Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Unlimited Play at Fun Ranch Alabang

Last Saturday, I have decided to finally bring Jami to Fun Ranch in Alabang. I was able to score a good deal at Deal Grocer couple of months back for an unlimited play for only P190 instead of P390. The first time that I was in Fun Ranch was back in 2013 when Jami was still weeks old in my tummy. I wasn't able to get inside the Playdium but Daryl did using the free All day pass that was included on birthday package of my nephew, Gelo. Nainggit kasi ako, di pa ako nakapasok inside a big playdium ever since eh hahahah! So I told myself that as soon as Jami goes out of my tummy, pupunta kami. =) I brought him only at Austin Land in SM Southmall a long time ago.

I have been wanting to bring Jami to different playdium like this. I want him to be exposed with real play, not gadgets and TV. I am not totally against them but as much as possible, I want him to develop skills through real play like what I used to do back in the day. I mean, my parents can't afford gadgets or even cellphones when I was younger so I wasn't really familiar with it and it wasn't a problem at all. Although gadgets have advantages too, I want to reserve those when he's older enough and have a fair judgement of what is right and wrong.

Anyway, I have been putting it aside since the day I bought the voucher. I even received an email reminding me of the expiration date. I still have couple of months honestly but I guess last Saturday was the best day before the weather change to rainy season.

Daryl borrowed the car so we don't have to commute and walk our way going to Fun Ranch which was inside Westgate Alabang. Anyhow, we arrived at around 4pm that was supposedly after lunch so we could have plenty of time sana. Mejo nagkatamaran nga lang. Hehe! 

We had a slightest trouble of parking since there's not much available when there's a birthday celebration going on inside Fun Ranch. Jami fell asleep in the car so I went inside alone while Daryl was then looking for a parking space. Good thing, there was a slot that was vacated shortly after. =)

As I got in, I went straight to the cashier and told them that I have a voucher, I handed the paper to them and my company ID. The transaction was a breeze and I loved it. I was asked to go inside right after. I brought Jami in and woke him up from his afternoon nap. Buti na lang, hindi nag tantrums.. Hehehe! I brought with me my own socks since I don't want to spend P50 for it. I had Jami wearing a shoes so he had socks already. I also brought another socks for Daryl since I want him to go inside the playdium with us. So kaming 3 ang maglalaro sa loob.Pero ayaw daw nya. Grabe ang KJ talaga! Hmmpp..

Jami loves the ball so much!
There was a party going on so there's quite number of people inside. I went inside with their playdium with Jami while he's getting himself familiar with the place. Nakakatakot because I feel na baka hindi ako keri nung playdium but when I was in the upper level, safe naman pala. =) 

Mommy trying to shoot the ball!

Jami and I played inside. I helped him on some obstacles that he can't get through yet. Grabe, nakakapagod pala!! I was sweating kahit airconditioned naman. Lakas siguro makapayat nung playdium! I saw all the kids, parang walang pagod going up and down. Sayang lang we were not allowed to use the giant slide yet because Jami was too young pa. I was told to sign a waiver pero sabi ko wag na, effort pa yun. Ayaw ko ng mga ganyang waiver, baka may mangyaring di maganda eh makunsyensya pa ako. Hehe!

After awhile, I called Daryl so he could substitute me. Di ko keri mga ateng! I were hungry na din so I ordered food. It took about 30 minutes for the food to be delivered to our table. 

Daryl got tired din so they went out. We waited for another 5-10 minutes before the food arrived. 

Their placemat is dual purpose! Entertaining the kids while waiting. =)

Here's what we've ordered.

Chicken Teriyaki with Rice P195
 Daddy ate this. He was supposed to order the other one (I forgot the name) which was for me, is over priced. The serving is too small for the price although the teriyaki tastes okay, nothing spectacular. There's no drinks included so I ordered a bottomless ice tea for P75.

Combo Meal P185

 I ordered the combo meal since I am eyeing for their spaghetti. I want to reminisce the time when I first tasted it na feeling ko ang sarap sarap (I was pregnant back then). I also wanted it because of Jami - he's a fan of pasta. When I tasted it, the spaghetti wasn't what I remember it was, too watery I think? Malabnaw yung sauce pero okay din ang lasa. Jami ate a lot of pasta that time. He might have gotten hungry because of playing. The chicken tasted homemade which I didn't quite like (BonChon was my recent favorite) though the fries was yummy. =) I don't think the food was worth the price pero I am not giving up since I think masarap naman yung food nila when my nephew celebrated his birthday back in 2013. I just don't know what happened. 

After eating, I decided to bring Jami back inside the playdium so he could play some more. After about 30 minutes of going here and there, I told him that we'll go home na and made him wear his shoes. He didn't resist naman. Ok lang sa kanya that we're going home pero ayaw nyang bitawan yung ball na hawak nya. When I brought him to Daryl, I took the ball and put it back inside playdium. 

Is the little boy happy?

Mommy, can we play again tomorrow? - Jami
 Ask him. =)

Anyway, I wasn't able to include the photo of the rates pero it's P390 for unlimited play on weekends. =)

I may not enjoy the food but my little boy surely loved the place.


  1. Looks like Jami enjoyed it! :) Ka-miss maging bata! Hehe :)

  2. I wanted to go at their branch naman in Ortigas para maexperience ng twins and I've checked na meron din silang promo sa deal grocer til Aug! Kelangan na to iplano.



  3. Wow. Gusto ko rin dalhin si Rhian dyan, kaya lang di ko pa keri eh, malamang pag labas nalang ni baby bunso. Mukhang nag enjoy si Jami ha. :)

  4. Nakakapagod talaga ang makipaglaro with our kids but good thing meron tayong interaction with them. family bonding din outside our humble homes.


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