Thursday, June 4, 2015

Today is a Great Day! =)

Yesterday, I wasn't really in the mood here in the office.

There can only be 2 things that can make me bothered all the time.

1. If Jami is sick

2. If Daryl and I fought.

Well, Jami is better and feeling great every day so it's basically the second thing.

Hayy.. It was somewhat my fault naman kaya kinakain ako ng konsensya yesterday. It's as if I want to finish the whole shift and wishing that time flew really fast at ng makauwi na ako.

Although, the time away makes me calm and realize things, which I am grateful at the end.

Anyway, I won't discuss na what we fought about pero it was just a tiny tiny thing. I was just really mad kasi there's a huge impact to things that are also important to me - my job.

So ayun, I was thinking the whole day yesterday as to what will happen when I go home. It was basically far away from what I thought it would be. Since we were calm na, everything went well.

I just realize that men doesn't dwell on situations that passed unlike us women. We, most of the time, isip ng isip ng what ifs. Pero sila, past is past.

I am just grateful na kahit may mga pagkukulang din si Daryl, he has something pa din that was really great. I am so aggressive and he's passive. I thought bakit kasi ganun sya, then yesterday, I realized, my life will be worst if I met someone aggressive din. Sabi ng officemate ko, we're actually match daw.

By the way, we're doing better today that yesterday and I am so much thankful. I have learned some and hoping he did too. =)

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