Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our 9th Year Anniversary is Coming

Hi guys!

Sorry if I am not blogging a lot nowadays. I don't know what happen eh. Biglang wala akong maisip na i blog. Mental block ako lagi. Hehe! Although I have written down some things that I want to blog about, tinatamad naman akong mag umpisa. Katulad now, di ko alam ang mga sasabihin ko.

But anyway, here's what I would like to tell you about.

Mag- a- anniversary na kami ng jowa ko!

Yesss.. 9 years na kami this July 24, 2015. Honestly, we're not very consistent in celebrating our anniversary talaga. Hindi kasi ako occasion person diba? Okay na sakin ang batiin lang ako. I don't ask for flowers, chocolates etc. I was like this since we were together. Besides, Daryl doesn't know how to surprise girls eh. Hindi nya alam yang mga hearts and flowers keme. For me, okay lang. It doesn't make our relationship less sweet.

Couple of weeks ago, I got addicted in buying vouchers and discount coupons online thru my top 3 group buying sites. I bought a voucher that I planned to use on our anniversary. It's to celebrate it thru food and some light drinks sa hindi naman sobrang sosyalang resto. I just want to try their food and since I can get it for a discounted price, why not? I told Daryl that we'll use it on the 25th which was a day after our anniversary. I have to work pa kasi on the date itself so we set it up the next day, which we agreed on.

Yun nga lang, there has been a mixed up with a wedding schedule that we'll be attending on. I thought it was on the 18th pero 25th daw pala. I was really sad I can't have our date pero Daryl suggested to look for a place where we could eat in Pangasinan na lang. Then we could use the voucher on the coming days. Well, wala naman choice so baka ganun na lang nga ang gagawin namin. I have yet to find a place in Pangasinan where we could eat and celebrate our anniversary. =)

I also think if we could just celebrate it this weekend na lang no?! Hmmm.. 

Any suggestions?


  1. Happy anniversary sa inyo sis. My jowa too don't do surprises flowers etc. He is more of a cooking person. Mas gusto nyang magluto at pagsilbihan kame sa bahay.


    1. Thank you sis. =) People are different talaga no?! =)

  2. happy anniversary<3 9 years! thats an achievement for me hehe
    sana me and my hubby to can last long with years.. ang hirap daming struggle and overthinking LEL hehe

  3. Wow! Same anniversary pala tayo, same day and same year. Mag 9 years narin kami this Friday and 3rd wedding anniversary at the same time. Ang saya lang db!

    Advance happy anniversary sa inyo! Love Love Love! Cheers!

  4. Advance happy 9th anniv, Jen and partner! More happy times together and as a family! :)


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