Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jami and Mommy's Outfit of the Day

We attended a wedding last July which was Daryl's cousin in Pangasinan.

I came to realize I don't have anything to wear.. again.

Ang hirap maging babae talaga. Laging walang maisuot.

Well technically, wala talaga akong formal dress for a wedding like this. I tried buying dresses online pero fail ang size na nakuha ko so I have to get it exchange pa. I ordered another dress pero my sister suggested another outfit na lang. Timely because I have to alter the new dress that I bought. Nakakainis lang because I don't know my size. I am no longer familiar with my own body so I guess I have to keep buying clothes so I could be comfortable with the size I'll be getting in the future. Hehehe! #makadahilanlang

Also, I noticed that whenever Jami attends a wedding or any formal event, wala din syang maisuot na damit. Honestly, I don't want to buy a lot of clothes for Jami since kalalakihan lang naman. Sayang din talaga since he will be able to wear it only once or twice lang. I was cramming for the Jami's attire when my sister suggested a peg for Jami. I kind of agreed with it pero I wanted him to become a dapper-looking-little-man. I placed an order online for some accessories for Jami which I thank God, came in just in time.

Here's our OOTD for Daryl's cousin's wedding.

My lovely little boy
This is the best photo I can get. It wasn't even a full body. He doesn't want to keep still kasi. Takbo dito, takbo dun. Hayy. Anyway, he's wearing his black sneaker from Tough Kids SM.

And here's my OOTD naman.  =)

Ang chubby grabe! Hahahaha!

I just borrowed these from my ever reliable my sister's closet. Hehehe!

Hope you'll be safe. I heard meron daw malakas na bagyo coming? 

Keep Safe everyone! =)


  1. Ang cute ni Jami! Big boy na talaga!

  2. Ang cute nung bow tie nya. Ako I don't really buy a lot of clothes for the twins. Would u believe na until now I don't buy new clothes for them? I am still using the gifts that was given to them last baptismal and bday. Sobrang nakakatipid! Ha Ha Ha Ako din sis feeling ko I don't know my size na. I went to this store na I frequent when I was still single and by just looking at the clothes alam ko na na kasya talaga sa kin. I tried fitting it and I was really surprise na hindi pala kasya sa kin. :( kelangan ko din ata ioverhaul ang closet ko pero yokong gumastos.

    1. Ako din, lately ko lang na realize na wala na syang formal wears. =) For sure savings are great pero once in a while don't deprive yourself =)

  3. I feel for you, Jen. Hindi ko na rin alam ang size ko. Hindi na pala kasya sakin ang free size kaya risky bumili online. BTW, Jami's outfit rocks!

  4. You're little boy looks so so adorable in that outfit!

  5. Ang cute ng little man mo Jen. Hahaha.
    Well mas mabuti na yong masabihan ng chubby kesa sabihan ng "ang payat". Ako Sis, hirap na hirap magpataba lately. Baka pagbumalik na ko sa work, tumaba taba naman kahit konti. Ang pangit kasi tidnan pag payat e.

    1. Thank you Jen.. Ayaw ko din naman ng sobrang payat pero sana di naman din ganto kataba. Hahahah


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