Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Top 3 Group Buying Sites

Lately, I have been stalking group buying sites during my free time. It started when I fell in love with how fast the transaction was. I also contemplated and realized that I saved money from buying vouchers from them and just present it to the store.

It wasn't my first time, really. I was able to buy some things and services during my dalaga days. It was just now that I want them again. So then to help you out, I will list down the 3 most trusted group buying site of Mommy Jen. =)

1.) Deal Grocer. The first ever voucher that I got from them was  the Unlimited Play at Fun Ranch Alabang. It was a good deal, I guess. I will be able to spend time with Jami and I, myself could play inside too. Hahaha! =) I bought another set of vouchers from different merchants that are waiting to be used. I have plans of using them anytime soon. Anyway, DG only has a limited set of offers that pretty sold out fast so once you see a deal, grab on kasi for sure, in a matter of days, out of stock na. I was really sad today when I checked them out and not finding the deal that I want. =(

2.) Metrodeal. I know most of you were able to buy a voucher or two from them. I remember buying one when I was a dalaga pa. I bought a bra case that I can use for traveling. I just had a little trouble contacting the merchant ng very slight but overall, the package arrived and I am happy with what I got. I just don't have it at hand to take a picture.This group buying site has a lot to offer and mostly, they don't run out of deals. Sa sobrang dami ng offers nila, minsan naduduling na ako kakatingin. Hehehe.

3.) Ensogo. I can't remember if I was able to buy anything from Ensogo but I am putting it on my list since they were pretty established na. I am just waiting for the right time to buy a voucher from them that I am eyeing months ago. Heheh. This site has a lot of deals from different merchants but not as many as Metrodeal.

What I really like with all these three group buying sites is the flexibility of their payment options. I can pay thru banks over the counter, Payment Center (LBC etc) and online payment, not to mention the debit and credit card option to pay.

Anyhow, I can only say that claiming my voucher from Deal Grocer was a breeze since I tried it out myself only once. I am sure to let you know in case I have trouble with my other 3 vouchers that are waiting in line. =)

So for those who were tight on budget, why don't you check these 3 group buying sites? I am sure you'll get hook too. =)


  1. I also bought some deals from Metrodeal and Ensogo. Hindi ko pa natry Deal Grocer. But now no-no muna ko sa mga to or never na. :)



  2. Been reading loads of nega stuff about them. :-S I tried buying on Metro Deal, their UA laser and I'm really disappointed. Sobrang pangit nung service. Thank heavens lumipat ako sa Skin Station. Now I'm hairless na. Hehehe!

  3. Havent tried these myself. Good to know you had a positive experience with it. Will keep it in mind

  4. I also bought in this site mostly vouchers I don't like to buy yung mga expensive baka fake or may damage :-)

  5. Of all these 3, I've only tried Metro Deal. Although Metro Deal minsan, I think their discounted rates are almost the same as the actual rate itself.

  6. Havent tried any of those. Im the traditional shopper, the mall is my happy place. Maybe someday...

  7. I haven't tried buying anything from these sites. I'm scared because I have a friend whose vouchers weren't honored multiple times already. I think it's from Metrodeal. But my mom-in-law naman mostly buy food so much safer just in case hindi i-honor :)

  8. I already bought from the second and third but not yet on the first list. You can really have big savings from its discounts.

  9. I love these group buying sites & I love the concept in general. Been buying since few weeks and loving the savings already. Even used some as gifts since, I didn’t have time to go to an actual brick & mortar store. Hahaha!


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