Monday, August 17, 2015

Human Nature Loots

Couple of weeks ago, I was doing some work here in the office, seated like I was at home when I felt something has bit me. I thought..

"bakit may lamok dito sa 30th?!"

I have been working here for quite a while and never been bitten by a mosquito. Aside sa airconditioned naman ang office, I don't think mosquito will be present here.

Until I realized na it may be insect since I had my skin na nakadikit sa mga kanto ng chair. When I checked it, I saw surot!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what to feel pero natakot ako because I don't want blood sucking insects talaga. I had some experiences with them at ayaw na ayaw ko talaga sa kanila.

What happened to me has been a talk here in the office for hours. Hahaha! Mga takot din kasi sa surot. Come on! You can bring those home kapag sumama sa damit mo or sa pants etc.

Anyway, I was so eager to buy insect repellent when I saw Human Nature being advertised on Facebook. I checked their website and I was hooked. I was thinking of reviewing them first then I'll tell you if it worked for me or not but then decided to blog about it now so I can show you my loot. =)

Came with this cute box :p
Hair Conditioner for Me

Shampoo for Me
My hair undergone a major renovation this year! Hahaha! Renovation talaga. So I wanted to use something organic para mejo hindi sobrang harsh sa hair. =)

Shampoo for Jami

Bath Soap for Jami
I am in search of a toddler shampoo for Jami. His old shampoo no longer works its wonders to him. Whenever I bath Jami, after a while lang, pinagpapawisan na agad then he would smell pawis na naman. I am using another commercial shampoo for him currently and I'll see if that works for him. If yes, then I'll tell you about it too. =)

Insect Repellent
I am hoping to give these product a try by next week once maubos yung mga existing na ginagamit ko ngayon. =)

Kayo? Have you tried Human Nature?


  1. I loved their sunflower oil! Pang moisturizer din at pang minimize ng stretch marks!

  2. Okay yung human nature. Actually, yan ang unang gamit namin kay Rhian then nag change nalang kami nung naubos na yung stock namin. :)

    1. Di ko pa nagagamit yung kay Jami na shampoo and bath soap kasi I still have some. =)

  3. Will wait for your review of those products, Jen. Organic products are said to be superior. Mas pricey nga lang pero kung makakaganda naman sa katawan, sa health, sa environment, okay na rin, diba? :)

    1. Oo nga Edel, Thanks a lot. I am trying them na. =)

  4. I am using their intimate wash Jen, maganda din siya and way much cheaper that other brands. Good thing pa, theirs is organic. You don't want to use too much chemical down there right. The biggest size of it lasted 3 months or so sakin, laking tipid din.


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