Friday, August 21, 2015

Attended a Jollibee Party

Last weekend, we were invited to attend a kiddie party in Jollibee Buendia - Baustista.

It was Jami's second cousins in Daryl's side of the family birthdays. There were 3 of them, siblings who share the same month of their birthdays! Amazing!!. Panganay was 20th, second was 5th and the bunso was 14th. Ang galing lang.. Hehe! So tipid ng birthday nila, it can always be celebrated with the 3 of them.

Anyway, I did the laundry before we went to the party so I was quite tired. Good thing, Daryl was able to borrow his Mom's car so it was easier for us to get to the venue.

Jami loves Mommy shades!! :p
I told Jami to wear my eyewear muna so to cover the pasa he had along his nosebridge and under his eyes. I was surprised that he really like to wear glasses.

Please excuse my double chin! Arrrgghh!
See? even when he fell asleep, ayaw ipatanggal yung shades nya. Whenever I remove it, he would cry then would make sure it fits perfectly on him before going back to sleep. Nakakalokang bata ito! hehe. =)

But wait, let me show you the mommy and Jami #ootd muna. Hehehe

Top and Jeans from JusTees ; Shoes from Tough Kids (All from SM Dept Store) ; eyewear from Mommy
 When I was having Jami wear his #DwyaneJamesOOTD, his Daddy said na pangit daw because Jami was wearing a "bitin-looking-pants". Hindi kaya! Ang pogi diba? Hehe. I just have to fold the end because it was too long to be a 3/4 shorts for Jami. Anyway, I received a lot of complement naman. He was wearing the hat that his Tita Fraulene gave. One said that he looked like Vhong and Billy Crawford's style. Hehe! I have to agree on that.. **Credits to Mommy, come on!** =P

Romper from GTW by SM; Wedge from Liliw, Laguna ; Belt from Cole Vintage
Please pardon the strap of my bra! Hindi man lang sinabi sakin ni Daryl na hindi pala maayos sa likod! Hmmmpp!! Bakit ganyan ang mga guys, hindi nila magets kung bakit kelangan natin girls na mag #OOTD shots diba?! Gahhhddd...

We arrived just in time for the party.

During one of the games.
There were games for both kids and adults and the host was hilarious. I loved how he conducted the party. =)

Jami being restless. Can't sit still!
Jami can't sit still. He always go in front where the cake was at tutusukin ang cake until there was an icing on his finger saka lang aalis then would eat the icing. hayyy.. I think I made saway him for 4 times.

Until it was Jollibee's turn to hit the dance floor and meet the kids. Jami was so stunned to see the mascot again. He saw him when he was 10 or 11 months old, then now when he's about to turn 2. I was planning to celebrate his birthday with Jollibee too. =)

Jollibee and his crew danced in the tune of "I love you, Sabado" which I recorded some parts of his dance for Jami's entertainment in the future. =)

The good looking family who invited us. =)
Happy Birthday Archelle, Prince and Adellhane. Thanks Mommy and Daddy for inviting us. We surely had fun. =)

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