Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jami's Progress at 21st Month

It's been a while since I last post about Jami's progress. I have written this topic on my notebook where I keep all my blogging ideas however, I am so lazy to write down the things that Jami can say or do so it's been delayed na for so long. I guess I should start focusing on his progress and write things down often so I won't forget.

Anyway, I have told you many times that Jami is a lot of a talker. He can say a lot of things and at the age of 21st month, he can talk already and can at least communicate on the things that he likes.

During the time we were in Pangasinan, last weekend which I should tell you about, I asked him to remove his shoes and socks since we're inside the car na. Biniro ko sya that I will smell his feet. When it reached my nose, I smelled it at mejo pawis syempre nakulob inside his shoes so I acted that it was mabaho.

Me: Hmmmpp... Baho!

Jami: (Laughing).. Ba-ngo..

I was so shocked that he said "Bango" in full. I didn't even know that he knows the word. Daryl and I laughed at him because he's so adorable. He also say "Ba-wo" for "Baho" or Mabaho. =)


At night, Jami has to drink his milk before falling asleep. There were times that he would sleep with his milk bottle inside his mouth so as soon as I see him sleeping, I'll take the bottle away. By morning, around 6am, he would wake up asking for his milk.

Jami: Man... Man.. Ku-wa.. Man..

He refers to his Milk as "Man". It actually started with "Didiya" but since he heard Nanay said "Dede na naman?!" He then called his milk "Diman" then evolved to just "Man" na lang. Shortcut kung shortcut. Hahaha! So what he's saying there was

Translation: Milk.. Milk.. Kuha.. Milk

Even if I am so sleepy pa, I'll go up because he won't stop until I give him one. I don't want to wake him up din since I want to sleep more pa. Hehehe.


Jami was so makulit, he can't keep still and loves to run and run and run everywhere.

Every time that he wants to go somewhere away from me, specially if we were not at home, Our usual conversation is..

Me: Oh.. San ka na naman punta? or San ka punta?

Jami: Pow-ta.. Dun.. (points somewhere)


Sometimes, Jami would come running to me blabbering words as if he's trying to say something while pointing out somewhere..

Me: Saan?

Jami: Dun.. lanlagfakjbsafa.. Dun..

Me: Saa? Ituro mo sa akin. (Then I'll follow him to where he's pointing out)

Jami: (would stop to where his pointing out).. akhfaiogbrgbsgbslbgs

Me: Ano daw??

Hahahah! It was really hard. One good thing is that he knows a lot of words na. So I always try to pick up those words that he's saying so I could respond accordingly. 


Last night while in the car, he kept on saying..

Jami: Da-go.. Miming.. Da-go

Me: Oo.. hhmmm.. okay.. (Just for the sake of responding while looking at his eyes)

Jami: Da-go... Miming... 

I have no idea what he's saying there.. Miming was the cat and "da-go" was something I have to figure out pa. I think he's referring to "Dugo" or "Blood" because yesterday, while I was cooking our lunch and my pack lunch to work, I saw him reaching for something inside my brother's cabinet. I didn't bother looking since the cabinet is slightly open lang. 

I continued what I was doing, I looked back to him and saw him holding a razor!! 

I immediately went to him and saying "Jami, No." 

He went running away from me and I caught him. When I grabbed the razor, I saw a blood on his chin!!! 

OMG talaga I shouted " Daddy!!! Yung anak mo nag ahit na ng bigote nya tulog ka pa rin!!!"

I have been asking him to wake up na since I can't look after Jami while cooking. He immediately got up and hold Jami while I looked for betadine and cotton. It was a small cut lang naman on his chin. Alam mo yung sugat na makukuha mo when you shaved? 

Hayy.. Ubod ng kulit talaga. He didn't cry as much since sobrang liit lang naman ng sugat although it's bleeding kasi kaya we put a band-aid muna.


Today, while I was busy in the kitchen preparing my pack lunch and our brunch, Jami climbed up the chair beside our fridge. I guess he's busy looking at himself in the mirror. Later on, I heard him cried and saw him holding the effin' razor again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My brother left it above the fridge and Jami saw it so since he always see my brother or his Daddy shaving their beards, ayan.. ginagaya nya. 

He got a double wound na. His wound yesterday was the same spot he shaved today. Nakakaloka!

With that, nag init tuloy ang ulo ko and blamed his Daddy na hindi sya tinitingnan because he's busy watching T.V. 

Jami is almost 2 years old and he's sobrang makulit. I guess I am about to go into "terrible two" stage na. I hope I can manage it well when I get there. 


You are growing really fast and you talk a lot. As much as possible, I want to encourage real play where you can play outdoors or indoors with your toys. During the time that I let you watch T.V, I am amazed that you know some characters in Disney Junior like "Pi-ya" (Sophia the first), "Mi-Mim" (kate and Mim-Mim), "Payy" (Hi-5), "Mos-ter" (Henry Hugglemonster), "Ma-Maws" (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). You're so smart, Anak, alam ko sakin ka nagmana! Itanong mo pa sa Daddy mo. =) I know we're almost at the "terrible two" stage and I am praying that God guides us to be the best parent for you so we could instill a God-fearing, Smart, at Mabait na bata. Daddy and I want the best for you, Anak. Just please don't grow up fast okay? I love you, my forever happy but grumpy (on photos) baby.. 


Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Magic Stick - The Real Korean Ice Cream

Two weekends ago, when we had Jami's vaccine, we were able to try the Magic Stick in SM Southmall. I have been seeing this stall in SM Mall of Asia for quite a while and I was wondering what are those yellow-J-shaped thingy na nakasabit sa mga gilid ng stall.

I have read somewhere that it was their ice cream cone pala. I thought ang laki naman ng cone. I am not a fan of ice cream so as the cone (I mean, I eat it of course, but I can live without it) so I didn't bother trying it out.

During the time that we were trying to get Jami's attention out of Timezone, we have decided to finally try it.

I was a little surprise with the price of P50 but then Daryl and I decided to give it a go.

I asked what are the flavors available expecting that there might be some variety but was told they only have it in chocolate flavor and vanilla. Really, what made me buy this expensive ice cream was the cone. =)

Uh-oh! Someone hates waiting so make it quick, Kuya!
Tadaa!!! J is for Jen
Mommmy!!!! I want it......


1.) Jami loved it. He loved the cone na parang wafer pero sturdy enough to hold the ice cream inside.
2.) The ice cream wasn't too sweet so agree ako to give some to Jami.
3.) I thought the ice cream was only on both holes of the J pero there was an ice cream inside the cone din. Perfect for snacks. =)


1.) I find it expensive. I can buy ice cream for only P15 or even P10 in Mcdonalds and I guess Jami would still like the cone. 

So are we going to buy it for snacks next time? I guess so.. Maybe once in a while =) It was a good try though. Besides, my son loved it so ano pa bang irereklamo ko?! =)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Our 9th Year Anniversary

Hindi ko pala naipost etong entry na ito since I was so busy looking for clothes last week para sa wedding na pupuntahan namin. Hahah! Sorry Babe but here it is... for our #9thYearAnniversary.


Today marks our 9th year Anniversary.

I don't know if I have mentioned sometime ago here about our story so I guess I'll write about it. It deserves an entry as we hit another year of togetherness.

Anyway, after I graduated from Secondary school (High school), I was pretty much staying at home and didn't go straight to college due to financial difficulties. I had my fist cellphone back then and technically, all of my classmates were Smart users and I am with Globe (until present) so I don't have anyone to exchange messages (di pa uso ang unli text to all network back then). It stayed that way until I had the chance to talk to my childhood friend who happened to be a member of a text clan (usong-uso to nun. That time, uso din ang mga GM (group message) ) so I joined as well. Later on figured out that there's someone named Daryl who was a member too. I texted the number hoping (I don't know why) that it was my gay classmate in high school. Thinking about it now, why did I assume and hoped that the person Daryl on that clan was my old classmate?! Weird lang.

Couple of days passed until Daryl texted me back. We exchanged messages and found out that we live in the same city. Knowing that it's only 2 streets away, we decided to EB (eyeball?) hahaha something like meet up in a plaza in Pasay (too young, can't afford malls pa) and started there. Texting each other everyday, calling if there's a chance and finally being a couple on this same day, July 24, 9 years ago. =)

 It's been a roller coaster ride. We had our ups and downs. It wasn't happy everyday as there were times we're on the rocks. He was in college and I was too. A lot of things happened to me and to him. I stopped college and started working while he finished his college degree.

17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Subic

Years passed and we stopped counting the months and years. I just felt it wasn't that necessary as long as we were staying together. We managed to travel together with my family and I was happy with that.

Not too long ago, we had Jami who completed us. We still had our ups and downs when Jami arrived into our lives but nonetheless, he's the best thing that happened to our relationship. Thinking about how would we be without Jami, I could not make my mind. I don't know what my life is without both of them. I am so in love with these boys I can't afford a day without them. 


I know I have mentioned to you gazillion times how surprised, amazed and overwhelmed thinking how long we've been together. It's as if its just yesterday when we met and made landian. I am happy and mad when we're together. Happy - because I am with the person that I love, Mad- because lagi mo akong inaasar eh alam mo naman na pikunin ako! hahaha! I know I always play the magaling, nagmamarunong, maldita, maarte and I'm sorry for being such. You have once told me that you love me and that wala akong kapares. Ewan ko anong ibig sabihin nun but, I am happy, always happy, sometimes more than happy pa. =)

Anyway, I treasure each day that I am with you and I can no longer ask for anyone else. Your prefect imperfections were not new to me and I am kind of used to it Hahaha! For sure, you feel the samw way. I am just hoping that we could make everything work out no matter what. I know we do, because I always win. Hahaha! Kidding aside, I know we can do everything para mas tumagal pa tayo, Babe. I love you so much.. =) There were always those time that you aren't sure of what you want and what to do. I can be strong for you because I know you would when I am at the weakest too. Please bear in mind that I am always here to support you, Babe.

I always tell you the song that I dedicate to you when it's being played sa favorite radio station natin. With that, I'll share it to them since the lyrics describes us both. Again, I love you and thank you for being Jami's ultimate playmate and father.  We could not ask for more. =)

"Through The Years"

I can't remember when you weren't there
When I didn't care for anyone but you
I swear we've been through everything there is
Can't imagine anything we've missed
Can't imagine anything the two of us can't do

Through the years
You've never let me down
You turned my life around
The sweetest days I've found
I've found with you
Through the years
I've never been afraid
I've loved the life we've made
And I'm so glad I stayed
Right here with you
Through the years

I can't remember what I used to do
Who I trusted whom, I listened to before
I swear you've taught me everything I know
Can't imagine needing someone so
But through the years it seems to me
I need you more and more

Through the years
Through all the good and bad
I knew how much we had
I've always been so glad
To be with you
Through the years
It's better everyday
You've kissed my tears away
As long as it's okay
I'll stay with you
Through the years

Through the years
When everything went wrong
Together we were strong
I know that I belong
Right here with you
Through the years
I never had a doubt
We'd always work things out
I've learned what life's about
By loving you
Through the years

Through the years
You've never let me down
You turned my life around
The sweetest days I've found
I've found with you
Through the years
It's better everyday
You've kissed my tears away
As long as it's okay
I'll stay with you
Through the years 

Again, I love you Babe..

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Weekend that Was!

Last weekend, we were scheduled a vaccine shot for Jami.

Daryl went out Saturday morning and went back in the afternoon so we can go to Alabang Medical Center in Almanza. I was just really glad that we were catching up on Jami's vaccine that he missed last year pa. Thanks to her Lola for making this happen. =)

Anyway, when we got to the clinic, Jami was so makulit, he's all over the place. Daryl and I were exchanging sharp looks as to who would follow Jami. Hahaha! I was not in mood that day since I have my period and Daryl had a swollen foot when he slipped last week. Ayun, hirap sya maglakad so hindi nya mahabol ang anak nya. I was just glad that Dra. Medina's daughter was there (aged 4, I think) who kept on following Jami and would make saway if he would touch anything that belongs to the clinic like their telephone, mouse, cabinets where files were placed etc.

When we were called, Jami doesn't want to go inside the room kasi he knows what will happen next. Takot na sya sa doctor!! waaaa...

We just have to hold him tightly pero sobrang lakas din nya. Nakadalawang tusok tuloy si Dra. Medina. =(

Right after our clinic visit, we headed to SM Southmall just to eat. I saw this really cute sneaker pero nag warla kami ng jowa ko kasi inuuna ko pa daw ang shopping. Gaahhd! Di lang nya alam, nabubusog ako kakatingin sa mga magagandang damit at sapatos. Hahaha! So since war na nga, we didn't know where to eat so we went to the nearest place na nasa harap namin, Mcdonalds. Hayyy, I wanted to try something new since SM Southmall opened a lot of new restaurant na. =(  Maybe next time.

He was acting as if he was drinking this! So adorable.. =)

After we ate, I just went straight to Terranova to check some remaining sale items. They have all their summer collections on sale. I also checked Cache - cache but I can't find something that I could wear on a wedding this weekend. =(

Don't mess with me!!!!

I was so shock with this photo. Jami does that everytime we ask him to smile. Grabe eh! Simangot kung simangot. Mukhang galit sya sa Daddy nya that time. Hahahah! I was in Terranova kasi while Jami and Daddy were roaming around. =)

Going back to the shopping, I was so sad wala akong makitang maganda, (or maybe not in the mood because of my period), we headed na lang to Timezone since Jami doesn't want to leave Toy Kingdom. He was riding the bike that was displayed outside the store. When we got inside (I was looking for a cheap toy we could buy) he wanted to open the boxes of cars. He kept on shouting "cars! Cars! CARSSS!!" so we have to carry him out of the store and went to Timezone na nga lang instead.

Mommy and Jami driving
After 2 minutes, Jami wanted to go elsewhere na. Hayy... toddler nga naman! Geez, lapit ko na sa terrible two stage! I really have to take note na iwasan na ang Toy Kingdom at Timezone! Hahaha. Before kasi, I can go here without the drama eh ngayon, required na na sasakay si Jami sa mga rides!

Jami loves cars so much!!

Cars and more cars!

Concentrating on the game!

We had a very simple weekend. On a Sunday, we stayed at home lang. We had dinner at 11pm na. I invited Daryl to go to Northgate in Alabang to try Big, Better Burger pero when we got there, wala na (or maybe close because it's a Sunday night). And since it's so late, no other restaurants were open except Mcdonald's AGAIN!! Mapupurga na ata ako but then it gave me a chance to try their new Mcrib Deluxe. =)

Mcrib Deluxe (forgot the price)
We ate at the new Mcdonald's in front of SM Southmall. I was so glad kasi it's bigger with McCafe, Play area for the kids and Drive-thru. =) I also had the chance to eat their chicken and I would say something has changed. Mas naging juicier. The last time I ate one, parang hindi naman ganon ang lasa. Anyway, it was for the better tasting chicken naman. =)

 Kayo? How did you guys enjoyed your long weekend?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Educational Toys for Jami

Couple of weeks ago, I have been stalking an online store in IG where they sell a lot of wooden toys for kids. I really want to get wooden toys for Jami because of its quality. Most of Jami's toy are made of plastic at isang bato lang ng makulit kong Anak, wala na.

Most of the wooden toys that I checked in malls are really expensive. They can range from P500-1,500. I can't afford a toy with that amount (I could by 3-4 dress with that already noh! =) ) But since I really want one, I asked my eldest sister to give Jami one for his first birthday, which she did. Thanks very much madam! =)

Moving forward, I never get the chance to buy wooden toys for Jami until I saw this online store in IG. Since I badly want one, I added Mommy Kat in Facebook so I could stalk her items more. Hehehe. =) When I got the budget for it, hindi na ako nag pa tumpik-tumpik pa.

Bead Maze P250 ; Alphabet Blocks P75/set

I got Jami a bead maze. I wanted to have it really big yung parang may table pa and all pero since can't afford, I stick to this one. Well, it's quite small pero sakto lang for Jami. Although he wasn't really interested on the maze because he's more likely to pull the bead maze and make it like a truck hehehe. He's really into anything that has tires. I was thinking in getting him the Alphabet train pero it's too small baka mawala lang.

Bead Maze and Alphabet blocks

I also bought the alpahbet blocks. Jami likes it too because he can stack them and would bring them down. He would sometimes follow me or my sister when we say A, B, C, and so on. He's a lot of a talker talaga which remind me na I seldom blog about his progress na. I just have to list down the things that he can do and I'll surely let you know. =)

I was really surprise that Mom and Milly's wooden toys were really cheap but great in quality. The toys were quite small compared to the one that you can see in the malls but nonetheless I loved it so much I even told them that I will soon buy more. I am just waiting for a budget. Hehehe!

Mom and Milly Educational Wooden Toys 
Website : 
IG: @momandmilly

Friday, July 17, 2015

Grey - Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian

Disclaimer: I have never read any love story book. FSOG was the first one (well, aside from the Precious Hearts and Romance Pocketbook that I have read before). 

E.L James released another book entitled Grey, which was basically the same as the book 1 of Fifty Shades of Grey. The catch was the story was told by Christian Grey.

Honestly, I don't care what people think about FSOG. I have read the trilogy and I would like to say that I loved it. What caught my attention was mainly their love story and not the sex parts. I am not a bookworm to say that this book was great or badly written as they say so I would skip that and would just want to say that I enjoyed reading their love story. I felt kilig on some parts and felt bored on some too. Mainly, I was after the "how" they fell in love with each other and the sex parts were just part of it. Although, I have to admit that there were too many sex scenarios there. Hehe! Parang too much lang.

I know a lot of people talked about it and even disagreed on it being shown. Since last year when I read the book, I have been wanting to see how they would put it into a movie given that it has a lot of sex scenes on the book. There have been a lot of discussion over the internet and it seemed that I can't understand people as to why they are so mad. For me, it's just another unique story.

Early this year, as the movie has been released. I didn't watch it in the movie house. I bought a CD hahahaha! Sorry I was really agitated because Daryl doesn't want to go with me. He doesn't like it as well. I ended up not liking the movie. I got a little bored and bitin. At the same time, I expected a lot that the movie will be great and up to the challenge. I just thought they would compile the trilogy into one movie which could have made it a lot better.

Anyway, my stand was a little late which sinadya ko naman dahil ayaw kong makisabay sa rage ng mga tao over FSOG. All I can say is that I love their love story. Honestly, whenever I read the part of Christian Grey's past (as a child), I felt touched and really helpless for him. I felt for him because I have a son too. Of course I don't want Jami to undergo that kind of childhood at all. Maybe that's one of the reason why I have seen FSOG in a way that other people didn't. I am not trying to say that whatever the book had shown to the world is right but somehow, I found the sense of it. I would say that 80% of the time, I was up to how their love for each other goes and the petty things that they both do to conquer each others feelings while 20% of the time, I felt bored with the sex scenes.I also would like to add that, I, believe that whatever we have undergone in the past and during our childhood will be the person that we are today. If we had a colorful and meaningful childhood, we'll be a better and a happy person. That's why, I wanted Jami to have a wonderful childhood too, just like what I had. I got to play outdoor, I have a lot of friends, I have supportive cousins on times that I need them and enjoyed being a child as a whole.

Anyhow, Grey was mainly the same story as I said but somehow, I enjoyed reading the book. It's good to know Christian's stand on every scene. I just felt kilig whenever he tries to break his own rule for Ana.

So, will I be waiting if there's a book two of Grey? Yes. I want to finish the trilogy if there will be.

I understand that a lot of parent doesn't agree to this book since it might be something na tutularan ng mga bata in the future and I am not saying that I agree to this book either. Hindi naman maiiwasan that our kids will be exposed to these things. It's just how we would explain to them and instill good values diba? =)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our 9th Year Anniversary is Coming

Hi guys!

Sorry if I am not blogging a lot nowadays. I don't know what happen eh. Biglang wala akong maisip na i blog. Mental block ako lagi. Hehe! Although I have written down some things that I want to blog about, tinatamad naman akong mag umpisa. Katulad now, di ko alam ang mga sasabihin ko.

But anyway, here's what I would like to tell you about.

Mag- a- anniversary na kami ng jowa ko!

Yesss.. 9 years na kami this July 24, 2015. Honestly, we're not very consistent in celebrating our anniversary talaga. Hindi kasi ako occasion person diba? Okay na sakin ang batiin lang ako. I don't ask for flowers, chocolates etc. I was like this since we were together. Besides, Daryl doesn't know how to surprise girls eh. Hindi nya alam yang mga hearts and flowers keme. For me, okay lang. It doesn't make our relationship less sweet.

Couple of weeks ago, I got addicted in buying vouchers and discount coupons online thru my top 3 group buying sites. I bought a voucher that I planned to use on our anniversary. It's to celebrate it thru food and some light drinks sa hindi naman sobrang sosyalang resto. I just want to try their food and since I can get it for a discounted price, why not? I told Daryl that we'll use it on the 25th which was a day after our anniversary. I have to work pa kasi on the date itself so we set it up the next day, which we agreed on.

Yun nga lang, there has been a mixed up with a wedding schedule that we'll be attending on. I thought it was on the 18th pero 25th daw pala. I was really sad I can't have our date pero Daryl suggested to look for a place where we could eat in Pangasinan na lang. Then we could use the voucher on the coming days. Well, wala naman choice so baka ganun na lang nga ang gagawin namin. I have yet to find a place in Pangasinan where we could eat and celebrate our anniversary. =)

I also think if we could just celebrate it this weekend na lang no?! Hmmm.. 

Any suggestions?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weight Issues 2015

You know guys.. I am just really worried nowadays.

I came to realize na sobrang laki na nag tinaba ko after ko manganak!

Gossshhh... I am really worried.

Alam mo yung feeling na you know what to do pero parang may napigil sayo in doing something?

hayy.. Okay! Last friday, I tried watching the same exercise video that I watched back in the days. Yun yung time na dalaga pa ako. Whenever I feel bloated, I'll go watch and dance with it.

Anyway, yun nga. I watched it nung Friday. I danced for only 10 minutes lang which is basically the first part of the video. More of stretching lang. I don't want to go all out naman agad - agad dahil baka himatayin ako diba?! hahaha. I mean baka lang di kayanin ng katawan ko dahil hindi naman ako nag wo work out for the longest time.

I remember during the days that I posted about my weight issues here last year. That was when I still had the reason that I have just given birth and have undergone CS so I can't force myself to go payat pa.

But now, Ow-Em-Gee talaga!!

I came to realize it this Saturday that passed. I went to Metro Gaisano in Alabang so Nanay could finish her passport application that has been at work since May. While waiting, (I can't go up to DFA because I don't have appointments and Nanay isn't senior citizen yet), I roamed around on the same floor and found cute stuff. I also came across a huge mirror and thought of having my OOTD shot taken there.

Ayun.. na surprise ako!

Gaaahhhdd!! I want to cry talaga. I am so mataba. Ang laki ng braso at ng tummy. Well, my tummy was hidden because I am wearing something flowy and maluwag sa may bandang tummy but what surprises me ng bongga was my braso! Huhuhu! Nakakainis lang. I was so shocked and came to thinking na napabayaan ko na ang sarili ng bonggacious talaga mga ateng!

You know I have never been the skinny one. My puson has always been bigger than my tummy and tummy was noticeable too pero hindi naman sobrang laki na parang buntis. Yung tipong may baby fats lang talaga. Chubby kasi talaga ako and never in my entire life na nagkaron ng flat tummy na pang two piece sa beach. I accepted that. I mean, hindi ko din naman bet ang mag panty sa beach so keri na ang pekpek shorts.

Just to give you a hint.. Here's what my body type is..

This is the most recent photo that I took na somehow shows my body, hindi lang puro fez. The top I am wearing is loose kaya hindi halatang malaki ang tyan ko jan. Although I love the jeans kasi fit na fit sa mga hita ko, I felt sexy jan because I was wearing a nice fitting jeans and a top na naitatago ang braso at tummy ko. Pero when I was a dalaga pa, I don't wear this kind of top kasi nga malaki. Lalo akong tataba tingnan dahil sa boob area ko so I opt to wear yung mga fitting talaga na damit. Yung as in hapit sa katawan para kita ang curves.. (Naks! Maka curves talaga! Hahah!)

Nowadays, puro fez ko na lang ang pinapakita ko kasi nakakahiya naman makita pa pati mga bilbilations ko diba? Gaaahd pag naaalala ko, naiiyak talaga ako! I felt so mataba! Huhu! 

Teka, wala naman akong problema sa matataba ha? baka sabihin nio naman echusera ako. Pero kasi what made my feeling worst is that, hindi ko na alam ang size ko when I go shopping. I want to fit all sizes para alam ko kung ano bang kukunin kong size next time. I used to go shopping without fitting the damit 70% of the time. I know my size and by just looking at the clothes, alam ko na kung kasya sakin o hindi. 

This Sunday that passed, Daryl and I along with Jami went to SM Mall of Asia so I can buy some stuff for my DIY letter standee. I have a hidden agenda to go to Terranova to check what they have there. I did some sshopping in their SM Southmall 2 weeks ago so I want to know kung mas madami silang stock there since mas malaki ang store in SM Mall of Asia. When I got there, I grabbed all the clothes that I want in sizes XS, S, and M. Terrranova carries big sizes kasi so I was wondering kung anong size ko. Of course depende din sa kung anong tela diba? I took around 8 different clothes (dresses, jeans, tops) and fit them all. 


I feel na kasya sakin ang XS pero mukha akong buntis. The Small fits well pero bakat pa din ang tyan ko. Medium hides my belly pero I look mas mataba. =(

I want to wear fitting clothes again!! =( Like this..

Yung kahit ganyan na lang masya na ako eh.. huhuhu! =(

Yung makapag high waisted shorts ng hindi panget because of my bilbil =(

Yung hindi naman nakakahiyang ipagyabang ang braso at tummy diba?!

Parang pangarap na lang tong photo na 'to! huhu!

Anyway, hindi pa naman ako nawawalan ng pag-asa eh. Alam ko kaya to! Mind set lang mga ateng!! Balik Alindoghalfyear2015. Push ko yan this week! So help me God! =)

Any tips and tricks??

Friday, July 10, 2015

My Version of "No Make Up Make Up"

Yah, I am running out of something to post! Hehe. It must be the weather no?! It's cold nowadays. Ang sarap lang matulog maghapon tapos manood ng DVD. =)

Anyway, as I have mentioned to you multiple times, I am not a fan of make-ups. I can go a day any day without wearing one. Just like now, while I was writing this post, I remember not having eyebrows pa hahaha! Kaya nag pause muna ako.

Ayan, may kilay na ako! :) Go na..

What I would like to share with you today is how I do my everyday look in the office. It's not too much, I tell you. I call this my own version of "no make up make up". Hahaha! Please don't judge me on how I do my make up ha?! You know naman I just recently loved them so I am still not fond of it. Walang okrayan ok?! Ready?

When I leave the house, I am not wearing make ups yet. The time I learned putting creams and pressed powder on was last summer. I don't want to put make-ups on then pagdating sa office, haggard na ulit because of the weather so I prefer to do it in the office. However, there were times that I am so busy I would forget so I end up putting make ups at around 3pm na or 4pm (the latest).

Now here's how I do it.

First, I make sure to wash my face with clean water. Hindi natin alam during the time that we're on our way to work, naalikabukan or nalagyan ng kug ano-ano so just to be safe, I'll wash my face then dry it using a tissue na lang.

Before photo :p

Second, I put Simply pretty BB Cream from Avon. Couple of weeks ago, napansin ko na parang ang dali nyang nauubos. Then I realize na sobrang dami ko ata maglagay na parang hindi na nya nako complement yung skin. I've learned from that so I put only an ample amount to cover my whole face including my neck. There were times when I am too lazy to put BB cream, I'll just stick with number 3 which is pressed powder.

Third, Sealed the look with a pressed powder. To absorb and complement the BB Cream, I put on a pressed powder. I always put an ample amount to just to cover the face and the neck area.

Fourth, I'll shape my brows. I have a thick and uneven brows so I have to maintain it. I usually pluck my brows every 3 days just to remove those hair that are growing at the same time, they would not have a chance to sneak through those that I should keep. Para hindi na rin ako malito sa ayos ng eyebrows ko. Anyway, I am not even sure if my eyebrows is bagay on my face since hindi ko alam tumingin ng pantay sa hindi. Just to make everything annoying lalo, I have a puyo at the end of my left brow so I have to eliminate those hairs that our growing inwardly then just draw my brow. One day, I'll go to Brow Haus talaga promise!! By the way, I am using Maybelline in the shade of gray which I bought couple of years ago na recently ko lang naman nagamit. I want it because it's a little lighter than my hair color when I put it on. Yun lang, the last time I asked a Maybelline stall in SM Southmall before, they said that it's an old version something and they no longer have these na daw. =( I'll check soon if they still carry this.

Fifth, I'll put a blusher. Just so my face won't look pale of dull because of the BB Cream and the powder, blusher is important too. It adds glow to face. =) I had the Blushing pink of Nichido. Unfortunately, tumalon sya when I was looking for something inside my make up bag. Ayon, awa ng Dyos naging loose powder na sya =(

Sixth step is to put a mascara to open up my eyes. My officemate said that my eyes looks sleepy daw so I have to put a mascara on to add a sparkle into it. (Naks) hehehe! I would then use an eyelash curler. Daryl said he would like my eyelashes curled up so I always make sure that they are nice. =)

Lastly a lipstick. I have the Simply pretty in Lucky Orange and Endlessly pink (both from Avon).

Now here's how I look like after..

Hahaha! Walang okrayan ok?! Oo nga pala, I have not curled my eyelashes yet here. Pinapatuyo ko pa kasi ng slight eh. Hehe =)

Para di na kayo mahirapan to see if something has been changed, I placed them together.

Before and After photo
Hehehe. Sooner or later, I plan to try other products in the market to see which one will suite the best for me. For the meantime, I am sticking to Simply Pretty Avon Collection until I ran out of them. =)

Kayo? How do you make yourself pretty and presentable?! Share naman!! =)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Heavy Rains

It's raining crazy since this week starts!!

I hope everyone is safe! =)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Top 3 Group Buying Sites

Lately, I have been stalking group buying sites during my free time. It started when I fell in love with how fast the transaction was. I also contemplated and realized that I saved money from buying vouchers from them and just present it to the store.

It wasn't my first time, really. I was able to buy some things and services during my dalaga days. It was just now that I want them again. So then to help you out, I will list down the 3 most trusted group buying site of Mommy Jen. =)

1.) Deal Grocer. The first ever voucher that I got from them was  the Unlimited Play at Fun Ranch Alabang. It was a good deal, I guess. I will be able to spend time with Jami and I, myself could play inside too. Hahaha! =) I bought another set of vouchers from different merchants that are waiting to be used. I have plans of using them anytime soon. Anyway, DG only has a limited set of offers that pretty sold out fast so once you see a deal, grab on kasi for sure, in a matter of days, out of stock na. I was really sad today when I checked them out and not finding the deal that I want. =(

2.) Metrodeal. I know most of you were able to buy a voucher or two from them. I remember buying one when I was a dalaga pa. I bought a bra case that I can use for traveling. I just had a little trouble contacting the merchant ng very slight but overall, the package arrived and I am happy with what I got. I just don't have it at hand to take a picture.This group buying site has a lot to offer and mostly, they don't run out of deals. Sa sobrang dami ng offers nila, minsan naduduling na ako kakatingin. Hehehe.

3.) Ensogo. I can't remember if I was able to buy anything from Ensogo but I am putting it on my list since they were pretty established na. I am just waiting for the right time to buy a voucher from them that I am eyeing months ago. Heheh. This site has a lot of deals from different merchants but not as many as Metrodeal.

What I really like with all these three group buying sites is the flexibility of their payment options. I can pay thru banks over the counter, Payment Center (LBC etc) and online payment, not to mention the debit and credit card option to pay.

Anyhow, I can only say that claiming my voucher from Deal Grocer was a breeze since I tried it out myself only once. I am sure to let you know in case I have trouble with my other 3 vouchers that are waiting in line. =)

So for those who were tight on budget, why don't you check these 3 group buying sites? I am sure you'll get hook too. =)

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Lazy Week to Start

Hmm... the breeze is getting cold. That means, rainy season is in!!

I am torn between being happy and sad.

Happy because we don't have to make tiis the very humid and hot weather everyday. Rejoice, skin!

And sad, because I hate it when I go to work soaking wet because of the heavy rains and strong winds.

Anyway, how was your weekend people?

Well, On a Saturday, we stayed home in the morning so I could fix some of our stuff para mabawasan yung mga clutter when we moved in. I just have to cook Nilagang Baboy for our lunch so Jami could have a soup then proceeded with fixing our closets.

The afternoon came and we headed to FMIL's house to spend the night away. We stayed there until the next day and went home at 11pm already.

We didn't do much this weekend given that it's raining the whole day of Sunday. I was too lazy to do things, and just cuddle in bed.

I just hope that weekends will be better moving forward so we could spend some time outside. If not, we would end up doing artsy craftsy which you know, I think, was not for me. Heheh. =)

Happy safe Monday everyone. =)

Friday, July 3, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge Monthly Report: June

Well, it's been half of the year already!! =)

Whenever I think about me being able to keep up with the challenge really makes me happy. One of the things that motivates me to continue saving was this blog. Since I announced to the world wide web that I am into 52 weeks money challenge, I want to make sure that it will be successful so I could be an inspiration to other people who would like to start saving as their habit.

You can read my progress from January, February, March, April, and May

Honestly, the last two months, I have been struggling to keep up. I have so many plans and celebrations that lined up and I need extra money to buy gifts, to celebrate my birthday and to basically put a remedy to our payable in our one income household. There were also temptations around that I am really itching to spend the money already.There were mall sales going crazy around the metro. SM went on clearance sale, my favorite brand went on madness sale, and I have recently discovered zomato where I find the joy of trying out new restos around that brought me to liking another thing which I'll be blogging about next (that's why you would notice that I am posting more of food now).

I am always having a second thought and knowing that I have a saving that I can put my hands on anytime makes me go Oh-lala. I am pretty complacent because I am expecting an amount of money at the end of July and I was thinking to spend the money I have saved then will replace it as soon as my money comes.

I tell you, it's a very very bad idea. I have spent some amount from the savings and I owed P2,580 which was a huge amount na. Based on my tracker (customized 52 weeks money challenge chart for people who are employed), I suppose to have P5,930 already.

However, because some things came up where I need to shell out money, I borrowed a total of P2,580 (I had some P100-P200 spare money included on the savings). I will be able to return the money anytime this month of July and I can't wait to see that the amount is complete. I would just like to give emphasize on how important it is to make sure to "Pay yourself first".

And since I have broadcasted that I am running low on this challenge, I am motivated to still complete this challenge no matter what. Why? Because (1) I can sleep better at night knowing that I am not sagad na sagad when it comes to money and (2) peace of mind in case of emergency situations, I have something to start with.

Anyway, I'll be crossing out the first half of my tracker as soon as I return the money back on my 52WMC.  I am still happy and feel accomplished that somehow I am making a change of habit. I actually didn't feel anything until I saw that I am building it.. fast! =) I hope you guys too were having fun with saving. =)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Don Galo Tapa Haus

Last Sunday was really tiring for us. 

We moved houses again. 

We moved back to the house where Jami and I used to live because my brothers who were occupying the rented house will be moving to my sister's stock house. I was contemplating if I would push through with moving because I honestly don't want the hassle of moving. Well, with the help of Nanay, we managed to move smoothly since she's doing 90% of the work naman. She just can't stand a clutter so expect that she would want everything fixed and neat looking. I hope I was like her. =)

Anyway, we were finished moving our stuff at 11:30pm that Sunday. Take note, we have to wake up early the next day because of Nanay's passport application. Since I didn't take lunch, I felt hungry pero kaya pa naman. I mean, I wasn't that hungry and I was thinking that it's almost midnight and we're about to sleep however, Daryl said that he was really hungry so I don't have a choice but to eat too. I was thinking of cooking pero it's too late na and baka malipasan na ng gutom. We're buying Jami's milk din naman so I thought of just dining out. I have been seeing the Don Galo Tapahaus along Alabang-Zapote Rd near Admiral so I asked Daryl if we could eat there. 

It was a good timing since there's not much people dining in. I immediately ordered our food so we could minimize the agony of being hungry. Hehehe! So while waiting, I took the opportunity to take some photos. 

Their counter with menu

They have free water. Heheh!

Jami and Daddy were waiting for our food

Di na makatiis si Daddy ng hunger. :p
Anyway, their branch here is really small, as you can see, malapit na agad ako sa table ng mag ama where in fact, I was standing just in front of their counter. In case there'll be more people dining in, they offer more seats upstairs daw. We just didn't get the chance to see it. But then, they have a parking slot ha?! In fairness. 

I joined them on picture but look at Jami. Sabi ko sa kanya, "Smile" pero yan, sinimangutan ako! hahah :p
Now, here's what we ordered.

Don Galo's Special Tapsilog P85

Porksilog P85

I had their Tapsilog while Daryl got their Porksilog. I tasted the Tapa and it was very malasa. I loved it. The meat was soft although parang mejo mataba din. Ayaw ko kasi ng taba ng mga meat eh so I skipped that part. Parang konti lang tuloy ang nakain kong laman ng tapa. But believe me, masarap naman. The price is just fair for the taste of the food plus they offer unlimited rice. Daryl gave me part of his pork so I could taste it. 

Short kwento. He's always like that, lalagyan ako ng part ng ulam nya tapos lagi ko naman nakakalimutan na bigyan sya! hahahaha! Joke. Kapag may part kasi ng meat na ayaw ko, or may natira naman akong ulam, binibigay ko din talaga sa kanya. Mas proactive lang talaga sya. hahaha! :p 

Going back, the pork chop was full of taste din. Sobrang lambot ng laman which I really liked. I wonder pano kaya napalambot ng ganun? Pinakuluan muna kaya before adding the breading? Hmm.. Kapag ako kasi nag poporkchop, ang tigas ng laman eh nakakainis. Hahaha! The breading is just fine din.

We asked for another cup of rice that Daryl and I shared. It's plain rice with bits of garlic on top lang. 



1.) I love the food. The price is right for the amount and the food's quality. 
2.) Meat is tender so it's a plus for me. Ayaw ko kasi ng mala bubblegum yung laman sa sobrang tigas.
3.) Service was great. They were able to accommodate us all throughout our late dinner.
4.) Not crowded. I often pass by their branch and haven't seen na sobrang puno sila. Maybe because most of their clients were staying upstairs during the day no?! Not sure. With that, food arrived short after we ordered.

Needs Improvement.

1.) I hope they would improve their drinks selections. They only offer pepsi and mirinda (sort of juice) and water. I didn't enjoy my drink. 
2.) The store is open so mainly, there's no door. Their location was just Alabang-Zapote Rd where a lot of vehicles pass by. It would be nice to have at least a barrier to avoid the unseen dust going to your food while your dining in. 
3.) The rice they provide is a plain rice topped with garlic bits. I hope they would have a real fried rice instead.

In total, Daryl and I enjoyed the food so definitely, Don Galo Tapa Haus will still be included on our go to restaurant in case we want some place to eat that won't break our wallets. =)

Click to add a blog post for Don Galo Tapa Haus on Zomato

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Terranova Sale Loot

After our tiring afternoon at Fun Ranch, on our way home, I asked Daryl if we could go to SM Southmall. Madadaanan kasi namin before going home so I want to see kung anong meron. Kaliwa't kanan kasi ang mga signage that they are on sale.

Me: Babe, pwede ba tayong dumaan ng SM?

Daryl: Anong gagawin mo dun?

Me: Wala. May titingnan lang ako.

Wala naman syang nagawa so we went there. I know where to go that time, Terranova. They have been on sale since forever and I want to see what they can offer. It wasn't my first time to shop there and seriously, when they say they are on sale, bagsak presyo talaga.

When I got there.. I checked every corner until I saw their pants. I have been wanting to buy a new pair of jeans since lst month dahil hindi nga ako makapag dressdown. I have the feeling that I need it because (1) I am wearing the same jeans once every week and (2) my current jeans are either maluwag na or sobrang luma na.

Nagpalpitate talaga ako when I saw that their jeans are on sale for only P595. Not bad! Deadma tuloy sakin ang SM clearance sale pero I want to go back there to see what they have. I just hope sale pa sila when another payday comes. Hehehe!

I am really confused about my size. Before I got pregnant, kabisado ko yan. I know size 28 not stretcheable jeans fits me perfectly and tops can fit me in small to medium size (depending on the clothes fabric). Hindi naman kasi ako sobrang payat before dahil tabain talaga ako. I checked some of their clothes and most of them are priced from P695 to P195 only.

Naglaway ako mga ateng!! Pero nag hunos dili ako kasi I know I am on a very very very strict budget. I was just suppose to buy a pair of jeans lang talaga. But then, I am just a woman who's shopping is weakness so let's check my loot for that weekend. =)

Slim fit jeans from P1,295 to P595

Loose top from P695 to P195

Maong skirt P895 (previous sale price) to P495
I was not suppose to get the skirt na because I wanted to buy more tops sana that I can mix and match with jeans and skirts that I have at home pero ang tagal ko ng naghahanap ng nice maong skirt so I bought this too. =) It was stretchable by the way so I was having a second thought na dapat yung smaller size ang kinuha ko para mas fit. Hehehe!  The top doesn't look appealing pero maganda yan when worn. I loved it because it's loose pero fitting on the arms. The jeans naman fits perfectly (size M) I don't have to wear a belt kasi it hugs my butt and thighs the way I want it to be. =)

While I was on the fitting room, I was rushing because Daryl might look for me eh hindi ako nakapagsabi na nasa fitting room ako because he went out of the store. Ewan ko ba why men are so bored when women were doing their shopping no?! kakainis lang. Hehehe.

By the way, Terranova sale clothes that are for basic and everyday needs perfect for office wears na hindi sobrang formal. Mga laid back style which I really like =)

At dahil excited ako, I wore them agad sa office! hahaha.

Here's my Outfit of the Day last Monday.

Selfie sa mirror
Sorry about the quality of the photos ha?! Most of them were taken inside our room sa hindi natural light. Mejo shy pa din kasi akong mag OOTD shots eh. Saka na pag madami na akong damit ulit hehehe! =) I will try my best to have a better quality of my photos moving forward.

I posted this photo on IG (@its_mommy_jen)

Did you have the same feeling? Hehehe.

So that's my loot for the last weekend. I hope to be able to buy new stuff to replace those clothes na sobrang luma na. I hope they can stay on sale forever. =)

How about you guys? Do you have a recent buy?