Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jami's Progress at 21st Month

It's been a while since I last post about Jami's progress. I have written this topic on my notebook where I keep all my blogging ideas however, I am so lazy to write down the things that Jami can say or do so it's been delayed na for so long. I guess I should start focusing on his progress and write things down often so I won't forget.

Anyway, I have told you many times that Jami is a lot of a talker. He can say a lot of things and at the age of 21st month, he can talk already and can at least communicate on the things that he likes.

During the time we were in Pangasinan, last weekend which I should tell you about, I asked him to remove his shoes and socks since we're inside the car na. Biniro ko sya that I will smell his feet. When it reached my nose, I smelled it at mejo pawis syempre nakulob inside his shoes so I acted that it was mabaho.

Me: Hmmmpp... Baho!

Jami: (Laughing).. Ba-ngo..

I was so shocked that he said "Bango" in full. I didn't even know that he knows the word. Daryl and I laughed at him because he's so adorable. He also say "Ba-wo" for "Baho" or Mabaho. =)


At night, Jami has to drink his milk before falling asleep. There were times that he would sleep with his milk bottle inside his mouth so as soon as I see him sleeping, I'll take the bottle away. By morning, around 6am, he would wake up asking for his milk.

Jami: Man... Man.. Ku-wa.. Man..

He refers to his Milk as "Man". It actually started with "Didiya" but since he heard Nanay said "Dede na naman?!" He then called his milk "Diman" then evolved to just "Man" na lang. Shortcut kung shortcut. Hahaha! So what he's saying there was

Translation: Milk.. Milk.. Kuha.. Milk

Even if I am so sleepy pa, I'll go up because he won't stop until I give him one. I don't want to wake him up din since I want to sleep more pa. Hehehe.


Jami was so makulit, he can't keep still and loves to run and run and run everywhere.

Every time that he wants to go somewhere away from me, specially if we were not at home, Our usual conversation is..

Me: Oh.. San ka na naman punta? or San ka punta?

Jami: Pow-ta.. Dun.. (points somewhere)


Sometimes, Jami would come running to me blabbering words as if he's trying to say something while pointing out somewhere..

Me: Saan?

Jami: Dun.. lanlagfakjbsafa.. Dun..

Me: Saa? Ituro mo sa akin. (Then I'll follow him to where he's pointing out)

Jami: (would stop to where his pointing out).. akhfaiogbrgbsgbslbgs

Me: Ano daw??

Hahahah! It was really hard. One good thing is that he knows a lot of words na. So I always try to pick up those words that he's saying so I could respond accordingly. 


Last night while in the car, he kept on saying..

Jami: Da-go.. Miming.. Da-go

Me: Oo.. hhmmm.. okay.. (Just for the sake of responding while looking at his eyes)

Jami: Da-go... Miming... 

I have no idea what he's saying there.. Miming was the cat and "da-go" was something I have to figure out pa. I think he's referring to "Dugo" or "Blood" because yesterday, while I was cooking our lunch and my pack lunch to work, I saw him reaching for something inside my brother's cabinet. I didn't bother looking since the cabinet is slightly open lang. 

I continued what I was doing, I looked back to him and saw him holding a razor!! 

I immediately went to him and saying "Jami, No." 

He went running away from me and I caught him. When I grabbed the razor, I saw a blood on his chin!!! 

OMG talaga I shouted " Daddy!!! Yung anak mo nag ahit na ng bigote nya tulog ka pa rin!!!"

I have been asking him to wake up na since I can't look after Jami while cooking. He immediately got up and hold Jami while I looked for betadine and cotton. It was a small cut lang naman on his chin. Alam mo yung sugat na makukuha mo when you shaved? 

Hayy.. Ubod ng kulit talaga. He didn't cry as much since sobrang liit lang naman ng sugat although it's bleeding kasi kaya we put a band-aid muna.


Today, while I was busy in the kitchen preparing my pack lunch and our brunch, Jami climbed up the chair beside our fridge. I guess he's busy looking at himself in the mirror. Later on, I heard him cried and saw him holding the effin' razor again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My brother left it above the fridge and Jami saw it so since he always see my brother or his Daddy shaving their beards, ayan.. ginagaya nya. 

He got a double wound na. His wound yesterday was the same spot he shaved today. Nakakaloka!

With that, nag init tuloy ang ulo ko and blamed his Daddy na hindi sya tinitingnan because he's busy watching T.V. 

Jami is almost 2 years old and he's sobrang makulit. I guess I am about to go into "terrible two" stage na. I hope I can manage it well when I get there. 


You are growing really fast and you talk a lot. As much as possible, I want to encourage real play where you can play outdoors or indoors with your toys. During the time that I let you watch T.V, I am amazed that you know some characters in Disney Junior like "Pi-ya" (Sophia the first), "Mi-Mim" (kate and Mim-Mim), "Payy" (Hi-5), "Mos-ter" (Henry Hugglemonster), "Ma-Maws" (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). You're so smart, Anak, alam ko sakin ka nagmana! Itanong mo pa sa Daddy mo. =) I know we're almost at the "terrible two" stage and I am praying that God guides us to be the best parent for you so we could instill a God-fearing, Smart, at Mabait na bata. Daddy and I want the best for you, Anak. Just please don't grow up fast okay? I love you, my forever happy but grumpy (on photos) baby.. 


Mommy and Daddy


  1. I encourage you to keep writing journals;I did before but stopped.Now I'm trying to write every fun moments or words they say so that I can hand it to them on the special day of their lives like weddings,maybe.

  2. haha sobra daldal na jami :))
    nako si twinkle nagsisimula na sa ganyan minsan pag nanunuod bgla nlang sisigaw. tas magsasalita ng chinesse heheh

    1. haha! Umpisa na yan si twinkle. Naku si Jami madaldal talaga.

  3. Hi Jen,

    I miss your blog! I miss seeing Jami sa mga post mo. Kids are really growing fast. Minsan nga hindi mo namamalayan na nagagawa na nila isang bagay. Good job kay Jami.

    Btw, I moved to wordpress. Here's my link.

    1. thanks Jen, I didn't know you moved to wordpress na I was looking for you during the event.

  4. Hahaha ang cuuuuute! :)


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