Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Yellow Cab at SM Mall of Asia

The night before my birthday, we had our dinner at Yellow Cab in SM Mall of Asia given that we were in the area. It wasn't my first time to eat here although I ate the same pizza flavor for two consecutive now. Grrr...

I was suppose to order a pizza that's good for the 6 and a half of us (including Jami). 

Daryl suggested to buy 2 regular pizzas instead of the large size which I agreed because aside from the fact that it would be cheaper than buying the large size, we could get to try 2 different flavors at that time. 

Yun nga lang, hindi ko naisip na mag order ng ibang flavor aside sa best seller nilang New York's finest! 

Engot lang.. Hahaha! =)

New York's Finest in Regular
I was actually thinking na baka hindi kasya samin ang isang regular since it says na it's good for 4 people lang. Although I remembered when Daryl and I ordered back then, sobra sa amin ang regular since dalawa lang naman kami. It turned out that we have leftovers since it's around 9 past naman na, and hindi naman kami masyadong hungry kaya may natira pa. 

So sa mga hindi nakaalam (like me), their regular pizza has 6-8 slices na kasya sa mga hindi masyadong matatakaw na tao or sa hindi naman sobrang gutom. =)

Our total bill was 900+ with 2 regular sized NY finest and one pitcher (1.5 liters) coke. 

I would say that Yellow Cab has delicious pizza. I prefer them than Sbarro (which I think deserve a second chance so we could try their other pizzas). I love the dough as well since it wasn't too dry or too oily. The toppings are also not dry specially the veggies. The ambiance is great and the staff were helpful and attentive. We came in on the last hour too so hindi crowded ang place. 

I'll surely be back for more since I want to try their Baked Potato Wedges. =)

Yellow Cab Pizza
Unit 1154-1155 G/F Main Mall
SM Mall of Asia Bay Blvd.

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  1. I love yellow cab I am missing their pizza's too!




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