Friday, July 17, 2015

Grey - Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian

Disclaimer: I have never read any love story book. FSOG was the first one (well, aside from the Precious Hearts and Romance Pocketbook that I have read before). 

E.L James released another book entitled Grey, which was basically the same as the book 1 of Fifty Shades of Grey. The catch was the story was told by Christian Grey.

Honestly, I don't care what people think about FSOG. I have read the trilogy and I would like to say that I loved it. What caught my attention was mainly their love story and not the sex parts. I am not a bookworm to say that this book was great or badly written as they say so I would skip that and would just want to say that I enjoyed reading their love story. I felt kilig on some parts and felt bored on some too. Mainly, I was after the "how" they fell in love with each other and the sex parts were just part of it. Although, I have to admit that there were too many sex scenarios there. Hehe! Parang too much lang.

I know a lot of people talked about it and even disagreed on it being shown. Since last year when I read the book, I have been wanting to see how they would put it into a movie given that it has a lot of sex scenes on the book. There have been a lot of discussion over the internet and it seemed that I can't understand people as to why they are so mad. For me, it's just another unique story.

Early this year, as the movie has been released. I didn't watch it in the movie house. I bought a CD hahahaha! Sorry I was really agitated because Daryl doesn't want to go with me. He doesn't like it as well. I ended up not liking the movie. I got a little bored and bitin. At the same time, I expected a lot that the movie will be great and up to the challenge. I just thought they would compile the trilogy into one movie which could have made it a lot better.

Anyway, my stand was a little late which sinadya ko naman dahil ayaw kong makisabay sa rage ng mga tao over FSOG. All I can say is that I love their love story. Honestly, whenever I read the part of Christian Grey's past (as a child), I felt touched and really helpless for him. I felt for him because I have a son too. Of course I don't want Jami to undergo that kind of childhood at all. Maybe that's one of the reason why I have seen FSOG in a way that other people didn't. I am not trying to say that whatever the book had shown to the world is right but somehow, I found the sense of it. I would say that 80% of the time, I was up to how their love for each other goes and the petty things that they both do to conquer each others feelings while 20% of the time, I felt bored with the sex scenes.I also would like to add that, I, believe that whatever we have undergone in the past and during our childhood will be the person that we are today. If we had a colorful and meaningful childhood, we'll be a better and a happy person. That's why, I wanted Jami to have a wonderful childhood too, just like what I had. I got to play outdoor, I have a lot of friends, I have supportive cousins on times that I need them and enjoyed being a child as a whole.

Anyhow, Grey was mainly the same story as I said but somehow, I enjoyed reading the book. It's good to know Christian's stand on every scene. I just felt kilig whenever he tries to break his own rule for Ana.

So, will I be waiting if there's a book two of Grey? Yes. I want to finish the trilogy if there will be.

I understand that a lot of parent doesn't agree to this book since it might be something na tutularan ng mga bata in the future and I am not saying that I agree to this book either. Hindi naman maiiwasan that our kids will be exposed to these things. It's just how we would explain to them and instill good values diba? =)


  1. I read the ebook and skipped the sex parts too! Yes I thought too that it was super bitin. And like you pinanuod ko din sya mag isa sa bahay. Ha Ha Ha. Ayaw din ng partner ko eh. I had my officemate downloaded it for me.


    1. I read the first book from my officemate din when she bought one. The rest (book 2 and 3) I had it downloaded too heheh. =)

  2. I only read the first book and just like you I got kilig with their story. Di ko pa napanood ang movie but I got reviews from friends na di daw ganun kaganda. Syempre lagi naman ganun na mas maganda lagi ang book kesa movie.

    1. Yes, hindi ganon kaganda ang movie at least in my opinion since nabasa ko yung trilogy. I am hoping na tinapos na nila yung movie in one go hindi yung parang ginawa pang mala twilight hehehe

  3. I've never read the book neither watched the movie but I know few friends who loved it!

  4. hi everyone i would like to ask where i can buy FSOG book as told by christian? Thank you in advance :)

    1. I replied to your email Rima. You can buy it in any national bookstore as per my friend who owns the book that I read. =)


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