Friday, July 3, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge Monthly Report: June

Well, it's been half of the year already!! =)

Whenever I think about me being able to keep up with the challenge really makes me happy. One of the things that motivates me to continue saving was this blog. Since I announced to the world wide web that I am into 52 weeks money challenge, I want to make sure that it will be successful so I could be an inspiration to other people who would like to start saving as their habit.

You can read my progress from January, February, March, April, and May

Honestly, the last two months, I have been struggling to keep up. I have so many plans and celebrations that lined up and I need extra money to buy gifts, to celebrate my birthday and to basically put a remedy to our payable in our one income household. There were also temptations around that I am really itching to spend the money already.There were mall sales going crazy around the metro. SM went on clearance sale, my favorite brand went on madness sale, and I have recently discovered zomato where I find the joy of trying out new restos around that brought me to liking another thing which I'll be blogging about next (that's why you would notice that I am posting more of food now).

I am always having a second thought and knowing that I have a saving that I can put my hands on anytime makes me go Oh-lala. I am pretty complacent because I am expecting an amount of money at the end of July and I was thinking to spend the money I have saved then will replace it as soon as my money comes.

I tell you, it's a very very bad idea. I have spent some amount from the savings and I owed P2,580 which was a huge amount na. Based on my tracker (customized 52 weeks money challenge chart for people who are employed), I suppose to have P5,930 already.

However, because some things came up where I need to shell out money, I borrowed a total of P2,580 (I had some P100-P200 spare money included on the savings). I will be able to return the money anytime this month of July and I can't wait to see that the amount is complete. I would just like to give emphasize on how important it is to make sure to "Pay yourself first".

And since I have broadcasted that I am running low on this challenge, I am motivated to still complete this challenge no matter what. Why? Because (1) I can sleep better at night knowing that I am not sagad na sagad when it comes to money and (2) peace of mind in case of emergency situations, I have something to start with.

Anyway, I'll be crossing out the first half of my tracker as soon as I return the money back on my 52WMC.  I am still happy and feel accomplished that somehow I am making a change of habit. I actually didn't feel anything until I saw that I am building it.. fast! =) I hope you guys too were having fun with saving. =)


  1. Way to go sis! Ako ayoko madaliin emergency fund ko hinay hinay lang kumbaga. Makakarating din tayo dun! :)


  2. I also have challenged myself with this one. So far so good, although last May, I had to skip saving but managed to catch up this June. By the end of the year, hubby and I plan to invest the money in UITF (if we'll finish our EF).

  3. Go go go Mommy Jen.. Kaya mo yan. Ako baka next year na ulit mag start mag ipon, alam mo naman sunod2 gastos ngayon lalo na next month makikita na namin si Baby Bunso, plus the fact na nag close company namin. Hayz!


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