Thursday, August 27, 2015

Human Nature Review Part I

I posted about my Human Nature Loot last time and I promised to have a review on those products. I chanced upon their website thru Facebook and since they have smaller bottles, I was tempted to give it a try.

Last week, during the time that Jami had a fever, I had the chance to try them and used the products until I ran out. Here's my say about them.

Terminology used : Commercialized refers to shampoo that you can see in the grocery or those well known brands. 

50ml costs P49.75
 I bought the Mandarin Fresh for both shampoo and conditioner.


1.) I like the smell of their mandarin fresh. It smell fruits and oranges.
2.) For almost 1 week that I was using the product, I didn't incur dandruff nor had an itchy head. There was no difference with the commercialized ones.
3.) After taking a bath, the shampoo's smell was still there (given that I also used the same conditioner scent).
4.) The smell of Mandarin Scent went off a little after several hours but what I liked about it is that my hair never smell mabaho or kulob or whatever. It doesn't smell the same after bath but definitely not mabaho nor matamis (due to shampoo's scent).

Needs Improvement:

1.) Human Nature's shampoo was a little watery on its consistency unlike those commercialized shampoo that are thicker. Mejo nahirapan ako since I have to use more amount of shampoo so I could reach the same bula that I get with my usual shampoo. I think it was dahil sa mejo malabnaw nga yung shampoo ng Human Nature.

Nevertheless, I liked their shampoo. I just have to use a little bit more to achieve the same bula or maybe since maliit yung bottle, I thought masyado akong konti maglagay. Hehe. The main thing here for me is that there were no difference with the commercialized and Human Nature shampoo (except theiy're organic, of course). I haven't check if it was cheaper or expensive compared to my old shampoo since I haven't been buying shampoo in the grocery (I was getting it for free from Daryl's Mom). The 200ml shampoo costs P129.75 online. I am just not sure how much yung shampoo na ginagamit ko on the same size.

Now let's go to Conditioner na.

50ml costs P49.75
I used this to pair with the Human Nature Shampoo every bath since I ccan't live without putting conditioner on. My hair has undergone treatment so I really have to use one to make sure I'll achieve the smooth hair that I want.


1.) The consistency of the conditioner was the same with the commercialized ones which I am perfectly familiar so I know how much I needed every time I take a bath.
2.) There was no difference with my old conditioner to Human Nature's Natural Conditioner. My hair stayed smooth and amoy-pawis free.
3.) After using the conditioner, I didn't have a hard time combing my hair after each bath since it provided the same dulas with my old conditioner.

Needs Improvement:

1.) There were times of the day that I get to run my fingers on my hair, may konting sabit sa dulo. It wasn't tangled-free pero sobrang slight lang naman. I don't know if I didn't use enough on my hair ends or because I wash my hair too early. It stated kasi to leave the conditioner on at least after a song or two before washing. Eh makulit ako eh. After maglagay, I wash it na. hahah! That's what I do with my old conditioner naman kasi and it was tangle-free.

I ran out of shampoo ahead of the conditioner because hindi ko matantya how much I need para bumula ang hair ko ng bongga. Ganun kasi ako magshampoo eh, gusto ko mabula. =) By the way, the cost of 200ml natural conditioner was P149.75. I am not sure if mas cheap or expensive on my old conditioner because hindi pa ako nag grocery ulit and I was buying the ones sa sachet lang.

Anyway, will I give Human Nature another try or will I consider it as a replacement for my old shampoo and conditioner?

The answer is Yes and No. Yes for conditioner, I can replace my old one for it but for the shampoo, not now. Mejo malabnaw nga kasi, mas mapapagastos ako because I'll be using a lot on my hair.

Abangan nyo ang part 2 ng aking Human Nature products. There naman, I'll review the kids shampoo and the repellent. The bath soap, I am not sure because it's taking a while bago maubos ni Jami yung exisiting soap nya. =)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Terrible Two Jami - A Start

Sorry guys ha?! I was not able to blog a lot nowadays because I lost my phone. I don't have a tool to take photos so mejo lie low muna tayo. My plan was to buy a smartphone (Samsung) or I'll have a small phone for texts and calls then I'll have Ipad na lang since I'll be using it for blogging and photos. Anyway, wala pa naman budget so it's too early to decide. Hehehe!

I miss instagram a lot na.. Huhu! Kung kelan naman nag eenjoy na ako sa gamit nya, saka naman ako nawalan ng phone. Follow nyo ko ha? @itsmommyjen

So eto na nga, what I want to blog about today was about Jami.

This weekend that passed, we stayed at home so we could take a rest. Jami just got sick last week and ayoko naman na mag umpisa na naman ng byahe. Everyday kasi, dinadala yan ng Daddy nya to their hometown tapos dun nya inaalagaan. I can't get the difference of taking care of his son sa bahay.


Anyway, I had a good 48 hours to study Jami's behavior - a little. I didn't notice that something has changed to Jami. Akala ko kasi because he was not feeling well at kagagaling lang sa sakit so he must have been really grumpy.

Yesterday, I noticed that Jami shouts a lot.

Jami: Mameee...... Mameee.... 

He was calling me and would stop until I answer back. He was shouting on top of his lungs. I thought it was normal or he was just trying to catch my attention, fine.


Jami was playing when he notice something that he wants to get from me. Say for example a pen, I wanted to write about our expenses when he would go to me and would take the pen away while saying..

Jami: Sulat.. sulat.. 
Me: No, wait. Mommy muna. 
Jami: Sulaaaaaaaaattttttt!!!!!!!!!!

Then would sit down on the floor while crying. I will do my best to make amo and would give the pen (which I do have the intention to give the pen in the first place, I was just trying to finish what I was writing about) but he won't accept. Maglulupasay sa sahig while crying and won't give in to anything that I'll say to him.


There was also a time when he was playing with his toy cars, I was in front of netbook checking my facebook account when he would cry and would give his toys to me. He was blabbering and I can't understand what he wants me to do. When I touched the cars, it was wet. Sinubo nya pala sa bibig nya out of his annoyance to the toy.

Since the toy was wet because of his laway,

Me: Okay, pupunasan ko na yung toys oh. Punas.. Punas.. while rubbing a cloth to his toy.

When I gave the toy back, he was fine and continued playing with the car.

After 30 seconds, he would cry again while giving his toy to me. I have to make sure it's all dried up then would give it back, he'll play with it and would cry again.


Last Sunday night when we were inside Amber in Las Pinas, we were waiting for our dinner to be served. He was seated in one of their high chair while I was watching what he was doing. He was playing with coins when he shouted really loud. The lady who was 3 chairs away from us looked at us with an annoyed face. I looked at her with a questioning face as to why she was annoyed. Hahaha! Oh dear, I can't wait for the day that we'll be in the mall and Jami would throw tantrums. I could already hear people's judgement and those annoying look.


This morning, he was crying again when I asked kung anong gusto nya. He was just crying and won't tell me what's the matter. When I checked him, may poop pala so I told him we'll go to bathroom.

Jami: Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! (with matching lupasay at nagpapabigat so I would have a hard time carrying him to the bathroom)

He didn't win. I took him to the bathroom so his Daddy could wash his pwet. I was dressed for work na kasi.


Out of all these.. I had a conclusion that Jami is starting a "Terrible Two" stage. I had previously read some articles about this stage and I didn't know it was true until I had Jami who was doing it now. Honestly, I feel a little hopeless. I have read that toddlers undergo this stage and they throw tantrums since they can't communicate well yet. They don't know how to express their feelings properly which always ends up on tantrums. I was torn between understanding Jami's feelings and try to view things on his own eyes without spoiling him. I don't want to make him feel naman that whatever it is that he likes, he'll gets. I want to limit the no's because I want him to experience his surroundings but I also don't want to risk that he would be so spoiled he knows that I am powerless.

I talked to Daryl last night and explain about terrible two. I know Jami is close to that stage and it's starting. I told Daryl to calm down when Jami is throwing tantrums and calmly ask him what he wants. I also told him to observe Jami closely since they will be together most of the time.

Here are the things that I am doing so far.

1.) Ask. Based on what I read, they cry because they can't communicate what they want to tell you.

I always ask him "Bakit?" or "Bakit ka umiiyak?" "Ano yun?" "Anong gusto mo?" Most often than not, he would answer with a cry but still, I ask him.. Like this instance..

Jami was crying.

Me: Bakit? Anong gusto mo? Sad ka ba? Sad??
Jami: Indi (Hindi or No) 

I think I have to tell him how to say what he feels. Like happy, sad, hurt etc.

This morning inside the car, he was sitting on my lap when he started crying again.

Jami: Pusod.. pusod..
Me: Bakit ano yun? Pusod? (then I covered his tummy with his sando)

He hugged me and stayed like that for around 5 minutes. I asked him if masakit ang tummy but he didn't answer. When I asked him to sit on my lap again, pinapalaiit nya yung tummy nya then I had an idea that his tummy aches. Kaya pala he was saying "Pusod". Hayy..

2.) Calm.

I always try my best to calm down when cries or shouts a lot. Pero there were times na I start to think na maybe it's too much na and he might grow spoiled naman. OMG, ang hirap lang.

3.) Talk.

There were times that Jami would be so grumpy I would talk to him. I would hold his face so his attention will be at me then I would start talking saying "diba sabi ko be good ka lang?" then he would start to cry a little as if he's trying to defend what he did. I don't know if he understood what I said pero at least, I tried my best to communicate. Hehe.

So yan, mga bakla. Yan lang muna ginagawa ko today. I don't know yet if this works pero I am hoping that this will past and Jami would not be spoiled naman. =)

Kayo? Any tips?.. =)

Enjoy the rest of your week. =)

Friday, August 21, 2015

I Lost My Phone This Morning

I am feeling under the weather today.

I woke up because Nanay was asking where my phone was. I was too sleepy pa so I said, "anjan lang".

She said Kuya's phone was missing daw so I better look for mine. When I checked where I placed it last night (partially under my pillow), it was not there. I thought Daryl used it the night before when I was asleep since he tends to surf the net before going to sleep. He checked where he usually put it but to no avail. We started searching for the bed since I always, always sleep with my phone. Unfortunately, it wasn't there.

Nanay said that Kuya's phone was nowhere to be found too.

We were robbed.

Pinagtali-tali namin ang story and we came up that the suspect got hold of our gadgets from our window.

Our window was like that. Nanay put a soft net to cover the window so to make sure na hindi basta papasok ang mga insects or even dust from outside. She said, when she woke up, the net was rolled down on one side and the windows were open wide when she or my brother was able to close it a bit because it rained hard that night before Daryl and I arrived home.Our bed, from where we were sleeping, was slightly close to the side of the window. It's perpendicular to the wall where the window was. Thinking about it, if that person would want to hurt me, he could have done so because my head was really close to the window. Same as my brother who was sleeping near the other window in our sala.

Kuya's phone was placed in one of the television shelves where he usually put it when he sleeps. He said that he charged it before going to sleep but when he woke up, he was left with a charger na lang. He went outside and to our window to see if the shelf was reachable from the outside, and yes, it was.

They tried calling my brother's phone and it rang. Someone picked up the call and dropped it after 3 hello's from my sister. We tried mine but the night before, it was critically low battery so by this time, I know it was fully battery drained.

We're in this apartment for 2 years now. It wasn't the first time that it rained for sure. It wasn't also the first time that we left the windows slightly open. What was really mind blowing was, how could be an outsider know where we put our phones when we sleep. Yes, it might be common sense that people would sleep with their phones. My point is, I put my phone anywhere. It could be under the bed, above, under my pillow or Jami's pillow. Literally everywhere. My brother might have been placing his phone from the same spot but the things is, it was dark inside our house at night because all lights were closed except from our comfort room (where the door is slightly closed to completely closed to dim the lights further). Both phones were black so how the hell he found where it was placed? We have a speculation na baka nagmamasid na sa bahay everyday without us knowing. It's bizarre also that our dog didn't bark in a presence of an unknown person. Well, tumatahol ang aso namin kahit sinong pumasok basically lalo na if he heard voices. We don't know if it's raining hard last night that blinded our dogs sense of smell, and ears. 

Kuya wasn't really worried because he had a Cherry Mobile Flare and he was able to back up all files. At the same time, he has a spare company phone. I didn't feel sad at first since the phone was a bit old and I have been planning to replace it since last month. Most of the apps there were outdated even IG. That's the reason I can't post videos or even repost. What made me really feel sad now was about the pictures and videos of Jami. I had plenty of them on my phone and it has been almost a year since the last time I synced it on my netbook. The later was broken so I have all the files kept on my phone for the mean time. I felt I lost Jami's half year because all of his video went missing. I wanted to cry. He had videos there when he was only 10 months when he was starting to communicate loudly. There were some videos he specifically look for when he got hold of my phone like "Ball" when he was inside ball of pool of in Austin Land, SM Southmall. He would also look for "siso" (seesaw) when he was riding a toy car inside Timezone. He also has a video of him singing so loudly and adorably one fine afternoon.

I failed to back up all the files since for me it's so matrabaho and I don't have time to do so. Those were the things that I failed to upload on my facebook account nor IG because of slow internet connection.

What to do now? I was so mad because I lost most precious things - Jami's progress that was witnessed by my old phone. If I could just ask the robber to just leave the files and the SIM card and take the phone, I'll be happy too. I don't need the phone, kanya na isaksak nya sa baga nya! Nakakainis lang because the value of that phone doesn't even match the files inside it! I have done my best to log in to my microsoft account so to see if somehow some of the photos or videos were backed up pero I can't remember the password I put into. It was still tied up in my phone number and said they will call me me with a code pero how I can I answer naman kung wala sakin ang phone. I don't want to give up for those files but how could I get it back. I don't know what to do =(

Bakit ba may mga taong ganyan! They don't realize that it wasn't the material things that matters to you, it was those precious times you had with your loved ones na andun sa cellphone na yun. I am so pissed knowing that I won't be able to watch all the videos I took and kept for God knows why then suddenly, kukunin lang ng mga walang kwentang tao! I know I am being emotional pero that's what matters to me! I don't know if Jami would sing the same way he did when I video-ed it. He would surely not cry and smile the way he did when he was toothless. I know I have plenty of those to capture in the coming years pero bakit di man lang ako binigyan ng warning? Sana man lang nailipat ko ang files sa hard drive!!

To the person who took my precious memories,

Ma- tegi ka na sana, now na!


Attended a Jollibee Party

Last weekend, we were invited to attend a kiddie party in Jollibee Buendia - Baustista.

It was Jami's second cousins in Daryl's side of the family birthdays. There were 3 of them, siblings who share the same month of their birthdays! Amazing!!. Panganay was 20th, second was 5th and the bunso was 14th. Ang galing lang.. Hehe! So tipid ng birthday nila, it can always be celebrated with the 3 of them.

Anyway, I did the laundry before we went to the party so I was quite tired. Good thing, Daryl was able to borrow his Mom's car so it was easier for us to get to the venue.

Jami loves Mommy shades!! :p
I told Jami to wear my eyewear muna so to cover the pasa he had along his nosebridge and under his eyes. I was surprised that he really like to wear glasses.

Please excuse my double chin! Arrrgghh!
See? even when he fell asleep, ayaw ipatanggal yung shades nya. Whenever I remove it, he would cry then would make sure it fits perfectly on him before going back to sleep. Nakakalokang bata ito! hehe. =)

But wait, let me show you the mommy and Jami #ootd muna. Hehehe

Top and Jeans from JusTees ; Shoes from Tough Kids (All from SM Dept Store) ; eyewear from Mommy
 When I was having Jami wear his #DwyaneJamesOOTD, his Daddy said na pangit daw because Jami was wearing a "bitin-looking-pants". Hindi kaya! Ang pogi diba? Hehe. I just have to fold the end because it was too long to be a 3/4 shorts for Jami. Anyway, I received a lot of complement naman. He was wearing the hat that his Tita Fraulene gave. One said that he looked like Vhong and Billy Crawford's style. Hehe! I have to agree on that.. **Credits to Mommy, come on!** =P

Romper from GTW by SM; Wedge from Liliw, Laguna ; Belt from Cole Vintage
Please pardon the strap of my bra! Hindi man lang sinabi sakin ni Daryl na hindi pala maayos sa likod! Hmmmpp!! Bakit ganyan ang mga guys, hindi nila magets kung bakit kelangan natin girls na mag #OOTD shots diba?! Gahhhddd...

We arrived just in time for the party.

During one of the games.
There were games for both kids and adults and the host was hilarious. I loved how he conducted the party. =)

Jami being restless. Can't sit still!
Jami can't sit still. He always go in front where the cake was at tutusukin ang cake until there was an icing on his finger saka lang aalis then would eat the icing. hayyy.. I think I made saway him for 4 times.

Until it was Jollibee's turn to hit the dance floor and meet the kids. Jami was so stunned to see the mascot again. He saw him when he was 10 or 11 months old, then now when he's about to turn 2. I was planning to celebrate his birthday with Jollibee too. =)

Jollibee and his crew danced in the tune of "I love you, Sabado" which I recorded some parts of his dance for Jami's entertainment in the future. =)

The good looking family who invited us. =)
Happy Birthday Archelle, Prince and Adellhane. Thanks Mommy and Daddy for inviting us. We surely had fun. =)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vita Cubes - Your Healthy Candy Choice

I was one of the lucky Moms that was invited at VitaCubes Fun Day product launch.

The generous people behind Vita Cubes allowed us Moms to take home equally generous amount of their product to try.

I went home with this goodies..

The box at the back contains 10 more vitacubes pack inside.
Vitacubes are cubed-shaped jelly candies that come in five different fruit flavors - strawberry, apple, grape, orange and mango.

Aside from having a delicious taste, Vita Cubes are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that are important for growing children.

Lysine - contains 70% of the child's RENI. Alds the body in proper growth and energy production. Also helps in calcuim absorption.

Zinc - contains 70% of the child's Recommended Energy and Nutritional (RENI). Zinc is known to help in proper functioning of the immune and digestive systems, energy metabolism, and in increasing the rate of healing for wounds.

Vitamin A - contains 40% of the child's RENI. Helps in increasing the body's immunity to fight infections. Also plays an important role in ensuring healthy eyes and bone development.

Vitamin B - supplies 30-70% if the child's RENI.  Promotes growth and strength and stimulates memory in children in their formative years. Helps boost the oxygen circulation in the body, especially the brain, whicj in turn improved concentration. Helps convert carbohydrates and fats into energy.

Vitamin C- supplies 30% if the child's RENI. Helps form and repair red blood cells, bones and tissues. Helps your child's gum stay healthy. Strengthens your child's blood vessels, minimizing bruising from falls and scrapes. Helps cuts and wounds heal, boosts the immune system, and keeps infections at bay. Helps the body absorb iron from food sources.

Vitamin E - supplies 45% of the child's RENI. Boosts the immune system and helps the body fight germs. Keeps blood vessles open wide enough for blood to flow freely. Helps the cells of the body work together to perform many important functions.

That's a lot right?! I didn't know that this small jelly can be very healthy.

In one instance, I brought one pack (50g) with me during our visit to Jami's pedia so I could munch on something while waiting. Hahah! Ako pa talaga ang kakain diba? I was expecting Jami that he won't finish the whole pack kasi eh so I know once I open it, I'll have to eat the rest. Good thing it was really yummy so I am okay with that. Anyway, I completely forgot to open it during our consultation. We then headed to SM Southmall for some Mommy and Jami bonding. I had Jami to sit down in one of SM Department Stores cart since we can't bring his bulky stroller with just the two of us. When he was seated, we went ahead with our window shopping until I remembered the pack of Vita Cubes in my bag. I gave it to Jami and opened it so he won't get bored and have something to eat while we were inside the fitting room.

I was so surprised that he loved it. He ate most of them and left only just 3 pieces to me. =( Ang sad, expected ko ng kakain ako nun eh. Anyhow, I saw him having some fun time facing the mirror while eating Vita Cubes. =)

What made me more surprised was, Nanay loves it too.. What? Hindi po yun mahilig sa sweets kasi she's diabetic but when she saw one pack inside my bag, she ate them and said na masarap daw. I told her that we have plenty of them sa house and she said she thought di daw masarap kaya dinededma.

I am so glad that everybody I know loves Vita Cubes, even Daryl. There were nights that he'll eat some while watching T.V. I brought some in the office and my office mates love it too..

Dahil sa gusto pala nila, ayun.. tinitipid-tipid ko na yung supply ko. Hahahah!



1. Really very yummy. I can have this anytime of the day especially after meal. Perfect for desserts, at least for me. Healthy na affordable pa =)
2. Available in small packs so kids can appreciate the amount of sweets they would consume.
3. Comes in different flavors. My personal favorite was the grape, apple, strawberry and orange. Not a fan of mango. :p

Needs Improvement: 

1. Sugar. I hope they could improve on the amount of sugar per jelly cube.

Yummy has never been this healthy. Healthy has never been this yummy! - Vita Cubes

Vita Cubes is available at all Mercury Drug outlets, SM Supermarkets, Robinson's Supermarkets, Waltermart, Landmark, Puregold, Mini Stop and local grocery stores.

This goodies can be bought per box (containing 10pcs of 50g packs) or per individual 50g pack. It's also available in singles (P1.00 per piece) that are available at sari-sari stores, supermarkets, and local grocery stores. Each 50g pack is at p12 (SRP).

Again, Thank you Vita Cubes and Rebisco for the wonderful opportunity. =)

Go buy na, Mothers. =)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend Shopping Loots

The weekend that passed was a busy one for my family.

Jami bumped his head and had a very big bukol on his forehead last Wednesday. So kawawa talaga kasi ang laki ng bukol nya, nag mukha na syang avatar. =(

Anyway, I didn't bother so much kasi I trust that Nanay and Tita Fraulene would take care of Jami very well. I know that if the untog was really worst then they would bring him immediately to the hospital.

I got worried last Friday since his bukol showed a big bruise in the middle. I know I just have to bring him to his pedia to have it check for sure. I didn't go to work so I could go with him to the clinic.

Warm compress courtesy of Daddy
We were told to warm compress his forehead to lessen the bukol. His nose bridge quite swollen because of the big bukol. Look at his eyes, can you see that it looked like he was punched in the eyes because of the blood going down the sides of his nose bridge until under his eyes. Sobrang kawawa naman. Hayyy..

The doctor saw that he was his usual self - malikot, hyper and masayahin so she opted not to order a CT Scan for Jami. She said to observe him in the coming days. As long as he's not sleepy than usual, not vomiting, he should be good.

After our pedia visit, I was planning to go to SM BF since I haven't been there, timely they were on 3 day sale last weekend and I really want to check it out. However, since it is just me and Jami, I don't think it will be a good idea. I may not enjoy going there because of the non-stop habol and karga with Jami. I decided to go to SM Southmall instead which is a walking distance from pedia's clinic.

When we got there, I was so hungry so we ate first at Jollibee thinking that Jami would eat spaghetti.

Look at his nose, mejo namamaga pa.
After a while, we headed to SM Department Store to check if there were clothes for toddlers that are on sale. I don't want to buy clothes in SM kasi na hindi naka sale eh. I usually wait for one. =) Timely, I was given a P500 SM GC that I decided to use. We kept on roaming around from kids section to check what would best fit to Jami. I used in seeing him with shorts that was hand me downs mostly from his older cousins. This would actually a first time to buy a short or a pants for him. I am in a constant lookout of a nice pants for Jami. I want him to wear a jeans that's well fitted. Well, most of their pants were not on sale so I skipped that part muna. I just want him to wear something new naman since most of his shirts and pants were given to him on his first birthday pa. I guess it will be the best time naman na to get him new clothes. =) Besides, sooner or later, he would choose what he will wear so why not take advantage of the now. hehe.

I forgot to take photo of the clothes pero we got to wore it the next day for a Jollibee party. =)

Shirt P159.20 ; Shorts P200 both from Jus Tees ; Shoes from Tough Kids - everything from SM Dept Store.
The top was at 20% less and the pants was on 50% so I guess it was a good buy na din. I was planning to have him use his new shoes that I bought in a bazaar which I will be blogging about next, however, mejo maliit the size that I got so I have to replace it muna. He was wearing his hat that he wore here. I forgot to make him wear his hat, kulang tuloy yung #DwyaneJamesOOTD nya. Hehehe!

While I was thinking if I'll buy him his new shorts and top, I have decided to check the ladies section as well. I want to see if I can find something that I can wear on a children's party. As I have told you, all my clothes were luma na so one of my goals nowadays is to at least replace them and basically make them retire na from my closet.

As I was about to give up, I saw this really cute rompers in one of SM Department Stores' rack. I immediately fell in love. The only problem is, they come in Small and Medium sizes only. Anticipating that my size is Large (yes, I was kind of trying to accept it na. Pero hindi pa naman fully! hehe), I became sad knowing that they have no stocks left so I guess I have to hope that they would fit on me. =)

Mommy! I can't open the Vita Cubes pack!!
Jami was making kulit.
Hmmm... Yummy!

I placed him to SM's cart so I could roam around hehehe! We can't bring his stroller with just the two of us since it's very bulky. He was happy naman to be seated there. hehe! I just have to make sure that I won't leave him alone and always tell him to "sit down" as in maya't maya I am reminding him to sit down. I am so glad that he listens to me naman. When I have to go down to check what's underneath each rack, I just have to hold the basket so I would know if he's moving or doing something.

Anyway, I ended up getting the romper on the first photo which I think fits the best among the 3 styles that I got. The Second one was a little small for my bust area. Sayang lang because I like it as well. Hindi halatang malaki ang tummy. =) I skipped the last one. It was a dress and mejo masikip din on the bust area. Sayang lang because I like it as well for a weekend get up. =)

Later on, I still kept on going back to kids section to check naman which gift will we give to the birthday celebrant. While browsing thru, I felt that Jami was so silent and checked on him. I saw him like this..

Mommy!! I am getting bored na!!
Hayy naku, lalaki ka nga talaga, Anak!

Munching on Vita Cubes while Mommy was so busy. :p
Side kwento:

I was in the cashier na paying our items. I gave my SM advantage card and was reminded na expired na since July 2015. I have to renew since sayang naman yung mga points ko there. Anyhow, I was looking for my purse and searching my ATM since I planned to pay using my debit card. Unfortunately, I forgot that I gave my savings ATM card to Nanay and forgot to get it back. I was panicky since I don't have ample amount of cash on hand. Buti na lang, I remember having the P1k I kept in my bag for our house rent. Hahahaha! Borrow muna. I was also saved by the SM GC, whew! Thank God. Hehehe.

Mommy Jen was so happy with the purchase since one of my goals are on track. =)

Kayo? What are your recent loots?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Human Nature Loots

Couple of weeks ago, I was doing some work here in the office, seated like I was at home when I felt something has bit me. I thought..

"bakit may lamok dito sa 30th?!"

I have been working here for quite a while and never been bitten by a mosquito. Aside sa airconditioned naman ang office, I don't think mosquito will be present here.

Until I realized na it may be insect since I had my skin na nakadikit sa mga kanto ng chair. When I checked it, I saw surot!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what to feel pero natakot ako because I don't want blood sucking insects talaga. I had some experiences with them at ayaw na ayaw ko talaga sa kanila.

What happened to me has been a talk here in the office for hours. Hahaha! Mga takot din kasi sa surot. Come on! You can bring those home kapag sumama sa damit mo or sa pants etc.

Anyway, I was so eager to buy insect repellent when I saw Human Nature being advertised on Facebook. I checked their website and I was hooked. I was thinking of reviewing them first then I'll tell you if it worked for me or not but then decided to blog about it now so I can show you my loot. =)

Came with this cute box :p
Hair Conditioner for Me

Shampoo for Me
My hair undergone a major renovation this year! Hahaha! Renovation talaga. So I wanted to use something organic para mejo hindi sobrang harsh sa hair. =)

Shampoo for Jami

Bath Soap for Jami
I am in search of a toddler shampoo for Jami. His old shampoo no longer works its wonders to him. Whenever I bath Jami, after a while lang, pinagpapawisan na agad then he would smell pawis na naman. I am using another commercial shampoo for him currently and I'll see if that works for him. If yes, then I'll tell you about it too. =)

Insect Repellent
I am hoping to give these product a try by next week once maubos yung mga existing na ginagamit ko ngayon. =)

Kayo? Have you tried Human Nature?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mati's Meat & Bread in Filinvest Alabang

It's been quiet a while since I last posted about our food trips here no?!

Well, we have not been eating out lately kaya wala talaga akong maipost. I don't know what happened pero our mall pasyal was lessened. Hmm.. I think I have to check on that. Oh, I know! Probably because I have been into online shopping na. Hehehe! I promise to share with you my loots kapag sinipag akong mag photoshoot sa kanila. =)

Anyway, couple of weeks ago, I bought a voucher from one of my trusted group buying site for Mati's Meat and Bread. I originally saw a blog post about it from Mrsmommyholic and at that moment, I realized di pa pala ako nakakakain ng steak. Hehehe! Pork Steak na ulam, Oo pero yung steak talaga, hindi pa. Since affordable naman yung voucher and I have an idea with the store's menu and prices, I bought 2 vouchers for Daryl and I's consumption.

I was planning to use it for our 9th year anniversary celebration pero it didn't happen because of a wedding that we have to attend to. We had our short side trip to Baguio instead. I have just realized recently that the voucher is ending soon so I really have to use it na.

I wanted to use it on a Saturday since I work on weekdays and goes home really late na. Last Saturday was the day. I printed the voucher and called the store. I have read on the Terms of the voucher that you have to call at least a day to reserve depending on the amount of diners they have for the day. I was surprised when they told me I could come the same day. Yey!!

Jami, Mommy and Daddy all went to Festival Mall in Alabang. I wasn't that familiar in Festival Mall talaga and that night, it's raining so hindi din kami nakapagliwaliw ng husto. Besides, we arrived around 8pm na so pa close na din yung ibang stores. We parked the car sa kabilang side (Alabang-Zapote Exit) but the Mati's Meat and Bread was located sa kabilang side pa. Jeske! Ayun, walkathon lang kami =)

One of the things that I noticed was, it was across the mall so we really have to walk our way from the mall to the river park which was a newly established are of the mall.

Since it was raining that night, I was not able to take photo of the store outside. It was really nice pa naman and looks so cozy and sosyal. It was funny nga kasi we Daryl and I had a convo..

Daryl: Dito tayo kakain? Mukhang sosyal mga tao eh, di ako comfortable.

Me: Ok lang yan, at least we could try something new naman. =)

Anyway, I won so kumain talaga kami dun. Hahaha! As we entered the store, there were only around 2-3 families dining in so hindi masyadong overwhelming ang pagka sosyal ng mga tao. hahaha! I am not used din kasi on fine dinings. I mean, yes I can do it pero it wasn't as done as often.

We were given the menu and waited for our food. I can't review the mismong place because it's night time and it was raining hard so hindi maganda ang view sa labas. Ok sana since we were seated sa may window glass overlooking the man-made green grass and the river. Maybe next time. Maganda siguro dito on a fine morning or night kasi hindi masyadong mainit. =)

Daddy and Jami
 Look how blurred the photo on Jami's part. Grabe sobrang likot kasi he can't sit still. We placed him on a high chair and was asking him to smile pero waley.. He wants to run around the place.

Mommy and Jami's turn. Told you! Can't stay still for 1 second.

My little pogi! :p

After around 7-10 minutes, our food arrived.

We have to keep this away kasi Jami wants to play with it.

250g Sofia's BBQ Pork Ribs P325

USDA Steak and Fries P395
I know I didn't give justice to the food. Hahaha! Wala kasi akong camera, just my phone kaya ayan. Plus, it wasn't really maliwanag in the place so mejo ganyan. #dahilanpamore



1.) I love theur BBQ Pork Ribs. I was surprised that Daryl and Jami liked it too. It's very malasa and perfect with rice. Mejo maalat nga lang if you would eat it alone (without rice).
2.) The fries and steak was okay. It's my first time to eat a steak so I am not sure if it's best tasting or what. I would try my best to eat steak in the future so I will have an idea. Hehe.
3.) Serving was quite okay din. Tama lang for the amount you have to pay.
4.) It's a plus that you have the option to change from bread to rice if you are really hungry (without additional fee).
5.) Staff are accommodating and friendly. They pay attention to their guest's needs.
6.) The place have a rustic vibe and the glass window is perfect (with great scenery outside).
7.) Satisfied with food and it arrived shortly after we ordered. 

Needs Improvement:

1.) It's across the mall and you really have to walk your way to the other side. On our case, it's raining so we have to walk from the mall to their place which is hassle kasi walang covered area that connects them to the mall.

2.) I hope they'll have comfy seats in the future.

Jami ate a little since he was busy playing with a big girl on the other table. He was shouting and mejo nakakahiya sa ibang guests but I don't care, he's just 1 anyway. =)

Oh, We also ordered additional garlic rice for P60 ( not in the picture) since Daryl was so hungry na he ate them all. Hehehe! Naghati naman kasi sa white rice so he had 1 and a half. Jami doesn't like the steak and the fries so I ate them. Also we had coke for drinks

Our total bill was P926 (inclusive of service charge) but since we had P600 worth of voucher, we paid only P326. Pwede na diba? We may be coming back but not really soon. =)

Mainly, I am glad I gave Mati's Meat & Bread a try. =)

If you want to see the menu, you may check at here (from

Mati's Meat & Bread
River Park, Festival Mall
Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
Contact Number : (02) 847-22-73

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

LIFE.. Yoga | Food | Music

There's a new concept establishment in Bonifacio Global City which creates a harmonious relationship between yoga, food and music and it was named - LIFE.
Life is focused on celebrating life as it happens. The team behind it is focused on the holistic nature of yoga and believes that the practice of it should travel from mat to every facet of one's lifestyle.

Here are the types of yoga that LIFE has to offer : 

 You can enjoy these classes in very affordable rates.

LIFE Yoga is located at 2/F Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

For more information about LIFE you may visit them on the following links:


Facebook: Lifeyogafoodmusic


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