Thursday, July 2, 2015

Don Galo Tapa Haus

Last Sunday was really tiring for us. 

We moved houses again. 

We moved back to the house where Jami and I used to live because my brothers who were occupying the rented house will be moving to my sister's stock house. I was contemplating if I would push through with moving because I honestly don't want the hassle of moving. Well, with the help of Nanay, we managed to move smoothly since she's doing 90% of the work naman. She just can't stand a clutter so expect that she would want everything fixed and neat looking. I hope I was like her. =)

Anyway, we were finished moving our stuff at 11:30pm that Sunday. Take note, we have to wake up early the next day because of Nanay's passport application. Since I didn't take lunch, I felt hungry pero kaya pa naman. I mean, I wasn't that hungry and I was thinking that it's almost midnight and we're about to sleep however, Daryl said that he was really hungry so I don't have a choice but to eat too. I was thinking of cooking pero it's too late na and baka malipasan na ng gutom. We're buying Jami's milk din naman so I thought of just dining out. I have been seeing the Don Galo Tapahaus along Alabang-Zapote Rd near Admiral so I asked Daryl if we could eat there. 

It was a good timing since there's not much people dining in. I immediately ordered our food so we could minimize the agony of being hungry. Hehehe! So while waiting, I took the opportunity to take some photos. 

Their counter with menu

They have free water. Heheh!

Jami and Daddy were waiting for our food

Di na makatiis si Daddy ng hunger. :p
Anyway, their branch here is really small, as you can see, malapit na agad ako sa table ng mag ama where in fact, I was standing just in front of their counter. In case there'll be more people dining in, they offer more seats upstairs daw. We just didn't get the chance to see it. But then, they have a parking slot ha?! In fairness. 

I joined them on picture but look at Jami. Sabi ko sa kanya, "Smile" pero yan, sinimangutan ako! hahah :p
Now, here's what we ordered.

Don Galo's Special Tapsilog P85

Porksilog P85

I had their Tapsilog while Daryl got their Porksilog. I tasted the Tapa and it was very malasa. I loved it. The meat was soft although parang mejo mataba din. Ayaw ko kasi ng taba ng mga meat eh so I skipped that part. Parang konti lang tuloy ang nakain kong laman ng tapa. But believe me, masarap naman. The price is just fair for the taste of the food plus they offer unlimited rice. Daryl gave me part of his pork so I could taste it. 

Short kwento. He's always like that, lalagyan ako ng part ng ulam nya tapos lagi ko naman nakakalimutan na bigyan sya! hahahaha! Joke. Kapag may part kasi ng meat na ayaw ko, or may natira naman akong ulam, binibigay ko din talaga sa kanya. Mas proactive lang talaga sya. hahaha! :p 

Going back, the pork chop was full of taste din. Sobrang lambot ng laman which I really liked. I wonder pano kaya napalambot ng ganun? Pinakuluan muna kaya before adding the breading? Hmm.. Kapag ako kasi nag poporkchop, ang tigas ng laman eh nakakainis. Hahaha! The breading is just fine din.

We asked for another cup of rice that Daryl and I shared. It's plain rice with bits of garlic on top lang. 



1.) I love the food. The price is right for the amount and the food's quality. 
2.) Meat is tender so it's a plus for me. Ayaw ko kasi ng mala bubblegum yung laman sa sobrang tigas.
3.) Service was great. They were able to accommodate us all throughout our late dinner.
4.) Not crowded. I often pass by their branch and haven't seen na sobrang puno sila. Maybe because most of their clients were staying upstairs during the day no?! Not sure. With that, food arrived short after we ordered.

Needs Improvement.

1.) I hope they would improve their drinks selections. They only offer pepsi and mirinda (sort of juice) and water. I didn't enjoy my drink. 
2.) The store is open so mainly, there's no door. Their location was just Alabang-Zapote Rd where a lot of vehicles pass by. It would be nice to have at least a barrier to avoid the unseen dust going to your food while your dining in. 
3.) The rice they provide is a plain rice topped with garlic bits. I hope they would have a real fried rice instead.

In total, Daryl and I enjoyed the food so definitely, Don Galo Tapa Haus will still be included on our go to restaurant in case we want some place to eat that won't break our wallets. =)

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  1. Andami branches nyan sa Las Piñas, Parañaque at Cavite at open sila 24/7. Lakas naman makathrowback sakin ng post mo. You know, I used to eat at Don Galo before, when I was still a working student living with my uncle in Bacoor. Kasama ko kumain ang mga co-workers ko, after duty of course. Sarap ng tapa nila at mura pa! :)


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