Thursday, August 27, 2015

Human Nature Review Part I

I posted about my Human Nature Loot last time and I promised to have a review on those products. I chanced upon their website thru Facebook and since they have smaller bottles, I was tempted to give it a try.

Last week, during the time that Jami had a fever, I had the chance to try them and used the products until I ran out. Here's my say about them.

Terminology used : Commercialized refers to shampoo that you can see in the grocery or those well known brands. 

50ml costs P49.75
 I bought the Mandarin Fresh for both shampoo and conditioner.


1.) I like the smell of their mandarin fresh. It smell fruits and oranges.
2.) For almost 1 week that I was using the product, I didn't incur dandruff nor had an itchy head. There was no difference with the commercialized ones.
3.) After taking a bath, the shampoo's smell was still there (given that I also used the same conditioner scent).
4.) The smell of Mandarin Scent went off a little after several hours but what I liked about it is that my hair never smell mabaho or kulob or whatever. It doesn't smell the same after bath but definitely not mabaho nor matamis (due to shampoo's scent).

Needs Improvement:

1.) Human Nature's shampoo was a little watery on its consistency unlike those commercialized shampoo that are thicker. Mejo nahirapan ako since I have to use more amount of shampoo so I could reach the same bula that I get with my usual shampoo. I think it was dahil sa mejo malabnaw nga yung shampoo ng Human Nature.

Nevertheless, I liked their shampoo. I just have to use a little bit more to achieve the same bula or maybe since maliit yung bottle, I thought masyado akong konti maglagay. Hehe. The main thing here for me is that there were no difference with the commercialized and Human Nature shampoo (except theiy're organic, of course). I haven't check if it was cheaper or expensive compared to my old shampoo since I haven't been buying shampoo in the grocery (I was getting it for free from Daryl's Mom). The 200ml shampoo costs P129.75 online. I am just not sure how much yung shampoo na ginagamit ko on the same size.

Now let's go to Conditioner na.

50ml costs P49.75
I used this to pair with the Human Nature Shampoo every bath since I ccan't live without putting conditioner on. My hair has undergone treatment so I really have to use one to make sure I'll achieve the smooth hair that I want.


1.) The consistency of the conditioner was the same with the commercialized ones which I am perfectly familiar so I know how much I needed every time I take a bath.
2.) There was no difference with my old conditioner to Human Nature's Natural Conditioner. My hair stayed smooth and amoy-pawis free.
3.) After using the conditioner, I didn't have a hard time combing my hair after each bath since it provided the same dulas with my old conditioner.

Needs Improvement:

1.) There were times of the day that I get to run my fingers on my hair, may konting sabit sa dulo. It wasn't tangled-free pero sobrang slight lang naman. I don't know if I didn't use enough on my hair ends or because I wash my hair too early. It stated kasi to leave the conditioner on at least after a song or two before washing. Eh makulit ako eh. After maglagay, I wash it na. hahah! That's what I do with my old conditioner naman kasi and it was tangle-free.

I ran out of shampoo ahead of the conditioner because hindi ko matantya how much I need para bumula ang hair ko ng bongga. Ganun kasi ako magshampoo eh, gusto ko mabula. =) By the way, the cost of 200ml natural conditioner was P149.75. I am not sure if mas cheap or expensive on my old conditioner because hindi pa ako nag grocery ulit and I was buying the ones sa sachet lang.

Anyway, will I give Human Nature another try or will I consider it as a replacement for my old shampoo and conditioner?

The answer is Yes and No. Yes for conditioner, I can replace my old one for it but for the shampoo, not now. Mejo malabnaw nga kasi, mas mapapagastos ako because I'll be using a lot on my hair.

Abangan nyo ang part 2 ng aking Human Nature products. There naman, I'll review the kids shampoo and the repellent. The bath soap, I am not sure because it's taking a while bago maubos ni Jami yung exisiting soap nya. =)


  1. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.

  2. I am huge Human Nature fan. My baby's using the baby wash until now. Dati she's using Cetaphyl and Burt's Bees. but both are so mahal. Thank heavens I found the body wash. And I'm using everything na - shampoo, soap, detergent, dishwashing, blush. Hahaha!


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