Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Weekend that Was!

Last weekend, we were scheduled a vaccine shot for Jami.

Daryl went out Saturday morning and went back in the afternoon so we can go to Alabang Medical Center in Almanza. I was just really glad that we were catching up on Jami's vaccine that he missed last year pa. Thanks to her Lola for making this happen. =)

Anyway, when we got to the clinic, Jami was so makulit, he's all over the place. Daryl and I were exchanging sharp looks as to who would follow Jami. Hahaha! I was not in mood that day since I have my period and Daryl had a swollen foot when he slipped last week. Ayun, hirap sya maglakad so hindi nya mahabol ang anak nya. I was just glad that Dra. Medina's daughter was there (aged 4, I think) who kept on following Jami and would make saway if he would touch anything that belongs to the clinic like their telephone, mouse, cabinets where files were placed etc.

When we were called, Jami doesn't want to go inside the room kasi he knows what will happen next. Takot na sya sa doctor!! waaaa...

We just have to hold him tightly pero sobrang lakas din nya. Nakadalawang tusok tuloy si Dra. Medina. =(

Right after our clinic visit, we headed to SM Southmall just to eat. I saw this really cute sneaker pero nag warla kami ng jowa ko kasi inuuna ko pa daw ang shopping. Gaahhd! Di lang nya alam, nabubusog ako kakatingin sa mga magagandang damit at sapatos. Hahaha! So since war na nga, we didn't know where to eat so we went to the nearest place na nasa harap namin, Mcdonalds. Hayyy, I wanted to try something new since SM Southmall opened a lot of new restaurant na. =(  Maybe next time.

He was acting as if he was drinking this! So adorable.. =)

After we ate, I just went straight to Terranova to check some remaining sale items. They have all their summer collections on sale. I also checked Cache - cache but I can't find something that I could wear on a wedding this weekend. =(

Don't mess with me!!!!

I was so shock with this photo. Jami does that everytime we ask him to smile. Grabe eh! Simangot kung simangot. Mukhang galit sya sa Daddy nya that time. Hahahah! I was in Terranova kasi while Jami and Daddy were roaming around. =)

Going back to the shopping, I was so sad wala akong makitang maganda, (or maybe not in the mood because of my period), we headed na lang to Timezone since Jami doesn't want to leave Toy Kingdom. He was riding the bike that was displayed outside the store. When we got inside (I was looking for a cheap toy we could buy) he wanted to open the boxes of cars. He kept on shouting "cars! Cars! CARSSS!!" so we have to carry him out of the store and went to Timezone na nga lang instead.

Mommy and Jami driving
After 2 minutes, Jami wanted to go elsewhere na. Hayy... toddler nga naman! Geez, lapit ko na sa terrible two stage! I really have to take note na iwasan na ang Toy Kingdom at Timezone! Hahaha. Before kasi, I can go here without the drama eh ngayon, required na na sasakay si Jami sa mga rides!

Jami loves cars so much!!

Cars and more cars!

Concentrating on the game!

We had a very simple weekend. On a Sunday, we stayed at home lang. We had dinner at 11pm na. I invited Daryl to go to Northgate in Alabang to try Big, Better Burger pero when we got there, wala na (or maybe close because it's a Sunday night). And since it's so late, no other restaurants were open except Mcdonald's AGAIN!! Mapupurga na ata ako but then it gave me a chance to try their new Mcrib Deluxe. =)

Mcrib Deluxe (forgot the price)
We ate at the new Mcdonald's in front of SM Southmall. I was so glad kasi it's bigger with McCafe, Play area for the kids and Drive-thru. =) I also had the chance to eat their chicken and I would say something has changed. Mas naging juicier. The last time I ate one, parang hindi naman ganon ang lasa. Anyway, it was for the better tasting chicken naman. =)

 Kayo? How did you guys enjoyed your long weekend?


  1. Wala kameng long weekend :( trabaho pa din.

  2. Those days when our girls screaming at the doctor's office.It gets better as they grow up.

  3. Astig yung "Don't Mess with Me" pic ni Jami mo! Ang cute cute! Hehe. Talaga ba, close na ang BBB sa West Gate Alabang? Sayang naman...sana sarado lang. Pero if sarado na talaga, meron pa naman sa Jupiter, Makati at etong bago kong nakita na BBB branch sa Rob Magnolia. :)

    1. Hahaha! oo nga Edel nakakatawa yang photo nya na yan. Sana nga close lang kasi we went there on a sunday night. Di ko na kasi maalala yung working hours nila. Anyway, meron din dito sa may las pinas philam na bagong bukas months ago. I am thinking na baka lumipat na sila dun from northgate.

  4. Stay at home lang kami ni bebe. Not the typical family day for us kasi wala dadhie nia.


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