Friday, August 21, 2015

I Lost My Phone This Morning

I am feeling under the weather today.

I woke up because Nanay was asking where my phone was. I was too sleepy pa so I said, "anjan lang".

She said Kuya's phone was missing daw so I better look for mine. When I checked where I placed it last night (partially under my pillow), it was not there. I thought Daryl used it the night before when I was asleep since he tends to surf the net before going to sleep. He checked where he usually put it but to no avail. We started searching for the bed since I always, always sleep with my phone. Unfortunately, it wasn't there.

Nanay said that Kuya's phone was nowhere to be found too.

We were robbed.

Pinagtali-tali namin ang story and we came up that the suspect got hold of our gadgets from our window.

Our window was like that. Nanay put a soft net to cover the window so to make sure na hindi basta papasok ang mga insects or even dust from outside. She said, when she woke up, the net was rolled down on one side and the windows were open wide when she or my brother was able to close it a bit because it rained hard that night before Daryl and I arrived home.Our bed, from where we were sleeping, was slightly close to the side of the window. It's perpendicular to the wall where the window was. Thinking about it, if that person would want to hurt me, he could have done so because my head was really close to the window. Same as my brother who was sleeping near the other window in our sala.

Kuya's phone was placed in one of the television shelves where he usually put it when he sleeps. He said that he charged it before going to sleep but when he woke up, he was left with a charger na lang. He went outside and to our window to see if the shelf was reachable from the outside, and yes, it was.

They tried calling my brother's phone and it rang. Someone picked up the call and dropped it after 3 hello's from my sister. We tried mine but the night before, it was critically low battery so by this time, I know it was fully battery drained.

We're in this apartment for 2 years now. It wasn't the first time that it rained for sure. It wasn't also the first time that we left the windows slightly open. What was really mind blowing was, how could be an outsider know where we put our phones when we sleep. Yes, it might be common sense that people would sleep with their phones. My point is, I put my phone anywhere. It could be under the bed, above, under my pillow or Jami's pillow. Literally everywhere. My brother might have been placing his phone from the same spot but the things is, it was dark inside our house at night because all lights were closed except from our comfort room (where the door is slightly closed to completely closed to dim the lights further). Both phones were black so how the hell he found where it was placed? We have a speculation na baka nagmamasid na sa bahay everyday without us knowing. It's bizarre also that our dog didn't bark in a presence of an unknown person. Well, tumatahol ang aso namin kahit sinong pumasok basically lalo na if he heard voices. We don't know if it's raining hard last night that blinded our dogs sense of smell, and ears. 

Kuya wasn't really worried because he had a Cherry Mobile Flare and he was able to back up all files. At the same time, he has a spare company phone. I didn't feel sad at first since the phone was a bit old and I have been planning to replace it since last month. Most of the apps there were outdated even IG. That's the reason I can't post videos or even repost. What made me really feel sad now was about the pictures and videos of Jami. I had plenty of them on my phone and it has been almost a year since the last time I synced it on my netbook. The later was broken so I have all the files kept on my phone for the mean time. I felt I lost Jami's half year because all of his video went missing. I wanted to cry. He had videos there when he was only 10 months when he was starting to communicate loudly. There were some videos he specifically look for when he got hold of my phone like "Ball" when he was inside ball of pool of in Austin Land, SM Southmall. He would also look for "siso" (seesaw) when he was riding a toy car inside Timezone. He also has a video of him singing so loudly and adorably one fine afternoon.

I failed to back up all the files since for me it's so matrabaho and I don't have time to do so. Those were the things that I failed to upload on my facebook account nor IG because of slow internet connection.

What to do now? I was so mad because I lost most precious things - Jami's progress that was witnessed by my old phone. If I could just ask the robber to just leave the files and the SIM card and take the phone, I'll be happy too. I don't need the phone, kanya na isaksak nya sa baga nya! Nakakainis lang because the value of that phone doesn't even match the files inside it! I have done my best to log in to my microsoft account so to see if somehow some of the photos or videos were backed up pero I can't remember the password I put into. It was still tied up in my phone number and said they will call me me with a code pero how I can I answer naman kung wala sakin ang phone. I don't want to give up for those files but how could I get it back. I don't know what to do =(

Bakit ba may mga taong ganyan! They don't realize that it wasn't the material things that matters to you, it was those precious times you had with your loved ones na andun sa cellphone na yun. I am so pissed knowing that I won't be able to watch all the videos I took and kept for God knows why then suddenly, kukunin lang ng mga walang kwentang tao! I know I am being emotional pero that's what matters to me! I don't know if Jami would sing the same way he did when I video-ed it. He would surely not cry and smile the way he did when he was toothless. I know I have plenty of those to capture in the coming years pero bakit di man lang ako binigyan ng warning? Sana man lang nailipat ko ang files sa hard drive!!

To the person who took my precious memories,

Ma- tegi ka na sana, now na!



  1. Yaan mu sis baka may kapalit na bago yan. Un nga lang nakakaiyak din kung ako mawawalan ng mga pictures.

  2. ooh! how sad nman ako den twinkle milestone is on my phone as in mula buntis until now. and d nman lahat upload agad sa FB minsan personal ko lang tlagang tinitignan or d ko tlga share. awww nakakainis tlga ung ganyan. ung pictures kasi and videos! hehehe so from now on back up na tau lagi mommy jen :)

  3. May mas magandang kapalit yan, Jen! IpagpasaDiyos nyo na lang. Sayang nga lang mga pictures and other files. Next time doble ingat na lang. :)


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