Monday, July 6, 2015

A Lazy Week to Start

Hmm... the breeze is getting cold. That means, rainy season is in!!

I am torn between being happy and sad.

Happy because we don't have to make tiis the very humid and hot weather everyday. Rejoice, skin!

And sad, because I hate it when I go to work soaking wet because of the heavy rains and strong winds.

Anyway, how was your weekend people?

Well, On a Saturday, we stayed home in the morning so I could fix some of our stuff para mabawasan yung mga clutter when we moved in. I just have to cook Nilagang Baboy for our lunch so Jami could have a soup then proceeded with fixing our closets.

The afternoon came and we headed to FMIL's house to spend the night away. We stayed there until the next day and went home at 11pm already.

We didn't do much this weekend given that it's raining the whole day of Sunday. I was too lazy to do things, and just cuddle in bed.

I just hope that weekends will be better moving forward so we could spend some time outside. If not, we would end up doing artsy craftsy which you know, I think, was not for me. Heheh. =)

Happy safe Monday everyone. =)


  1. Ako nga I want to stay with the kids and hug them na lang habang umuulan. Eh wala eh may pasok sa work. Hayayyay!


    1. Korek sis!! naku! ang sarap lang mag stay sa bahay at wag maligo hahaha!

  2. Masarap talaga ang rainy days kung walang pasok. Kelangan mo lang ng mga indoor activities para di masyadong boring.

    Ayoko din ng umuulan pag on the way to work na ko. Hassle much!

    1. Truth!! Hate ko ang rainy days pag papasok sa work. Kawawa naman ang mga shoes heheh!

  3. Anong masarap sa rainy days? Matulog at kumain all day long! Natawa naman ako sa comment mo na huwag maligo. hahaha


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