster in National Bookstore. My nurse friend saw it when they went to our house last weekend. He saw I have written down on the chart itself yung height ni Jami. He grew taller ng konti and he said na I should get his height on the same day every month. So ayun, I hope I can make it. Hehehe!

I don't want to go on a weekend without leaving you another post so I have decided to show you some photos that my friend/officemate took when we came with them in Antel Grand Village.

Awkward yung bilbil ko no?! Hahaha! Please disregard.

Ang ganda diba? I liked how the photo turned out. She said that we could take photos of Jami daw there pero since busy kami sa kakaligo and wala ako sa mood because I have a period during that time, hindi na namin nagawa. I was just really glad that Jami have some photos na pwedeng ilagay sa malaking frame. Mostly kasi ng photos nya were taken sa phone of sa digi cam. Balak ko kasi yan ipa print ng malaki talaga eh.. Hehehe. I wasn't able to have a photograpy session sa studio when Jami turned 1 last year so I hope we could do that this year na lang. Wala kasi akong moolah last year. Hehehe!

My officemate knows how to edit photos too. When you check her facebook photos, ang gaganda din. His husband is great in photography too. Naisip ko nga sila na lang kunin ko photographer eh. Since not that pro naman, baka mas mura pero maganda diba?! Hehehe #frugalmama

So which photo do you like? So I could ask my friend officemate to get me a high resolution copy. =)


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