Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Magic Stick - The Real Korean Ice Cream

Two weekends ago, when we had Jami's vaccine, we were able to try the Magic Stick in SM Southmall. I have been seeing this stall in SM Mall of Asia for quite a while and I was wondering what are those yellow-J-shaped thingy na nakasabit sa mga gilid ng stall.

I have read somewhere that it was their ice cream cone pala. I thought ang laki naman ng cone. I am not a fan of ice cream so as the cone (I mean, I eat it of course, but I can live without it) so I didn't bother trying it out.

During the time that we were trying to get Jami's attention out of Timezone, we have decided to finally try it.

I was a little surprise with the price of P50 but then Daryl and I decided to give it a go.

I asked what are the flavors available expecting that there might be some variety but was told they only have it in chocolate flavor and vanilla. Really, what made me buy this expensive ice cream was the cone. =)

Uh-oh! Someone hates waiting so make it quick, Kuya!
Tadaa!!! J is for Jen
Mommmy!!!! I want it......


1.) Jami loved it. He loved the cone na parang wafer pero sturdy enough to hold the ice cream inside.
2.) The ice cream wasn't too sweet so agree ako to give some to Jami.
3.) I thought the ice cream was only on both holes of the J pero there was an ice cream inside the cone din. Perfect for snacks. =)


1.) I find it expensive. I can buy ice cream for only P15 or even P10 in Mcdonalds and I guess Jami would still like the cone. 

So are we going to buy it for snacks next time? I guess so.. Maybe once in a while =) It was a good try though. Besides, my son loved it so ano pa bang irereklamo ko?! =)

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  1. Kapareho ng Jipangyi, I found their ice cream bland.


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