Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Educational Toys for Jami

Couple of weeks ago, I have been stalking an online store in IG where they sell a lot of wooden toys for kids. I really want to get wooden toys for Jami because of its quality. Most of Jami's toy are made of plastic at isang bato lang ng makulit kong Anak, wala na.

Most of the wooden toys that I checked in malls are really expensive. They can range from P500-1,500. I can't afford a toy with that amount (I could by 3-4 dress with that already noh! =) ) But since I really want one, I asked my eldest sister to give Jami one for his first birthday, which she did. Thanks very much madam! =)

Moving forward, I never get the chance to buy wooden toys for Jami until I saw this online store in IG. Since I badly want one, I added Mommy Kat in Facebook so I could stalk her items more. Hehehe. =) When I got the budget for it, hindi na ako nag pa tumpik-tumpik pa.

Bead Maze P250 ; Alphabet Blocks P75/set

I got Jami a bead maze. I wanted to have it really big yung parang may table pa and all pero since can't afford, I stick to this one. Well, it's quite small pero sakto lang for Jami. Although he wasn't really interested on the maze because he's more likely to pull the bead maze and make it like a truck hehehe. He's really into anything that has tires. I was thinking in getting him the Alphabet train pero it's too small baka mawala lang.

Bead Maze and Alphabet blocks

I also bought the alpahbet blocks. Jami likes it too because he can stack them and would bring them down. He would sometimes follow me or my sister when we say A, B, C, and so on. He's a lot of a talker talaga which remind me na I seldom blog about his progress na. I just have to list down the things that he can do and I'll surely let you know. =)

I was really surprise that Mom and Milly's wooden toys were really cheap but great in quality. The toys were quite small compared to the one that you can see in the malls but nonetheless I loved it so much I even told them that I will soon buy more. I am just waiting for a budget. Hehehe!

Mom and Milly Educational Wooden Toys 
Website : www.momandmilly.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Call.me.Mrs.A 
IG: @momandmilly


  1. Uy ang cute nyan, but I was thinking ibabato lang nila kambal yan sa labas ng bahay namin hehehe. So I am sticking to the cheap toys from the market hehehe.



  2. Awww! Thanks so much sis for the feature! Nakakataba ng puso. :)

  3. hala i want that for twinkle too :) just the right time you post :) ang mura pa :)))))

  4. Yan ang wais na mommy. Bibili ka na rin ng toys, eh di yung ikakaenjoy and at the same time, ikakatuto pa ng anak, diba? :)

  5. Nice post! I am checking the store right now and see for myself if I can have one for Adrienne as well. Baka ibato lang din niya haha


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