Friday, July 10, 2015

My Version of "No Make Up Make Up"

Yah, I am running out of something to post! Hehe. It must be the weather no?! It's cold nowadays. Ang sarap lang matulog maghapon tapos manood ng DVD. =)

Anyway, as I have mentioned to you multiple times, I am not a fan of make-ups. I can go a day any day without wearing one. Just like now, while I was writing this post, I remember not having eyebrows pa hahaha! Kaya nag pause muna ako.

Ayan, may kilay na ako! :) Go na..

What I would like to share with you today is how I do my everyday look in the office. It's not too much, I tell you. I call this my own version of "no make up make up". Hahaha! Please don't judge me on how I do my make up ha?! You know naman I just recently loved them so I am still not fond of it. Walang okrayan ok?! Ready?

When I leave the house, I am not wearing make ups yet. The time I learned putting creams and pressed powder on was last summer. I don't want to put make-ups on then pagdating sa office, haggard na ulit because of the weather so I prefer to do it in the office. However, there were times that I am so busy I would forget so I end up putting make ups at around 3pm na or 4pm (the latest).

Now here's how I do it.

First, I make sure to wash my face with clean water. Hindi natin alam during the time that we're on our way to work, naalikabukan or nalagyan ng kug ano-ano so just to be safe, I'll wash my face then dry it using a tissue na lang.

Before photo :p

Second, I put Simply pretty BB Cream from Avon. Couple of weeks ago, napansin ko na parang ang dali nyang nauubos. Then I realize na sobrang dami ko ata maglagay na parang hindi na nya nako complement yung skin. I've learned from that so I put only an ample amount to cover my whole face including my neck. There were times when I am too lazy to put BB cream, I'll just stick with number 3 which is pressed powder.

Third, Sealed the look with a pressed powder. To absorb and complement the BB Cream, I put on a pressed powder. I always put an ample amount to just to cover the face and the neck area.

Fourth, I'll shape my brows. I have a thick and uneven brows so I have to maintain it. I usually pluck my brows every 3 days just to remove those hair that are growing at the same time, they would not have a chance to sneak through those that I should keep. Para hindi na rin ako malito sa ayos ng eyebrows ko. Anyway, I am not even sure if my eyebrows is bagay on my face since hindi ko alam tumingin ng pantay sa hindi. Just to make everything annoying lalo, I have a puyo at the end of my left brow so I have to eliminate those hairs that our growing inwardly then just draw my brow. One day, I'll go to Brow Haus talaga promise!! By the way, I am using Maybelline in the shade of gray which I bought couple of years ago na recently ko lang naman nagamit. I want it because it's a little lighter than my hair color when I put it on. Yun lang, the last time I asked a Maybelline stall in SM Southmall before, they said that it's an old version something and they no longer have these na daw. =( I'll check soon if they still carry this.

Fifth, I'll put a blusher. Just so my face won't look pale of dull because of the BB Cream and the powder, blusher is important too. It adds glow to face. =) I had the Blushing pink of Nichido. Unfortunately, tumalon sya when I was looking for something inside my make up bag. Ayon, awa ng Dyos naging loose powder na sya =(

Sixth step is to put a mascara to open up my eyes. My officemate said that my eyes looks sleepy daw so I have to put a mascara on to add a sparkle into it. (Naks) hehehe! I would then use an eyelash curler. Daryl said he would like my eyelashes curled up so I always make sure that they are nice. =)

Lastly a lipstick. I have the Simply pretty in Lucky Orange and Endlessly pink (both from Avon).

Now here's how I look like after..

Hahaha! Walang okrayan ok?! Oo nga pala, I have not curled my eyelashes yet here. Pinapatuyo ko pa kasi ng slight eh. Hehe =)

Para di na kayo mahirapan to see if something has been changed, I placed them together.

Before and After photo
Hehehe. Sooner or later, I plan to try other products in the market to see which one will suite the best for me. For the meantime, I am sticking to Simply Pretty Avon Collection until I ran out of them. =)

Kayo? How do you make yourself pretty and presentable?! Share naman!! =)


  1. Ako din I don't wear make up everyday. Depende din sa mood. Minsan nga hindi na din ako nagsusuklay ng buhok hahaha. Ok na yung ganyang make up simple lang basta magkaroon lang ng kulay.


  2. Wala ako ma-share, hindi rin kasi ako mahilig sa make-up. Actually, tamad lang talaga ako. Hahaha. Lipstick at pulbos lang ako, okay na, nairaraos na ang buong araw sa opis. :)


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