Tuesday, June 2, 2015

National Bookstore Finds

The weekend that passed was a very tiring one for my family. We were able to tag along to one of my officemate's recent out of town swimming (I'll blog about it on a separate post) which made our weekends fun and fulfilling.

We woke up very late on a Saturday and that wasn't really the plan. I was suppose to bring Jami to the dentist for the first time so we could check if his teeth is fine. I mean, I don't see any black marks or decay but I can't tell because I am not an expert. I didn't have a good set of teeth so I want to make sure that I'll provide that to Jami. However, we woke up really late so I have to cancel the idea and hoping to make it next Saturday. I haven't set an appointment yet and just looking to walk - in and use our HMO (which I think not a good idea so better reschedule the plan). I will call the clinic anytime this week, I swear.

That afternoon, Daryl left because he has to pick up his friends in Pasay and make dayo to play basketball in the nearby court in our place. I found it cool since Daryl gained new friends in the area thru basketball. =)

I wasn't able to watch since Jami and I planned to go to SM Southmall because they have an End of Summer Sale.

Ang daya talaga ng SM Southmall, late notice eh. Hindi tuloy ako nakapag tabi ng pang shopping! Hmmmppp... Well, binigyan naman ako ni Daryl ng pang-shopping, pero I added that up to our budget na lang since it's utility bills paying time. =(

Anyway, we went to SM Southmall with Mama, my sister and her kids plus Jami on Sab's (her baby cousin's) stroller which he really enjoyed, if I may add.

I have checked SM Stores sale and it's very tempting. I have seen some jeans from Jag, Lee Pipes, Petrol on sale, cute tops for only P250-400 pesos that usually range from P500-800. There were cute maong shorts for Jami too for only P350-450 that normally range from P600-800. I am very itching to buy some stuff and I almost gave in and spend my savings from 52 WMC.

Me: Gosh! Kailangan ko na talaga ng new jeans. Wala akong maisuot during dress down days sa office.

Savings : Wag mo akong pakealaman, nananahimik ako sa ATM mo!

Me: Isa lang naman, P600 won't hurt naman diba?

Savings: P600??? Kelan mo naman ibabalik sakin yan?!

Me: Next pay check, for sure naman babayaran ko eh.

Savings: Hay naku! Yan din ang sinabi mo sa P1,500 na hindi na nakabalik sakin!

Me: OK FINE!!!!

Ayun, wala akong nabili. Hahaha! Yung P1,500 pala na namention ni Savings is supposedly added on top sa 52WMC savings ko kasi I often allot money more than the actual savings amount. I am trying to see if I can spare that amount for savings because that's my plan next year - to double the savings. I started really low kasi this year so to make sure na doable naman ang goal ko. Ang hirap kasi mag start sa mataas then eventually isa shopping ko din diba?

What I did was, parang pampalubag loob na lang, we went to National Bookstore since I have been wanting to buy a coloring book and colors for Jami. My toddler is a such a talker so I want to bring the artsy crafty side of his naman. =) 

Grabe wrong timing ang pagpunta ko sa National Bookstore!! Ang daming tao! Nakalimutan ko kasing pasukan na pala so buhos ang mga namimili ng mga things for school! Buti na lang, my sister memorized the shelves na kaya madali lang namin napupuntahan whatever we need! hahaha =)

So here are my loots for that day.

Coloring book for P75 ; Grasshopper Games Book for P60 ; Super size crayon for P86
Alphabet Chart for P60
 I am actually torn between the chart with pictures like animals, things, etc but I opted to stick with just letters and numbers so he would get familiar with letters and not the pictures muna. Particularly, Jami knows some pictures na like Baboy, Fruits which he calls apple, and some animals and things. I was also thinking of getting the flash cards instead of a chart pero naisip ko baka ikalat lang and mawala so better na muna na nakadikit na lang sa wall. =)

I wanted to go back to National bookstore anytime soon kapag mejo humupa na ang craze ng mga tao since pasukan. I would get some good paint and a canvass paper for a project I have in mind. =)

What's your favorite buy in National Bookstore guys?


  1. Hindi pa ko makabili ng books for the twins kasi ung mga lumang disney books namin pinagsisira nila teamwork pa. Though my mga posters kame for abcd, animals, fruits etc Actually ginawa na naming design sa bahay ung mga posters. Ha Ha Ha



    1. Yun nga lang sis, better kung yung mga hardbound na lang muna ang bilhin mo para hindi madaling mapunit or masira nila kambal. =)


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